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I was invited by my good friend Jesse Myers to prepare and exhibit in tandem for the Ice Cube Gallery in Denver and we each created original work specifically for this venue. I understand that anyone who approaches this type of subject is inviting controversy, I prefer to consider it inciting conversation, I believe anything that asks one to self-verify their core beliefs is serving a valid function. From the onset of this project I decided to light everything with a simple dish (no light modifiers) to elicit the pallor of medieval life. Saint Agatha (died 251, Sicily) was a virgin martyr who rejected the advances of a powerful Roman prefect named Quintianus.  As a result Quintianus had her sent to a brothel to be defiled.
I was drawn to Agatha by her iconic depiction with which I took very little creative license. Saint Joseph of Cupertino (died 1603, Italy) was a Christian mystic who was reputed to be “remarkably unclever”. Saint Bartholomew (died first century AD, Armenia) was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.  Bartholomew made many pilgrimages and while in Armenia is said to have converted the king to Christianity. When I was contacted by a model with a gothic appeal who informed me that she had a prosthetic leg, I naturally decided to do a little gender-bending and portray her as the patron saint of amputees.
My decision to portray Kevin was spawned by The Dubliners song The Glendalough Saint where they recount Kevin’s drowning the young woman. I find Appolonia particularly interesting since her apparent suicide didn’t stop her from being canonized as a saint but according to scripture it would exclude her from entering heaven.
I was drawn to Drogo because constant confinement to a single space seems particularly cruel to someone who could literally be any two places simultaneously.
Saint Lucy (died 304, Sicily) is one of eight women, who along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, are commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass. I have to admit, I was drawn to Denis by the sheer ludicrous nature of the thought of a man picking up his severed head and doing a 10k while continuing to preach along the way.
MISSION STATEMENTI have vowed for years that I would not blog citing that "A picture is worth a thousand words" and not wanting my clients' to fear that their privacy might be compromised. I will share some personal projects, some behind-the-scenes images (with clients' permission) and some of my favorite experiences. I hope the stories are of interest but won't be offended if you to choose to just look at the pictures. This website is devoted to the extraordinary miracles of God in the lives of the Saints including examples of Stigmata, Prophecy, Remarkable Cures, Bilocation, Heavenly voices from the afterlife, Levitation, Prolonged Fasts, Mystical Knowledge, Scourging and the Crown of Thorns, Speaking in Tongues, Incorrupt Bodies, and Miracles over nature along with many others.
If god were to have created the universe, then he created the laws of physics to govern said universe. I was just reading in Mark about Jesus walking on the water and I have to think it is scriptures like these that will keep unbelievers outside the pavilion of faith. If God can raise the dead (Lazarus, Jesus) then why would it be so hard to believe he can also raise the living? Hi John,Why levitation?Well I suppose you would have to ask God that question---we can only surmise and draw logical conclusions. Well ,I presume your right ,even devil can aid some people with that,but of course with the price of their souls and not of the same circumstance. Yes, be assured that the Catholic church teaches that God desires to forgive any possible sin a human being could possibly commit.
Hi I am Catholic also in 1983 around that year I I had my first Levitation I remember I went outside to play around I felt very bored at home and I had nothing to do at home. Joe, Miracles and miracles over decades, still the jew does not believe in Jesus the messiah, from their own flesh and blood, signs in Tora are fulfilled, the first apostle were all jew.
Early Christians forsook marriage & sexual relations upon baptism (married couples even staying together but abstaining from sex).
Hi Glenn,I found this page while looking for the history of levitations of the saints and enjoyed it greatly. Reading about St.Joseph of Cupertino gives me some hope, as a person with learning disabilities (he is the patron saint of the hadicapped) I often feel I have nothing to offer anyone as I have difficulty keeping a job because of anxiety. I am a believer, albeit, not a Roman Catholic, but these miracles of levitation do not strike me as the type of miracles that God would do. It was a little over a decade ago that Audrey Toguchi, a retired Hawaiian schoolteacher, first visited Father Damien’s grave on the island of Molokai.
Newspapers trumpeted his good works, with reports of how he tended to the sick, how he built churches and homes, how he consoled the dying with promises of an afterlife. But by the mid-20th century, Damien’s order finally proposed him for canonization, beginning a long vetting process by the Vatican. She eagerly told another priest, her longtime friend Dan MacNichol, of her plan to visit Molokai.
If the question of whether Father Damien was worthy of heaven concerned the Vatican, it had concerned Damien even more.
