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Golf Mental Coaching is the process that helps identify obstacles that affect the mental and emotional side of golf, and implement strategies to deal with these issues or, at the very least, diminish how they impact your game.
Golf Mental Coaching can be done by phone, by email, in-person and even on the golf course.
We begin with a short assessment to identify the issues that could be interfering with your game.
We will work together developing a program that will  help you to deal with your obstacles, focus and learn to really enjoy the game of golf. You have trouble concentrating in the moment because your mind is occupied with thinking about results? You compare yourself to others and worry about what they might think about your swing, or your game? For many, fitness has become more about what they can’t do rather than what they can do…one fad this week, another next week. I’m here to help you overcome training plateaus and take you well beyond your current physical condition. My goal, as a personal trainer in Bend, OR, is to develop you physically, mentally and emotionally for personal peak performance. With Warrior Fitness Training & Coaching, you’ll never again have to deal with the same old day-to-day boring workouts that simply burn you out.

I am an experienced strength and conditioning coach utilizing logical, yet creative methods for endurance conditioning, sport strength training and performance conditioning.
Lacking confidence restricts flexibility, preventing appropriate adaptation to various situations. Whether you want to improve your athletic ability for competitive sports, leisure sports or a weekend warrior, or you want to move pain free or you simply want to look better naked, Warrior Fitness Training can help you achieve your physicals goals. We  work together to  identify  your strengths, areas of improvement, goals, differences between the times when you play your best and your worst golf, etc.
The truth, however, is that you are far greater than you ‘think’ and have truly amazing potential to completely transform your physique. My style of fitness incorporates numerous proven programs like high intensity interval training, suspension training, and traditional strength and conditioning techniques, conditioning as well as the latest cutting edge training techniques.
This unique combination builds hard physiques, strong confidence and a determination to do whatever it takes! Introducing the first no-nonsense, surefire plan to help you overcome training plateaus and take you well beyond your current physical condition. When an individual realizes he does not have the fitness or skill to accomplish a particular task, or that he cannot use his tools to their utmost self-doubt weakens both intellectual and physical abilities.
It is an opportunity for you to see yourself in an entirely new light – to meet the absolute best of yourself.

For one it can be being able to pick up their child or grandchild with experiencing back pain. Again, train such a variety of energy systems (types of fitness) that confidence in the face of any challenge is reflexive. She is directing her energy into assisting golfers identify mental and emotional barriers to their game so they can successfully reach their peak performance and enjoy their game. If you believe there’s more to you and your life and are ready to experience an exciting way of living, and then commit yourself to Warrior Fitness Training and find out how far you really can go.
Victoria’s goal is to collaborate with you to create a neutral state of mind that helps you stay open to what’s possible on the course, and potentially be the best golfer you can be. Our philosophy, dedicated to The Tao of Mental Strength, is grueling but safe, extreme but inspirational.

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