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The administration track educates practicing nurses who are interested in becoming entry- or middle-level managers in nursing administration or advanced management roles. The nursing education track examines the current and future roles of nursing education in a variety of settings. In fall 2011, the master’s degree in nursing was granted 10-year re-accreditation by the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 887-6791. Acceptable scores on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Two letters of recommendation appraising your personal and professional qualities as well as capability for graduate study. Demonstrate exemplary knowledge in nursing leadership, research, and community health by successfully completing a professional portfolio (NURS 500 Professional Portfolio).
Demonstrate content mastery in nursing leadership, research, or community health by successful completion of an undergraduate collegiate course from an accredited institution in the relevant subject. A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree.
This Master aims to comprehend the systemic process of political development and management, governmental structures and practices in regional, national and global contexts.
The curriculum reflects the People’s Republic’s increasing global influence – from its importance in the world economy to its foreign policy and presence in international organisations – and the rapid domestic political, economic and social changes associated with China’s recent development, throughout the two year programme students can test their insights on the challenges to the Chinese sate and society in the 21st century by interacting with Chinese and non-Chinese scholars, decision makers and opinion leaders. The Master of Contemporary China Studies program (CCSP) provides a comprehensive introduction to the economy, politics, law, society, and foreign policy of contemporary China.
Since 2006, the Contemporary China Studies Program (CCSP) has offered overseas students not yet proficient in Chinese language the opportunity to study Chinese governance and foreign relations while living in China's capital city. The two-year master's program provides a comprehensive introduction to the economy, politics, law, society, and foreign policy of contemporary China.
The Master in International Relations is offered by School of Political Science and Public Administration (SPSPA), Shandong University. SPSPA in Shandong University covers 2 general academic subjects: political science and public management. With the effort of all members, the SPSPA has made great progress in discipline development in recent years. Through this program, you will increase your knowledge as a health professional in the rapidly changing health care technology field. Every class, professor and classmate has contributed to my rich education in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy.
The Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) is an innovative two-year degree program designed to meet the ever-changing needs of today's businesses.
The University of Redlands School of Business discusses current topics with top academics and conducts surveys of prominent industry leaders.
People who have non-technology skills in the areas of effective project management, and complex problem solving. People with a breadth of understanding in both business and technology to facilitate effective and efficient integration of companies' business needs with available technology solutions. People with analytical skills necessary to aid in safeguarding organizations' assets via sound security management and disaster preparedness. International Collaborative Learning: opportunity to work, as part of a technology-mediated team with teams in other countries. An education with a strong Liberal Arts foundation: opportunity to hone communication and critical thinking skills.
Real-world consulting assignment: opportunity to execute a consulting assignment with a client company. Immediate application: opportunity to apply the lessons learned immediately in current work situation and in real-world information technology challenges.

