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If you're just starting out as a Virtual Team Leader, what are some specific action steps you can take to build trust?When trust is low, how do you repair the situation? Come to the call ready to participate in small group discussions, share ideas and resources, ask questions, answer quick polls, and be fully engaged as we put the newest distance learning telephone conferencing technology to use! What's it really like having a deadline to meet TODAY and to meet that deadline you've got to coordinate the efforts of team members on 4 continents? For this TeleSeminar, theory will be left at the door as we get down to street smart Virtual Team Leader wisdom earned the hard way.
Avoid this by helping everyone upload their photos and encourage personal interaction (private message or phone) that reminds members that they are sharing ideas with real people, not just sharing ideas.
Avoid this by allowing members to interact through private channels as well as in subgroups if they wish. Do you dream of working for yourself?  Of owning your own Teamwork Facilitation business?
If you answered yes to these questions then this laser-like, 27-minute TeleSeminar is for you!
There is ONE key shift you must get when making the shift from working as an employee to owning your own team facilitation business. This TeleSeminar is intended to help someone who is considering making the shift from employee to business owner.
Today’s workplaces are minefields of limited time, competing commitments, opposing demands, and mis-communication that can easily lead to unintended breaches of trust. This teleseminar will give you a framework and practice for building, maintaining and, when necessary, restoring strong trust in teams.
How the cognitive, emotional, and physiological context of trust differs from that of distrust, and how each affects a team’s ability to perform.
Our guest presenter is Charles Feltman, founder and principal of Insight Coaching, a firm specializing in leadership coaching, facilitation and training. Please join us for an interactive, fun and practical TeleClass that will give you new tools and insights for the work you’re doing with teams and leaders.

What's the difference between Great Work and Good Work - and whether you should care or not. Do More Great Work has been endorsed by 10 past presidents of the International Coach Federation.
The strongest Teamwork Facilitators understand and use distinctions to enable teams and the people who lead them to see things in a new way and take more discerning actions. Join Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF, for this 27-minute laser-like learning session as he shares the Top 5 Teamwork Distinctions.
A former vice-president of a major transportation corporation and the author of 9 books including bestseller, Beyond Success!, and his brand new, It’s Time For Joy!, Brian was rated #1 from over 40 Speakers at 4 consecutive INC. In fact, courage is so important to these concepts that they don’t exist in the absence of courage. Despite the importance of courage to business success, there have been no training programs dedicated solely on building workforce courage --- until now. This session will focus on inspiring more courageous behavior in yourself and in those you work with. IATF Visiting Faculty Member and courage expert Bill Treasurer will be our special guest for this special TeleSeminar. Bill Treasurer is founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at Giant Leap Consulting (GLC), a Courage Building company that exists to help people and organizations live more courageously.
The call offers a fully interactive experience on Maestro Conference, a new technology that allows youto engage me and other participants as if we're in a live workshop! My teleseminar is one of more than 60 free trainings during Maestro Month - an unprecedented offering from world-class leaders such as Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, Michael Port, and John Gray (full list below).
The trainings in health, personal growth, business, spirituality and societal change include 16 NY Timesbestselling authors, all helping you to unleash your full potential.
Maestro is sponsoring this extraordinary event so you can be one of the first people to experience the beta version of their learning platform.
Register now to gain access to my teleconference and the many other calls during Maestro Month (spaces are limited so don't wait).

Day 2 live blogging at trial of Daniel Nickolson, facing 85 sex-related charges against kidsSarah Sacheli continues her coverage of the sex-crimes trial of Daniel Nickolson.
Even in groups with a clear purpose, each member has their own specific needs that need to be met individually as well.
As a group leader you should be aware of these objectives and realize that some may best be met by resources outside the group as well as within.
You don’t look at water and think oxygen, but if you tried to make the stuff without it you’d end up high and dry.
Bill is the author of Courage Goes to Work, a book that introduces the new practice of courage-building. Since 1993 Bill has conducted over 500 corporate workshops designed to strengthen people’s leadership skills, improve team performance, accelerate innovation, and help executives behave more courageously. But Madeline Dyson, who along with partner Harold Abbott lost $450,000 US in a stock scam perpetrated by Kamerling, was more impressed with her gall than her generosity.
Wilson and her other daughter, Kelly Vecqueray, 27, are taping an Oprah show today about mother-daughter look-alikes. Fox & wife Tracy Pollan in 2002 A lucky man and his actress wife reflect on sickness and health, love and marriage, and their no-spin family ties.. His clients include NASA, the CDC, the Department of Veterans Affairs, SPANX, Spirit Airlines, and many others.
Supreme Court judge awarded to her former husband, Kim Sandana, permanent custody of their three children..

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