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Excellent communication skills aren’t the only determinant of successful journalism or mass communication application. Now I’d like to continue my studying as an undergraduate student of a School of Communication of American University.
If you are ready to collaborate with our Personal Statement Writers on your personal statement on Journalism and Mass Communication don’t hesitate to make the first step and place an order with us! Melvin Lawrence De Fleur (born April 27, 1923 in Portland, Oregon) is a professor and scholar in the field of communications and Social Psychology.
De Fleur simply expands the Shannon & weaver model of communication by inserting the Mass Media device and suggested the communication process is circular as well as it gives possible two way feedback. One of the important aspect of the communication model is two way communication process which is recommended by Defleur. Through feedback, the company can know whether their intended message has reached the target audience and if not they can modify their message and once again involve in communication process. Mass communication specialist (abbreviated as MC) is a United States Navy occupational rating, dealing primarily with public affairs duties. Since the rates have merged, mass communication specialists may be required to perform all the duties of the four former rates.
Big organizations in Pakistan had a restricted spectrum of advertising alternatives for a substantial number of years and electrifying original media frequently obtainable all through the globe were as good as unheard of. Outdoor ads and store signage in Pakistan were mostly oil painted and were challenged with different concerns such as fading of colors and mediocre composition, with most hoardings and shop frames being manufactured with low gauge metal sheets or plastic. One other established type of outdoor advertising was neon with significant visual effects, like lighting several colors, shown on signs.
The third largely prevalent type of advertising in Pakistan comprised offset printed posters, which were mostly consumed indoors or applied in huge quantities on municipal walls. The primary digitally printed large billboards or skins, as regularly alluded to in the business, were obtained from international organizations in countries like Australia. Over 25 years of my professional experience, I have experienced several trends and shifts in the industry from close proximity. Regardless of the fluctuations of the market and advancements of communication channels, the significance of advertisement remains the same.
Advertising plays a vital role in every country’s economy as it is practically the most effective tool for communicating with end consumers directly. In Pakistan, advertising is strongly affected as corporate companies are rapidly deducting budgets.
In crisis lies opportunity, and Pakistan’s present predicament offers positive prospects to the advertisement industry as well as corporations. Talking specifically about the economy of Pakistan, at this stage it is not only necessary for corporate companies to increase investments in advertising, but it is also essential for them to start believing in what miracles the advertising can do.
Modern advertising is a product of the capitalist economic system, in which the operation of the free market by and large determines the three basic features of the economic system, referred to above.
Industrial capitalism, for the very purpose of its growth and survival, has had to bring together and integrate the multi-structured, disintegrated pre-capitalist society into the mass market. The human being in the market place is at the receiving end of a veritable barrage of messages aimed at the unquestioned acceptance of a way of life and a value system.
From the logic of these arguments emerge certain specific aspects of the role of advertising in a capitalist economy as a catalyst of development.
We are guiding in Assignments and Handwritten AIOU Assignments of Classes Matric to Master Degree.
An outstanding journalism personal statement should be defiant and a winning mass communication admission essay should highlight some bright examples from your personal experience. American University is one of the most admirable and well-known all over the country by its teaching staff and laboratories, opened to students. Personal Statement Writers suggest you paying particular attention to Government and Politics Personal Statement and Advertising Personal Statement samples. In 1954, University of Washington gave a Ph.D in Social psychology for his experimental study “Experimental studies of stimulus response relationships in leaflet communication” based on American Communities how information diffused by them. Westley & Maclean model is a two way communication and for first time they introduced the important component called “Linear Feedback” in the communication model. This feedback device is helps to analyse the target audience (as separate from the receivers). And also this model is the first one which introduce both two way feedback and targeted audience in the communication process. Say let’s assume source as the advertising strategy or simply the information about the product which the company intends to tell to its audience. However, al that became the past in the late nineties as the need for unique types of ads grew as a bigger number of organizations competed for a portion of the spreading market. A number of sign manufacturers offered top quality signs with accurately painted visuals, but the effort it consumed to construct these signs was huge because of the physical process.
The neon sector was flourishing prior to the start of digital print media in Pakistan in spite of numerous integral difficulties.
Offset posters were however inadequate in height and width and were challenged with issues such as color fading and damaging too easily. While automated techniques were utilized everywhere on the globe, Pakistan’s sector was still essentially a labor-intensive process. The impression generated by these exquisite quality skins was the beginning of a swift and much required transformation in the advertising sector in Pakistan.
Media development, especially brisk advances in alternate social media, has altered the way both corporations and consumers treat advertisement.
It is highly imaginative and exclusive amalgamation of public service and marketing strategies.

It is a form of communication used to persuade audiences to take action with respect to products, ideas, or services. I feel that the legacy of communication has unfolded over the past few decades, leaving unconventional prints in the history of advertising. It is a general belief that advertising during economic downturns is illogical, whereas in actual fact it provides impetus to a struggling economy.
It is the crucial element that initiates the economic cycle, resulting in the success for industry and therefore the economy. If companies employ this industry in the right manner, they can stimulate commercialism at a time when the economy is in severe need of the spending multiplier. Each economic system has an interesting relationship with the social system, political system and cultural value.
We are not concerned here about the relative importance of state intervention and market determination of these three processes.
With a mass market, national and international, this is only possible through a specialized communication system. First, advertising serves a social and even developmental purpose by providing people with information about goods and services available and also about new products and services.
The essence of democracy is that people have a choice and the right to exercise that choice. As you advertise more, faster the expansion of the market, profitable volume of sales and recovery of investment in research and development.
Personal Statement Writers prepared one journalism and mass communication personal statement that combine these features.
Being a journalist is being responsible for the justice, it means protecting truth all over the world. The courses, read by the most respected professors, who are experts in the field of mass communication, could be a wonderful opportunity to give a jump start to my career in J-Lab of the university.
To tell the truth, a mine of appealing ideas on mass communication personal statement writing is hidden in Media and Communication Personal Statement and Media Management Personal Statement. De fleur combine these two models and creates new one called “De Fleur Model of Communication”. Defleur pictures the source, transmitter, receiver and destination as separate phases of mass communication. Here, all these receivers are not considering as a target audience because the target audience will make some kind of feedback which will helps to find the target audience by using feedback device.
This is then converted into message as ad film and then transmitted by a mass communicating channel. Navy public affairs capacity where they coordinate public events and respond to news queries from the media. One such form was digital printing that could be employed for many indoor and outdoor purposes. Neon displays were most valuable at nighttime and provided little in terms of thrill through the day and were fairly high on repair expenses with neon tubes needing replacement pretty regularly. Even the finest quality displays did not sustain their originality for more than a tiny number of days. Organizations rushed to arrange orders for printed signs and the face of outdoor media in Pakistan totally changed from then on. In varying forms, it has become one of the most essential components of the corporate economy. With the high involvement of technology and advanced media, several new communication channels have exploded over time. This belief is partially due to lack of education and limited revenues whereas to my knowledge every company’s growth has a relationship of direct proportionality with advertising success. Also, as the ad-industry expands, it will tap creative talent and provide employment opportunities, triggering activity that benefits the economy as a whole. If advertising is a process of mediation between the producer of goods and services and the consumer, to that extent it contributes to the development not merely of the economy but also of society.
When we say that modern advertising is a product of the capitalist system, it means that it serves the socio-economic needs of mass industrial production for a mass market. Such an expansion means also the expansion of the market, beyond the seats of production and even beyond the boundaries of the country.
Thus, modem advertising evolved, to meet precisely this requirement of the capitalist economic system.
By bringing together mass production and the mass of consumers, advertising has historically played a significant role in this process of integration and nation building. These benefits might be inherent in the product or service, or purely psychological; a creation of the images conjured up by advertising.
In the democratic economic system a variety of goods and services is available to choose from.
Harder work to earn more to achieve socially upward mobility, stimulated by advertising, naturally leads to higher productivity. I would like to apply to a School of Communication with major in journalism and mass communications. Take your chance to make your Journalism and Mass Communication Personal Statement more attractive!
Now he is working as a Professor and head in the Department of communication and Advertising and Public Relations in the University of Boston.
At the other end the receiver (TV set or radio) decodes the information as message and finally it is being transformed to the destination (the target audience).
MCs write and produce both print and broadcast journalism, including news and feature stories for military and civilian newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations.

However, the quality was critically below average and much the same as the other established media faced issues like color fading and regular theft.
Within some years Pakistan had some of its own limited print shops and with economical technologies quite easily purchasable from China, the printing sector turned into an established and beneficial industry. As I see it, advertising is a dynamic and diverse profession where every day brings new creative challenges.
If we look at development as the overall transformation of society and not merely as the statistical growth of the economy, or the gross domestic product, or the per capita income, then all advertising is socially relevant. The promotion of a psychology of more and more consumption sustains also a value system, which is based on ruthless competition of individual achievement, which alone enables ever-expanding consumption of an increased range and variety of goods and services.
Without advertising or marketing communication, products and services could not be sold in sufficient quantities. But in an economy of luxury and plenty, the consumer has to be persuaded to want, for example, an electric blanket, with separate thermostatic control for each side of the bed, or an air-conditioned automobile with power steering and a hydraulic drive. As a conscious citizen, as an active member of the society, I long for getting more knowledge and skills to be able to participate in the struggle on the side of honor and good.
I believe this will help me to contribute to humanity, to realize my potential and protect the goodwill throughout the world. The expansion, ultimately, helps the economy to grow and jobs opportunities start flourishing, thus strengthening buying power of the consumers. Advertising is thus an integral Component of the mass distribution system of industrial capitalism. It such a way of life that alone can sustain an economic system based on the sole objective of maximization of profits. All my life I was working on developing analytical skills to be able to read between the lines, gather information and make conclusions.
I’ll be able to fill my life with the joy of bringing honest information to the people and sharing my knowledge with students.
The feedback acts as a message – an information source and the same process continues where the message reaches back the advertising company.
We must also remember that advertising would continue to play the same role in different economic system, as long as goods and services are produced and offered for sale in the market. In the process of bringing consumers in touch with products or services, advertising also helps create new consumers.
In the market place there is no difference, in essence, among human beings in social or economic terms. In this entire environment, the relevance of advertising is not only economic, but also social and cultural, and in the final analysis., even political.
This would further reduce demand and lead to further closing down of factories and a chain reaction would set in. We must, however, bear in mind the reality that all these factors can operate only under ideal conditions.
In the high school, I realized that being a journalist is my cherish wish, so I made my way towards the College of Journalism and Communications.While taking courses at the college, I paid high attention to the courses, and not only noted carefully everything I was told to, but also wrote my own critical reviews, actively participated in creating of the college newspaper. Led by multinationals, the advertisement industry has become enormously complex and successfully impacts consumer behaviour to a large extent. Thus, it is involved in the social production of consumers, on which industrial capitalism thrives. After all a particular economic structure can be sustained by a relevant political structure. The way of life, that advertising opens up, provides motivation for hard work to earn enough to achieve such a way of life.
I have started my own news blog, describing the events of the college and the campus life.Aside from my courses, I devoted much time to studying literature in libraries, which helped me to write more interesting articles and reviews. This does not mean only providing the individual or the family with the resources to purchase goods and services in the market. This too is a democratic right-the right to spend one’s earnings the way one likes and where a democratic system is expected to provide opportunities for the exercise of such a right. This is because capitalist enterprises in the advanced industrialized countries have become so powerful and the search for maximum profits is so predominant’ a concern, that they often decide what goods and services should be brought into the market so as to secure the maximum profit with the least investment. As an active member of the students’ society, I was one of the founders of the online social media, which helped our college to get everybody involved into different cultural and educational events.
In such a system, every single one of the aspects of the role of advertising mentioned above gets distorted to some extent.
We helped our freshmen to get closer, as well as international students to adapt to the completely new environment.
In such a situation advertising creates a demand, which may not be economically or socially relevant for the immediate needs of the vast majority of the people, and hence the nation. Expansion of the market also means the creation of new goods and services and making them acceptable to the consumer. With emergence of monopolies, competition is often eliminated and advertising manipulates the consumer, giving him or her no opportunity to exercise a rational choice.
This is a constant process of the renewal and increase of capital passing through the market.

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