Born Joseph de Veuster in Belgium in 1840, to a family of farmers, he was seized with religious fervor at a young age, enthralled by the stories his mother read from a book of saints’ lives. He joined a missionary order, the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and chose the name Damien after a patron saint of doctors. After five months at sea, Damien arrived in Hawaii — “a corrupt, heretical, idolatrous country,” he wrote — in March of 1864.
After learning of the plight of the exiles of Molokai, Damien realized that he “was to carry out the plan that Divine Providence had for me.” Volunteering to serve at the leprosarium, Damien landed on Molokai on May 10, 1873, and spent the first few nights in the churchyard, beneath the cemetery’s lone pandanus tree.
A later visitor to Molokai said that to live in the settlement without catching the disease was like “a man to live in a fire without being burnt.” Yet in 1878, when he had been at Molokai for five years, Damien had few complaints — a slight tenderness in the joints and some tingling in the extremities, hardly anything of note. In his letters, Damien professed to have little doubt as to the source of his good fortune. While the Vatican Secret Archives do hold the occasional dossier on the multiplication of food or on two ships narrowly missing each other in fog, the vast majority of documented Catholic miracles are medical cures. But another central reason for the emphasis on cures is that for centuries, the Church has wanted its miracles to be well documented, and doctors are meticulous record-keepers.
Rome designated Father Joseph Bukoski, a Sacred Hearts pastor in Maui, to oversee any investigation into a miracle.
Then, in August of 2002, the bishop removed Father Bukoski from his post on Maui, following an investigation of the diocesan Standing Committee on Sexual Misconduct. We live in a world in which dark truths remain hidden, in which those who are popularly revered are later exposed to have done terrible things.
A Consulta Medica doctor, poring over the Toguchi files a few days before Christmas in 2002, declared them “extremely interesting,” adding that it was “strongly recommended to summon a diocesan process.” In Honolulu, the bishop assembled a tribunal consisting of priests, notaries, and a physician.
In miracle tribunals, a cure is assumed natural until proven otherwise, a position arrived at through a lengthy process of elimination. After examining the files of 1,400 miracles, Duffin concluded that one of the most helpful things a doctor could do in a miracle trial was to express surprise. By April 16, 2003, the tribunal thought its work complete; its members sealed all documents and transcripts in a ceremony and sent them to Rome. The theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer warned against such a notion of divinity, writing in 1944 that he thought it wrong to use God “as a stop-gap for the incompleteness of our knowledge. For the time being, though, as for the past 500 years, the Church continues to hitch the fate of its miracles — and thereby the confirmation of its saints — to the state of contemporary science. The Hawaii Catholic Herald, reporting the development near the end of October, cautioned that the case still had to be examined by a commission of theologians. All donations, minus a 10% commission to The Big Roundtable and PayPal’s nominal fee, go to the author. Please consider sharing in our apostolate of spreading love and devotion to our Divine Mercy Lord present in all the tabernacles throughout the world.
A la fin du 19e siecle, un frele religieux de la Congregation de Sainte-Croix, portier au college Notre-Dame a Montreal, contemplait souvent la montagne qui se dressait devant sa fenetre. Frere Andre sera declare saint a Rome par Benoit XVI le 17 octobre 2010, devenant ainsi le premier homme ne au Canada a recevoir un tel honneur, apres Marguerite d’Youville, canonisee en 1990.
Il me semble tout de meme que frere Andre a quelque chose a nous dire dans notre societe laique. L’accueillant portier en aura ouvert des portes dans sa vie, mais celle qu’il nous invite a prendre aujourd’hui debouche sur ce dynamisme interieur qu’on appelle l’esperance.
Jacques Gauthier est animateur du Jour du Seigneur a Radio Canada et auteur de Frere Andre, la force tranquille (publie en France aux ed. So, when you're down and out, and nothing else seems to be working, the prayer to St Jude is here for you. There are many reasons to say this St Jude Prayer, but most pray to St Jude in order to receive some sort of miracle or blessing.
Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us, Saint Jude worker of Miracles, pray for us, Saint Jude helper and keeper of the hopeless, pray for us.
I ask for your help in overcoming the infertility that has plagued me & my husband for 5 years. Prayer for help againsts depression and loneliness  Oh Saint Jude, Holy worker of miracles and dear friend to Jesus Christ, please hear my prayer. A Prayer for Forgiveness for my friends love I pray that a friend of mine is able to tell the one he loves how much he loves her today.
Prayer to enligthen the heart and mind of my boyfriend I pray that I will be strong enough to face this big trial in our relationship, and I hope to conquer my sadness and loneliness. Please help my beloved overcome his ongoing battle with complex PTSD Please Holy Apostle, come to aid in this most desperate and despaired of situation. Prayer To have hope , to heal& not want to die I pray to not be depressed & feel sick.
