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A lawyer and a little girl must prove that a man claiming to be Santa Claus is the real thing. Miracle on 34th Street is an irresistible fable that has, for many years, become synonymous with celebrating Christmas.
A cynical young girl (Natalie Wood) who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus befriends an older man (Edmund Gwenn) who claims to be Kris Kringle himself.
One has to simply overlook the few other elemnts at play here that are too good to be true. And not just Macy’s, but the other major department stores that follow suit in the film.

The holiday season is in full swing when a cultured gentleman with twinkling eyes, an ample belly, and a snowy beard (Edmund Gwenn) is hired as a Macy’s department store Santa. Wallpaper images in the Mara Wilson club tagged: mara wilson miracle on 34th street - 1994.
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But, hey…the whole package here is served up in such a delightful manner that it would seem curmudgeonly to deny its more fanciful parts.
But when Kringle is declared insane, and put on trial, everyone’s faith is put to the test as young and old alike face the age-old question: Do you believe in Santa Claus?

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