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Anyway, they emailed me wanting to know if I would write about one of their events called Ignite: You Can Do It, a weekend in London where a whole bunch of spirituality and self help experts are going to talk and inspire the attendees.
If it weren’t for three days in Paris with Lin, THIS would be the coolest fucking thing that happened to me this month. Favorite Quotes: Um, yes, hi, the book is filled with ALL the nail-hitting truths and beautiful quotes.
YOU CAN DO IT EVENT This is a weekend where some self help and spirituality experts are coming to speak about topics such as lucid dreaming, manifesting and miracle making. Ik ben helemaal nog niet zo thuis in de selfhelp-afdeling wb boeken maar voor alles een eerste keer, denk ik. En een mail van Hay House, ik zou een papieren zak nodig hebben om mijn ademhaling weer op peil te krijgen, wow!! Also: ik ben Spirit Junkie aan het herlezen, want er staan zoveel goede tips in hoe om te gaan met de ego. In this 2 hour lecture, Gabby teaches her step by step tools for creating more happiness and life flow.

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I’m not always in the mood for them, which is why I still need to start on May Cause Miracles, but I enjoy rereading the first two every once in a while.
I thought you could also share quotes without all that fancy advanced technology behind it, but I guess it’s a pretty cool e-book option.
It was a while since I read a really good self help book that I actually felt have an effect of me. I know you told something about Gabrielles books back in december (I attended your workshop). I experienced a major positive energy boost during reading this book, I have high lighted so many things in the book, and I made a ton of notes. I will choose 5 winners and email these lucky babes next Wednesday (the 26th.) See you later. You are doing a pretty (read: amazing) good job with your blog, cause you made a sixteen year old interesting in self-help and I believe that is really hard to achieve!

Ik volg haar al een tijd (volgens mij ken ik haar via jou, aangezien jij mijn go-to selfhelp person bent) en heb altijd veel aan haar filmpjes. So, you do have to wait for a bit, but it’s worth it and now you have ALL the more reason to enter the give away below! I think you too can find a lot of positive material in this book that you can learn from, and there is always something that applies to how you might feel at that moment. Zelf kan ik wel wat instant ontspanningstips gebruiken ?? Heb recent spirit junkie nog gelezen met dat doel. Misschien ga ik dat ~ing boek wel in de tussentijd lezen, want april duurt echt nog wel lang!

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