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Millions lottery ticket was purchased in Queens.Take our PollLotto money?Do you play the Mega Millions?
We might be willing to accept the premise that gambling represents greed and a lack of trust in our Lord, but how do we define gambling? But I believe the issue becomes much more clear when we look beyond our personal motives and look at the bigger picture. A myriad of other statistics point to the same conclusion: the lottery system is supported by the poorest among us. There is a whole host of other questions of morality surrounding gambling and its different contexts that I haven’t touched on. Caleb is a graduate of Biola University with a BS in Business and a minor in Biblical Studies. I would add though, that the lottery is different from a night of poker in that it isn’t based in any part on skill or even the reasonable possibility of winning. Some people I know have argued that they play it purely for fun, and that as long as they aren’t doing it to get rich, then its ok, but I have to say, I have my doubts about that. For these reasons and others I agree with your conclusion, and I hope many Christians will spend their lottery budget on other forms of entertainment, like poker or fantasy football! Great thinking, on a topic that always agitates my heart when the jackpot gets big, and I see my co-workers tossing away their money to the monolithic beast that is our government.

On the false hope side, I also agree with Tanner that the lottery preys on people’s hopes and dreams that with only a few dollars they could never want for money again. He currently works as an accountant for a real estate investment company in Orange County, California. The lottery is no mere $10 pot that you and your friends buy into for a night of poker, it is a tool to extract funds from a people who are most susceptible get rich quick schemes- and the worst part, its not a tool used by a sleazy con artist as one might expect, its used by their own government, those who are supposed to be protecting them! The reason so many play the lottery is in large part due to the fact that we aren’t able to translate such small statistics into an understandable probability. How ironic is it, that States can prohibit gambling as a business enterprise, yet support their own gambling machine that most takes advantage of it’s poorest citizens?
I personally know a few people who EARN good money and are still not satisfied with the things that life has to offer. I contact a voodoo doctor called LORD DIVA from Africa who use his voodoo to help me win the lottery and he gave me the winning numbers i am so grateful because i never believe that it will work, I have heard so much about African voodoo and how it work now i believe that voodoo is real.
I think that even those who casually defend their occasional playing of the lottery (interestingly, they only play when the pot gets high) wouldn’t be playing without the excitement they feel from the possibility of winning big money. Not to say that with wealth many good things can be done, and that the luxuries in life can be enjoyed, but giving someone $100,000,000 after taxes is like giving most people a loaded gun.
And I had heard the same qoute from The International Business Times regarding the lottery and those earning $13,000 or less.

But as a christian, I question whether purchasing a lottery ticket is something God would honor by having me win.
Proverbs is full of wisdom regarding money and it revolves around the logic of slow and consistent growth and a tempering of material desires.
While many people in the Bible were rich, God gave them their wealth over long periods of time and we never read that they went out and got the most flashy camel (the two hump coupe with air conditioning) or blinged out jewels to cruise around with.
The giving of vast sums via lottery, inheritence, or other windfall of cash is a great blessing but without the wisdom of how to handle the power that in bestows it can ruin a person as quickly as any other unchecked sin.
Therefore, earn your money the right way, by doing your work and doing it to the extent of your ability. I read about the taxes this country puts upon a winner, and THEY seem to come away with more than half the winning.
If you glorify the Lord by devoting your effort to your work when you are at work with the Lord’s blessing you can prosper.

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