Please Saint Jude, remove the pain in my life Saint Jude please help remove and heal the horrible situation I am dealing with. Prayer for a Right Partner in Life Please pray for me to be blessed with a partner in life.
Prayer for Restoring Peace in my life My neighbors to the west of me are angry, profane drunks who are ready to start an argument over any little thing.
Prayer for life partner As I prepare to meet my life partner, please pray that my life partner will be ready to receive me. Answered Prayer for my Job interview on the 3rd day My friends, this is the first time I have solemnly prayed to St.
Please pray for understanding and strength  I ask that you please pray for me in this time of struggle.
Prayer to Keep me safe  I pray to you and ask you for safety, in this very troubling and diifucult time.
Prayer for soul mate communion  Dear St Jude, God brought me together with my soul mate and we made a commitment to each other under his eyes. Prayer for My Brokenness  My Dearest Almighty God, Here I am again, another day to add to my more than 60 years.
Seeking Employment and also to help put my marriage back together after more than 10 years Dear St. Please pray for the return of my husband St Jude, helper of the hopeless, please pray for me. St Jude, please help me sort my life out! Please St Jude help me get my teaching certificate, I know it has been a long time but I need it sorted. Please help me with my relationship Dear Saint Jude, I'm in a relationship with a man I mostly love but there have been many issues of trust. Unemployed - 3rd time in 11 months - Curse Resolution Due to a second company reorganization, I find myself unemployed again.
Prayer for my son after car accident Please pray for my son as he waits to hear news regarding his car accident. Prayer to Pass My Behind-the-wheel driving test Dear Saint Jude, thank you for answering my prayers. Prayer for My Financial distress Saint Jude, please help me to get out of this dark hole of debt that I have fallen into. Prayer for Missed Romance If it is God's will, please have "m" contact me about making that dinner date, I understand he has a free will but I humbly ask that God and St.
God's Protection and Blessings over my life I am asking for God's Protection and Blessings over my life. Pray for this storm over my life to pass Please pray for a miracle and blessing over my life. Prayer to clear hopelessness in me O most holy Saint Jude, I have a very big and serious problem.
Saint Jude I Need Your Help Dear Saint Jude, You are my mothers Patron Saint, She prayed to you to save my brothers life, now he is named after you. You helped Me St Jude St Jude, When I did not know where to turn and in despair, I turned to you. Ever since my husband left me, I have struggled with severe depression and financial hardship. Prayer for my son to overcome his addictions Dear St jude I come to you in prayer asking for your help with my son. Prayer to heal acid reflux Saint jude help me get better with my health I want to get back to normal I need to quit worring about my anxiaty problems and my acid reflux.
I come before you and God with all my faith and hope that you please help me thru this difficult time.

Prayer for medical school tuition Pleae help me to obtain the finances I need, in order to make my dreams come true.
St Jude Thank You Prayer You have done so much for me St Jude but i feel that i never thanked you enough. St Jude Prayer for Anxiety Lately, my nerves have gotten the best of me between a car accident, the insurances, my job, my bills i feel like Im losing it.
Novena to pass medial exams I will be saying this prayer as part of a 9 day Novena as a petition to St.
St Jude prayer of help o St.Jude first off i would like to say thank you so much for answering my request so quickly yesterday!! Prayer to get back what is owed Saint Jude please help me in getting back my own money on which i had helped few people when they were in need of it. Prayer for love and happiness  I need help I lose hope and I want to have that faith and guidence that everything will be ok. Prayer to St Jude that I get paid the money owed  I need a Miracle that I receive the oney that is owed to me from Stephanie Dais.
I need your help st jude please dear st jude i call on you for your help, im going trough somethings in my life, and i need your help i ask.
Prayer for a stable job  Dear St Jude please grant my desire of finding a stable job that will allow me to live everyday and take care of my kids. Prayer for a new car saint jude , i realy need a new car and because it is so expenseve i really dont know how to get this money . I would like to see my 5 month old daughter, who I've not seen yet, as me and her mum split 8 weeks before she gave birth. St Jude pray to strengthen my relationship May the sacred heart of jesus be praised, adored, glorified, and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Please give my girlfriend Rebecca the strength and trust in her mind and heart to believe in me and herself. Prayer to get my money back St Jude please pray that the people who owe me money shall give my money back. I know am impatient but please pray for me so i can get a well paying Job at least by February.
