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History has seen many incidents that required the survivors to go through difficult conditions to safeguard them. The problem with the time was the bad weather that got so worst that the pilot had to decide for emergency landing. Out of 27 survivors, 2 men by the name of Nando Parado and Robert Kenesa tracked in the mountains for 11 days and got the help from the town of Chile.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Chilean Air force has found 14 survivors from a plane that crashed in the Argentine Andes over two months ago. The first news that anyone had survived came when two of the passengers reached civilization yesterday after a 10 day trek to get help. The two men, Roberto Canessa and Fernando Parrado then contacted the emergency services and directed them to the wreckage. The other eight are on the mountain receiving medical care until weather conditions allow them to be rescued. Its passengers included the Christian Brothers, a catholic Uruguayan rugby team and their friends and relatives.

Despite suffering from cold and hunger, 19-year-old Roberto Canessa and 21-year-old Fernando Parrado insisted on helping the rescue effort.
The two men had trudged for 10 days in arctic conditions before finally coming across some herdsmen in the Andean foothills. Mr Canessa, a second year medical student, explained that 25 of the 45 passengers survived the initial crash. The pilot had to make an emergency landing in a snowy valley after the plane hit turbulent weather conditions. Mr Parrado, a mechanical engineering student, described how he watched his mother and sister die.
They huddled inside the aircraft and used whatever they could find to plug up holes in the fuselage to keep the cold out. He said they had tried in vain to attract the attention of rescue planes as they flew above the snow camouflaged wreckage. Suddenly, the mist got so thick that the pilot could not see the mountains ahead and it hit the Andes Mountain that was 14000 feet above the ground.
As the government got the news of this disaster, it sent a rescue team to find the members.

After so much of troubles, the survivors heaved a sigh of relief as they were saved from the wrath of the weather.
The crash took place in the mountains of Andes, where a rugby team of Old Christian Club from Uruguay was stuck in the mess. But, problem with the situation was plane’s white color, which could not be identified in the snowy area of Agnes. Well known as “Miracle of Andes” in the history, the incident took place on 13th October that has been remembered as the most horrifying crashes in the world.
Taking 45 people in total that included the team members and their relatives, the plane of Uruguay Air Force flew without knowing its fate.

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