Although some programs offer one or more of the above advantages, no other master's level program in Southern California offers such a comprehensive educational approach. Agricultural Science is a broad field of science that focuses on economic and social science in correspondence to the understanding of agriculture.
Are general skills in this MSc course the acquisition and further development of scientific and technical knowledge in various areas of animal production.
The relevance of this program stems from the fact that the contemporary problems of agronomy are closely related to various factors of ecological, economic and technological nature.
Particular emphasis of the program curriculum is focused on such methods of agricultural biotechnology for plant protection, as tissue culture and plant regeneration from callus, chemical treatment. The aim of the master’s degree program is to train food engineers who know and apply the latest scientific knowledge of the special field, and are also familiar with the various fields of natural and technical sciences.
Enter the new and growing equestrian education market by earning the online Master of Education in Equestrian Education degree from William Woods University. The online Master of Education in Equestrian Education builds on the signature strengths of William Woods University: excellence in educating educators, a nationally ranked online education program, and a nationally recognized equestrian program.
Equestrian education is gaining momentum in the industry as employers seek academically credentialed equestrian professionals in the fields of extension service, breed and discipline, organizational leadership, undergraduate instruction, and others. This master programme is fully lectured in English and its main goal is to provide technological training with a rather strong professional approach.
The profile of the programme comprises the development of the technical-scientific knowledge and professional specialized skills in the study areas of Management of Forest Resources: Silviculture and Wildlife Management, Environmental Sciences. To complete the qualification, the student is required to pass all compulsory course units of the study plan. The degree of "mestre" (master) in Management of Forest Resources belongs to the education and training area of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources. The degree of "mestre" allows to proceed to 3rd cycle studies (PhD), according to the Portuguese Higher Education System.
Following the implementation of the Bologna Process and the consequent legislation regarding the mobility of students among degrees and higher education institutions, prior learning must be recognized and credited.
Students may choose one of two areas of specialization: nursing administration or nursing education. The curriculum prepares the graduate for the ever-changing arena of health care by providing a sound understanding of how organizations run. The curriculum prepares graduates to teach nursing in a college setting, to provide health care counseling and teaching to a patient population, and to function in a staff development role, educating nurses on new procedures or assisting recent nursing graduates in making the transition from nursing student to registered nurse. Applicants with an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher are not required to submit test scores. References must be completed by academic professors or employers and forwarded directly to the College of Graduate Studies.
Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.
The programme offers theoretical and problematic leadership training for the new generation of government top officials and civil servants to enable them to understand and manage global changes, crises, disputes and reform. The licentiate is the equivalent of a typical bachelor degree in the North America, the UK and Australia.
Upon completion of the study programme, the graduates will be able to contextualise China’s ascent in the broader global context and to link this issue to debates about international relations and theories of development. CCSP draws students from all over the world, fostering a unique multidisciplinary and multinational environment in which diverse backgrounds and experiences enhance rigorous academic study. In the second year, the program supports students as they conduct independent research on a topic of their choosing. It is authorized to run all doctoral degree programs within the general academic subject of political science.

With more and more programming positions being outsourced to overseas companies it is more important than ever that U.S.
Through this process, one is assured that students will learn current in-demand skill sets while gaining a broad-based education with a solid ethical foundation to enable them to grow and excel throughout their lives.
Biotechnology in plant protection, in turn, will help to provide high quality production and disease-free planting material of a wide range of crops. The graduates will be able to apply the acquired professional knowledge in a creative way in the different branches of the food industry. This program will help you gain the field pedagogy skills you need to make the transition from equestrian professional to equestrian educator. A graduate degree prepares you for a position as a post-secondary teacher in this industry.
This may include samples such as certifications, professional memberships, your accomplishments in the field, or a sample video. This master programme confers competences in specialized areas of the forest sector: breeding, hunting, fishing, forestry, forest grazing, forest protection, afforestation in urban areas, forest certification, biomass and carbon sequestration, tourism and recreational nature, reclamation and cartographic modelling. Graduates are specialized to develop a professional activity within the profile of the programme.
The professional title of Engineer is awarded by this institution, according to its internal rules. Specific strategies will be identified and discussed so that there will be a smooth transition from staff nurse to nurse manager.
Completion of this track plus two years of full-time employment in an academic faculty role enables students to submit their credentials for eligibility to take the National League for Nursing Certified Nurse Educator Exam. Graduates will be equipped to deploy and manage effectively the technology, people and process involved in a complex and constantly changing business environment. With a Master in Agricultural Science, students take the first step toward a rewarding career.
Having the knowledge acquired in the master’s degree program, they will be able to participate in further major training programs, or continue their studies in a doctoral (PhD) program.
While earning this degree, you will improve your instructional techniques and learn to construct effective curriculum by applying instructional theories and strategies.
It is focused on the management of spaces with forest vocation and rehabilitation of sustainable forest land use.
Agricultural science can be linked to many other scientific disciplines, such as Biological Engineering, Environmental Science and Animal Science.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, these positions are expected to experience an average 17% increase in employment through the next decade. If you are interested in improving the nation's crop, improving sustainability, and use and exploitation of resources, then these issues and more are examined with a Master in Agricultural Science. Equestrian education professionals are also being sought to fill positions as youth and outreach workers to improve the quality and effectiveness of programs for early exposure to the field.
Students pursuing a Master in Agricultural Science will also learn about the important and fairly new field of biotechnology.
It includes a scientific dissertation, a project work or a professional traineeship which will be concluded with a final report comprising 42 credits.
Below you will find Master in Agricultural Science degrees that focus on Agroecology, Forestry, Nature Management and many more! So flip through the list and see if these are of interest to you and relevant for your desired career!

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