I am desperate to find love and to be settled and happy in a loving and thoughtful relationship. Prayer to get disability payments PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL ALLOW ME TO GET MY DISABILITY, I REALLY NEED A FINANCIAL BLESSING. Prayer for Money for Christmas  I feel guilty asking to pray for money but despite the fact that my husband and I have employment we have no extra money to buy anything for our children. Help with burdens St Jude, My faithful intercessor, You have come through for me before, do so now on these urgent needs. Christmas in Afghanistan St Jude I pray for help in my goal to provide a happy holiday for the soldiers Ive adopted in Afghanistan.
Prayer to recover bad debts Dear St Jude, I desperately need your help to recover a large amount of money lent out to friends for business purposes.
Please open his eyes to the truth of the matter Saint Jude, I ask for your help in these troubling of times.
St Jude, I pray earnestly to you to help me find a suitable and meaningful job St Jude, I pray earnestly to you to help me find a suitable and meaningful job.
Prayer to keep house - a prayer for prosperity O glorious Saint Jude, please pray for us to get this financing we so request to keep the house and home that our family has lived in for almost 15 year. Drogo was able to bilocate, which refers to the ability to maintain one’s actual presence in two totally different places at the same time.
Lucy since I long ago claimed her as the patron saint of photography (since to date the Catholic church has not named one) as she is the patron saint of light and beauty. As Bishop he was so successful in converting the French to Christianity that pagan priests executed him by beheading him on the highest hill in Paris (now Montmartre), which was likely to have been a druidic holy place. Many more Saints have experienced this marvel in addition to those who will be mentioned below. In rare circumstances for some Saints, it seems that levitation and ecstatic flights are a special grace given to them by God when they turn to Him in prayer and adoration.
While in the case of these Saints, I believe that their levitation are the result of their intense desire and love with God!
If you have sincerely asked Him to forgive you and you are repentant, then you must accept that you are forgiven. If you define God as the creator of the universe - then it is false, and there is no such god. As a child of perhaps 8 years of age my devout grandfather who was also very inquisitive about these matters, took me to Paris. If you really wants to know God dealing with you, they will come to pass not from what you want, but rather his will. Passing through the gate in a low cobblestone wall, where stray cats sometimes rested in the shade of St. As an airplane climbs above Honolulu, the island of Molokai is often visible as a small blue mass, though dim and distant enough to waver like a mirage. His bravery and charity became the stuff of legend, and upon his death, many clamored for his canonization. Damien’s body was exhumed from its grave on Molokai and returned to his native Belgium; soon, the Church began to pore over all writings by and about Damien for clues to his life.
Her sister Velma could rustle up prayers around the diocese the way a deft canvasser turns out votes, and when she had learned of her sister’s illness, Velma had called upon the nuns of Regina Pacis, the retired priests of the St. After they spoke, Father MacNichol, who had seen terminal patients in denial before, got out his calendar to see if he had time next month to perform a funeral.
By his teenaged years, he felt certain it was God’s will for him to become a priest like his older brother Pamphile, and that to refuse the call would jeopardize his eternal soul: “the choice of a life to which God calls us decides our happiness after this life,” he wrote his parents. Numbness was often a first sign; many learned they were sick only after scalding their skin at a lamp or stove without realizing it.
Philomena — “this fine garden of the dead” — became his favorite place on the island to go and say his rosary, to remember the departed, and “to meditate on the eternal happiness which a great number of them already enjoy.” He even chose, much in advance, the site for his own grave, and once shooed away officious gravediggers who tried to break ground beneath the pandanus tree. Damien’s continuing health was all the more remarkable because he was notoriously careless in his dealings with the sick, who were welcome in his hut at any time to share a bowl of poi or pass around a pipe.
He had written his brother in 1873, “I have been here six months, surrounded by lepers, and I have not caught the infection. Francis Medical Center, where by 1999 the surgeon Walter Chang had spent most of his career, were haunted by the ghosts of Molokai. Chang retained the irreverent, impish energy that led his nurse to call him a “rascal.” He was surrounded by Catholic imagery day after day, but it meant little to him. Chang admired Father Damien deeply and had followed the news of his slow progress towards sainthood. Chang approached Father Christopher Keahi, the Sacred Hearts priest who had first suggested that Audrey Toguchi pray to Damien, and whose hilltop office outside Honolulu is today cluttered with pencil portraits, paintings, and busts of the priest.
Cures figure prominently in the Bible, after all: the first Biblical prayer for healing comes after God strikes Moses’ sister Miriam with leprosy, and the Gospels report that Jesus healed many from that ailment and others.
