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Thangaponnu, a shepherd by profession, couldn't figure out a way to get her daughter to Coimbatore in time. Brilliant in academics, Swathi had worked very hard to get a score of 1017 out of a possible 1200, and had it not been for these few people, it wouldn't have mattered.
She and her friend, staying in Delhi, would pick out, and visit one random place on the Delhi map. Deepika recalls, "We took a deep breath, and chose a path on the park and start walking without knowing where this path would take us. Daswani's health began to improve rapidly, and the doctors and the staff kept questioning him, but his lips were sealed. As I was coming down one of the slides into the pool, I hit my head on the bottom of the pool, and my neck snapped. I returned to Sao Paulo to train on Monday, as well as on Tuesday, all the while with a broken neck. As I said before, my parents always taught me the Bible and its values, and also about Jesus Christ and faith.
In May 1996, Weathers was one of eight clients being guided on Mount Everest by celebrated guide Rob Hall of Adventure Consultants.
Hall, up high waiting for another client to reach the summit, never came down to assist Weathers and later died high up on the mountain.
Weathers spent the night in an open bivouac, in a blizzard, with his face and hands exposed.
Weathers was later helped to walk, on frozen feet, to a lower camp, where he was a subject of one of the highest altitude medical evacuations ever performed by helicopter. Apart from points 4 and 6, all the other accounts have been sourced from this Quora thread.
This page is an extract from The Miracles of Jesus by Michael Symmons Roberts, which accompanies the BBC TV series.
His mother said to the servants, "Do whatever he tells you." Nearby stood six stone water jars, the kind used by the Jews for ceremonial washing, each holding from twenty to thirty gallons.
Swathi, accompanied by her mother Thangaponnu would've returned back home devastated, and heartbroken. Call them mortal humans, or angels in disguise, one of the walkers offered to help by putting them on the next possible flight to Coimbatore. They came around like an angel when we had lost hope,” Thangaponnu said that they wanted to return the money they spent to buy the flight tickets. On Tuesday, I called the coach and the physical trainer and told them that I couldn't bear the pain any longer. I did not have a specific conversion experience, but little by little, I stopped simply hearing people talk about the Jesus my parents taught me [about], and there came a time when I wanted to live my own experiences with God. The 58-year-old teacher from Northern California had unknowingly become the face of Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee.
However, Weathers, who had recently had radial keratotomy (surgical procedure to correct vision) surgery, soon discovered that he was blinded by the effects of high altitude and overexposure to ultraviolet radiation, high altitude effects which had not been well documented at the time.

Following his helicopter evacuation, he had his right arm amputated halfway between the elbow and wrist. Then he told them, "Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet." They did so, and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine.
Of course, sceptics might say Jesus had performed a party trick, albeit a pretty spectacular one. The disciples would have been familiar with the Jewish prophecies, which described a time in which there would be plentiful food for everyone and an end to illness and impurities. That day, they decided to check out the Lotus temple, the Kalkaji temple, and the ISKCON temple. Although he came around, there was no improvement in his condition and he was kept under observation in the Intensive Care Unit. The accident happened in October of 2000 while I was playing in the "base" position on the Sao Paulo junior team. While shopping for Bloody Mary mix at a Rite-Aid, he stumbled across a familiar face on the label of Nestle's Taster's Choice; it was a younger version of himself peering right back. On May 10, the day of the summit assault, Hall - after being told Weathers could not see, wanted Beck to descend to Camp IV immediately. When the blizzard struck, Weathers and 10 other climbers became disoriented in the storm, could not find Camp IV, and staggered around the South Col for several hours. His fellow climbers said that his frozen hand and nose looked and felt as if they were made of porcelain, and they did not expect him to survive.
All four fingers and the thumb on his left hand were removed, as well as parts of both feet. When the wine was gone, