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When it comes to the development of your team playing the role of mentor and coach can be beneficial to their development. Mentoring is much more hands on and interpersonal.  As a leader or supervisor you are working hands on with a team member to facilitate the learning process. On the other hand, coaching generally does not focus on hard skill such as accounting, project management, or programming to name a few.  Coaching is a process that helps one to explore what may be holding them back from their true potential and often is focused more on behaviors than skills. Coaching has become a perk and benefit for many high potential employees; some view it as a punishment because of poor performance. Leadership Tip:  When introducing the concept of coaching to an employee, make it clear that you are investing in them so that they can perform at their full potential. Though both mentoring and coaching are beneficial and can be used to teach and develop employees, it is important to know when to use which method.  These are two very different concepts, however many people will use them interchangeably. About VistageVistage International is the world’s leading peer advisory membership organization, serving more than 18,000 CEOs and senior executives in 15 countries. At a glance, it isn’t necessarily easy to identify the difference between coaching and mentoring. Both are a means of aiding an individual to grow, develop and achieve their goals but the main difference is in the approach.
In a way mentors lead the path and can open doors through passing on knowledge, opinions and contacts.
To be successful as a coach requires a sound knowledge and understanding of the coaching process (preferably a qualification in coaching too!). With coaching, you do not need to have prior experience of your client’s goals and focus areas they bring to you.

Enter your comment details below, please note all comments are moderated before publishing. The development of the capability to be mentors and coaches for one’s own resources through the assignment of value to one’s own style of communication and of the effective managerial behaviours to sustain the performance of collaborators and their growth within the organisation. What mentoring means, the benefits of mentoring, main characteristics and competencies of effective mentors, for m performance management to performance empowerment.
Coaching for Performance Improvement, Counseling for Performance Improvement, Performance objectives: effectiveness characteristics and requirements, the importance of feedback and how to give it to stimulate performance and growth. Characteristics and application of the 3 different roles to the process of performance improvement. In line with the Rome Business School’s general approach and the best international standards, the course is designed with the aim of providing excellent training with an emphasis to its concrete application in the job, professional and company markets. Therefore, the course involves both mainly one way teaching phases – to accurately transfer the reference conceptual models – and practical application sessions aimed at developing your operational and management capabilities. Your progress in the subjects taught will be tested and consolidated through exercises related to actual managerial cases. Our teachers are renowned trainers and managers who come from a multitude of operational and professional environments. All participants in this course will be provided with a wealth of documentation, including slide presentations, case studies and exercises. Participation in the Master’s course entitles you to be enrolled in the Rome Business School Alumni Association, the international network through which students of the Rome Business School can share ideas, experiences and projects.
Evaluate the projectsa€™ performance of all ongoing projects with respect to scope, schedule, budget and quality.

Establish a system that allows for efficient and effective reporting on project timeframes. Vistage members participate in Chair-led advisory board peer groups, receive one-to-one coaching, learn from expert speakers, and interact among a global network of CEOs.
To be an effective relationship the coach will rarely ever be a close friend or relative as coaches should be impartial and non-judgemental. Assist client organization with the development and institutionalization of a standardized, tailored Project Management Process.
It often takes place with an individual who is learning something that they have no previous knowledge about and it is something that they will need to master or at least be proficient in.
The key is to understand when to use each one and be clear to those you are working with what the goal is when working with them.
It is obviously incredibly hard to achieve this if you are personally connected to a client.
Because of the way the coaching opportunity was presented to them, it took close to six weeks of working with them to get them to understand that this was not punishment but an opportunity.
A mentor seeks to build wisdom over an extended period of time – the ability to apply skills, knowledge and experience in new situations and to new problems.

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