Following criticisms of the Reformation that miracle stories were sentimental hokum, the Vatican instituted stringent guidelines for what constitutes a miracle. Father Keahi thought this a wise decision, since Father Bukoski was well versed in canon law and had skillfully steered Damien in the mid-90s to beatification, the final step before canonization.
This is why the Church demands miracles, Bishop Larry Silva said one day, sitting in a parlor of the diocesan center nestled in the side of one of Oahu’s green mountains.
Sophia Church in October of 2009 on its way to prayer service at Kaunakakai ballfield led by Clarence DeCaires, deacon of St.
Though they examine happier subjects, notes the historian Jacalyn Duffin in her book Medical Miracles, miracle tribunals share some methods of the Inquisition, which was similarly a product of 16th century Counter-Reformation reforms.
Chang to testify, he navigated a narrow course between scientific scruple and inklings of religious excitement. If in fact the frontiers of knowledge are being pushed further and further back (and that is bound to be the case), then God is being pushed back with them, and is therefore continually in retreat.” John Paul II admitted in 1983 that it appeared “cases of physical healing are becoming more rare,” and the rate of certified miracles at the famous shrine in Lourdes, France, has slackened over the past few decades. Un grand rassemblement au Stade olympique de Montreal le 30 octobre permettra a des dizaines de milliers de fideles de celebrer cette figure spirituelle unique au pays. Il faut les replacer en leur epoque, moins sensible que la notre, par exemple, a la cause des femmes, a l’environnement, a la psychologie… Le piege de l’anachronisme nous guette toujours lorsque nous evoquons les figures du passe. Sa vie fidele et son action tenace temoignent que la vie vaut la peine d’etre vecue, que nous sommes dignes d’etre aimes. St Jude was one of the Twelve Apostles, and in the Catholic Church he is the patron Saint of lost causes. Jude, I pray that I may experience again soon how it's like to love and be loved by someone. Jude for Prayers Answered for a Variety of Pleas I have found that when I have prayed to St. Jude, Thank you for my restored relationship My fiance and I had broken up and I felt so hurt and devasted, I started praying the St. Please make my test scores be high enough to pass the qualification so that I may keep my current job.
Jude Thadeus- the Great Saint of Hope Saint Jude, I call upon you to answer my prayers with your help and hopeless cases granted. Jude I have ovarian cyst please help me ease this harm in my body.Please help me that I will pass the bar exam that will be released on Wednesday.
Jude I pray that You can help my husband fall back in love with me & return to me so can spend the rest of our lives together. We have been together for 10 years and our relationship is going through some really tough times. Jude I implore you to save my marriage May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, loved and preserved now and forever. Jude for the many miracles you have bestowed on me, even though i've only just come to know of you. Jude, please help me to answer all my exams english3,4 and special need exam that I will take this june 7th and 8th I hope that I can pass this exam …Click here to write your own. Jude Iam praying desparately for my daughter to pass this last nursing class so that she can graduate the RN program. Jude I ask you to pray for my family that we receive a new contract so that my son can start school back home. I lost my job 3 weeks ago in Singapore, Im still in singapore finding a job, but here jobs for forigners are very few. Jude, during your life you encouraged early Christian followers to remain loyal and true to their faith, even during the harshest circumstances. After years of trying to have a baby they finally conceived only to lose their children to miscarriage.
He was stricken with an affliction and became so terribly deformed that he frightened the townspeople.
Denis is said to have picked his head up after being decapitated, walked six miles, preaching a sermon the entire way, making him one of many cephalophores in hagiology.  St Denis is the patron saint for those that suffer headaches and the possessed. The forgiveness of God is only contingent upon a persons repentance and their desire to be forgiven. Being humble enough to confess that you are a poor sinner is great manifestation that you welcome the grace of God in your life and the possibility of becoming a saint. Be careful the devil also will show wonders and miracles and in the moment that you get captivated with miracles, signs, wonders of any form or shape and you began to look into those, instead of who really is the author of those, you then get deceive.
Approached from the north, Molokai is a fortress: a vast wall of seacliffs rises above the surf, towering thousands of feet high and stretching for miles from end to end.
The prisoner-patients arrived by the boatload, and if the surf was too rough for landing, they might be cast into the sea and made to swim to shore.
Though he might have seemed a shoo-in for sainthood, a small minority cast doubts on Damien’s character, claiming the man had “lived evilly” with women. By the late 1990s, the Vatican had declared Damien “Blessed,” an intermediate step towards sainthood.
And she could still remember the day when she was only eight years old and Damien’s coffin was paraded down 4th Street in Honolulu, passing many tearful observers on its way to the wharf, and then to Belgium.
It was simply unheard of for someone to survive a pleiomorphic liposarcoma with lung metastases. They likely thought it strange for a man to reserve a place for his corpse when he was so clearly in the full bloom of youth and health. I consider this shows the special protection of our good God and the Blessed Virgin Mary.” The pious had their own preventive medicine. He often brought in the latest anticlerical Dan Brown thriller, making no effort to hide the cover from the Franciscan nuns with whom he worked.
In a letter that Father Keahi later wrote to a Sacred Hearts representative in Rome, he recalled the talk with Dr. A cure must be sudden, complete, lasting, and — most importantly — inexplicable by contemporary science. Toguchi’s pulmonologist, her cardiologist, her oncologist, her radiologist, and her surgeon.

Toguchi answered the questions put to her, in a slow, slightly raspy voice that moved with the playful lilt of a kindergarten teacher, she brought a new levity to the room.
Might future scientists be able to account for Audrey Toguchi’s cure, even if current medicine could not? On reconnait en ces eveilleurs des valeurs qui nous caracterisent souvent : audace, authenticite, courage, determination, humilite, humour, simplicite. When Jesus ascended into heaven, he asked his disciples to devote themselves to constant prayer.
Rules for Posting: All prayers are posted publicly through this site and our twitter feed. Jude, pray for a financial miracle for us to free our debt with the IRS, creditors and personal loans. In his twenties, a cell was built for him by the church to protect the local villagers from his appearance.
He suffered a horrible and painful death on the Cross that you (and everyone who asks His mercy and forgiveness) might be forgiven. That means that it is a phenomenon beyond the power of human or physical nature, but not something that only God can do.
Near the midpoint of that wall there juts from the base, suddenly and improbably, a low, level shelf of land that the early Hawaiians called Kalaupapa (“flat leaf”).
Misery reigned on the peninsula, which acquired an unofficial motto: Aole kanawai ma keia wahi — in this place there is no law.
Without believing the darkest of the charges, some members of Damien’s own missionary, Order of the Sacred Hearts, were reluctant, at first, to advance a cause for his sainthood. The doctors told her that surgery was impossible, and that chemotherapy might extend her life a few months at most.
She also phoned a Sacred Hearts priest she knew named Father Christopher Keahi, and asked him for advice. It appeared that her cancer — her vicious, aggressive, metastasized cancer — hadn’t spread at all.
Francis, one of whose prominent members, Mother Marianne Cope, was Damien’s successor at Kalaupapa. Though raised Catholic, as the youngest of six children in a Chinese immigrant household in the nearby projects of Palama, he abandoned the faith young. Chang hesitated to believe in miracles, he was convinced that for the Catholic Church, at least, the X-rays and biopsies of Mrs. Chang: “he told me when we met that he would challenge any physician to debate him in regards to Audrey’s case,” reported Keahi. The Church privileges medical testimony, and it retains a panel of its own doctors, mostly renowned Italian (and Catholic) professors of medicine, who scrutinize the evidence submitted from around the world by miracle claimants. To really propose that person as someone who you can say for sure, ‘This person is in heaven, this person is worthy of our emulation,’ I think those divine signs are important.” When Pope John Paul II had the chance to eliminate the miracle requirement in 1983 —many within the Church argued it had grown too arduous — he did not do so, though he did cut the number of miracles required from four to two.
The phrase “Catholic tribunal” may have first evoked, at least for Da Vinci Code fans like Dr. Not until she entered the room did Father Robert Maher, who held the title of “Delegated Judge” on the tribunal, realize that he recognized her — the perpetually smiling, wrinkled old lady with large glasses, fond of muumuus and the color pink, who could reliably be seen sitting in the front pews each weekend at St. Certes, frere Andre est un saint qui eclaire, non une star qui brille, car il irradie l’amour de Dieu, mais il ne s’est pas fait tout seul. Il montre que le Christ n’exclut personne, que la foi chretienne engage toute l’existence, qu’il est important de respecter les gens qui ne croient pas et ne pensent pas comme nous, que la priere feconde le quotidien, que la misericorde de Dieu est infinie, qu’il faut garder confiance et courage.
I am no Saint I'm just a poor sinner Could it possibly be what I experience is from above heaven?
According to Catholic doctrine, God is the ultimate font of all miracles, but saints, like members of the president’s cabinet, can sometimes persuade the executive to act.
In fact, looking closely, it seemed to the doctors as though one of the masses had become smaller. He felt sure, though, that they would spend eternity together — provided that they lived pious lives. Keahi had fortunately retained his correspondence with Audrey Toguchi from around the time of her cure—he had a habit of keeping thank-you letters to look at in later years. Later, he said that miracles were “like a divine seal which confirms the sanctity” of a saint. Unlikely, replied the doctors; besides, the lung tumors only grew after the radiation therapy.
Miracle tribunals are perhaps the only form of investigation whose goal is to end in a position of ignorance.
A sa mort en 1937, un million de personnes convergeront vers la depouille de l’humble frere au pied de l’Oratoire du Mont-Royal qui deviendra le plus grand lieu de pelerinage au monde consacre a saint Joseph. When, in the mid 19th century, leprosy grew rampant in the Hawaiian islands and panicked public health officials sought a suitable place to isolate the ill, they turned to the small tongue of land protruding from the north face of Molokai.
If Damien had indeed made it to heaven — if his life had indeed been virtuous — then he ought to have influence with God: he ought to be able to deliver a miracle. Elizabeth Church, her vibrant congregation in Aiea, the Honolulu suburb in which she lived. Another X-ray the following month showed all three masses were shrinking, and one the month after that showed them smaller yet. To that end, he encouraged his father to “think more of your salvation” and to “meditate every day on the love of God, on death, the last judgment, eternity, the gravity of sin, or on some other great truth.” He recommended reading The Imitation of Christ or the lives of the saints. He now transferred all this correspondence into a special file, thinking it might be useful as evidence. In fact, the meetings were held in a brightly lit conference room at the chancery office, where a water cooler stood inertly in the corner. Son admission a la congregation de Sainte-Croix, son travail de portier… Il dira avec humour : « Quand je suis arrive au college, ils m’ont mis a la porte, et j’y suis reste 40 ans ».
A sufficient force can overcome gravity, and such a force can be exhibited by finite spiritual agents. Toguchi walked to the side of the church and came to the grave, a tall marble monument festooned with rosaries and leis. Bound by the sea on all sides and walled off from the rest of the island by the tall cliffs to the rear, Kalaupapa was a natural prison.
Chang to pass beneath a towering diptych in watercolor of Mother Marianne in full habit, overlooking the Molokai settlement. Toguchi received have cured her, given that a related drug had been shown to cause cancer to regress in some mice? Genuine miracles are performed by the power of God alone, and one can be certain of a miracle if the event is supernatural, such as the raising of the dead, which God alone can do.I am not saying that levitation need be diabolic either.
In a supplementary tribunal conducted later, a doctor named Winlove Suasin confessed, “I’m trying not to be emotional about it, trying to be very intellectual, trying to be removed from my faith because I don’t want my testimony to be discounted just because I’m a Catholic. Joseph Cupertino were, indeed, signs from God -- and one instance of his levitation was witnessed by no less than the reigning pope himself. What is needed is approval by the Church, so that we can be certain that such signs are from God, and not the devil. Great care must be taken when dealing with preternatural phenomena, which can either be divine actions or diabolic in origin.We know that the levitation occurring in the ecstatic flights of the saints is of divine origin, because the Church has approved them indirectly in the act of canonizing the saint himself. Facond and St Martin de Porres.St Joseph of Cupertino (1603-1663)Certainly one of the Saints who is best known for levitating during prayer is St.
Joseph of Cupertino, who experienced so many levitations that were witnessed by his brothers in the Franciscan Order and others that he is regarded as the patron saint airplane passengers. In the records of his official beatification process [Acta Sanctorum], seventy of his levitations and ecstatic flights are recorded.One Christmas Eve the Saint invited some shepherds to join in celebrating the birth of the Saviour. When they started to play bagpipes and flutes, the Saint let out a cry of joy and flew a considerable distance through the air to the high altar. Although he was in the air leaning over several lighted candles, his garments were not affected. As usual, all present were astounded by the miracle.During a profession ceremony at Cupertino, the Saint, dressed in a surplice, suddenly rose to the height of the pulpit and remained for some time with outstretched arms and bent knees. One Holy Thursday, while praying before a representation of the holy sepulchre which was situated above the high altar and lit with many candles and lamps, the Saint rose in the air and flew to the altar.
After spotting it from a distance, he suddenly flew to the statue and then returned to his former place. After the Inquisition heard of these marvels, they felt the need to investigate and commanded that the Saint say Mass in their presence at the Church of St. Suddenly the Saint rose with a loud cry from a corner and while praying, flew to the altar. He remained standing in the air, bending over the flowers and lighted candles with his arms spread in the form of a cross.
The nuns cried in alarm that he would catch fire, but he returned to the floor unharmed.Certainly the most prominent witnesses to the Saint's levitations was Pope Urban VIII. While bending over the feet of the Pontiff the Saint became enraptured and rose in the air until the Father General commanded that he return. The Pope marveled at the phenomenon and told the Father General that he himself would bear witness to the occurrence should the Saint die during his pontificate.To satisfy the curiosity of the Spanish Ambassador to the Papal Court and his wife who went to Assisi on purpose to see St. Upon entering the church he looked toward the statue of the Immaculate Conception on an altar, and flew over the heads of those present, and remained in the air at the feet of the statue. After a few moments he flew back and then retired to his cell."Occasionally the Saint's raptures lasted six or seven hours. A peculiar aspect was that, when a rapture overtook him at Holy Mass, he always resumed where he had left off. Another unusual aspect is that his garments were never disturbed during his many flights whether he travelled forward or backward, up or down. St Joseph of Cupertino was so on fire with the love of God that one could almost always draw him into an ecstatic levitation by simply speaking of the adorable love of God or the Blessed Virgin Mary, or causing him to contemplate a picture of Jesus or Mary.St Gerard Majella (1726-1755)Like St Joseph of Cupertino, St Gerard Majella was often enraptured into remarkable levitations, often being drawn away by God for some distances. One morning, Holy Mass was about to begin, and Gerard, who desired to communicate at it, did not appear.
At last they entered and found the seraphic brother kneeling in ecstasy, a crucifix in his right hand, the left hand laid on his breast, his face pale, his eyes half-closed.
For more than half an hour, the household of the archpriest gazed in admiration at the ravishing spectacle.This hospitable home had already been witness of a still more remarkable ecstasy, in which the servant of God was suspended without support in the air. But to his astonishment he found the brother ravished in ecstasy and raised about three feet from the ground. Filled with amazement, he withdrew, but returning shortly after, he found him in the same state. The whole household, all witnesses to the extraordinary event, unable to sit down to dinner, awaited the guest with tears of emotion. On Good Friday, 1753, a picture representing Jesus Christ Crucified was carried in procession. When the procession entered the church of the Benedictines, Gerard was already inside engaged in prayer. As soon as he perceived the sacred image of the Saviour, an ecstatic transport seized him, and before the eyes of all, he was elevated to a considerable height from the ground, his eyes fixed on the picture.Yet another occasion is the account of a blind beggar who lived in Caposele who played most charmingly on the flute. As they were passing before a chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, he turned the conversation to that tender and compassionate Mother. Then he took a pencil and wrote, I know not what, on a scrap of paper, which he tossed up in the air as if it were a letter. At the same moment, his two companions beheld him rise in the air and fly with the rapidity and lightness of a bird to a distance of over three quarters of a mile. Afterwards, they never ceased to recount this prodigious fact of which they had been witnesses.There were other times that the servant of God was favored with ecstatic flight.
A pious person named Rosaria loved to relate that she had seen him one day carried up like a feather through the air, his arms extended. He flew thus for over three quarters of a mile, hastening to the convent to which he was called, no doubt, by some exercise of Rule or some desire of the Superior.It is an intense love for God that draws the Saints ever closer to Him. In the last months of his life, Gerard sometimes heaved such sighs as to attract upon himself looks of astonishment. Father Cajone reproved him for thus drawing attention to himself, at which Gerard took the good Fathers hand and laid it upon his heart.
The beating was so violent that after a few moments the Father asked him then how he was able to thus endure it.
Another time he was in a town on the isle of Elba giving a mission when, at the most fervent part of his sermon, he walked off the platform, through the air and over the heads of the people and then returned as though nothing unusual had taken place. One can only imagine the emotions felt by those who had witnessed such an unexpected display of the supernatural.During the last years of his life the Saint was sitting in the sacristy of Sts. Finally he returned to himself, and, as the rapture passed away, a slight tremor took place all over his body, and gradually the servant of God, with the chair, descended and rested on the ground."St Gemma Galgani (1878-1903)In more recent times there is also the story in the extraordinary life of St Gemma Galgani [the webmaster's favorite Saint!] when on a certain day Gemma was adoring Jesus on the crucifix while she was going about her household chores, when all of a sudden Jesus on the Cross came alive, and with one hand beckoned Gemma to come to Him, and then in a moment of love and joy, Gemma was raised off the ground and taken to Jesus, and embraced Him in an ecstasy of love. Those interested can read the entire story of Gemma's ecstatic flight to Jesus on the crucifix here.______________________________"My Mother [the Blessed Virgin Mary] is very different.

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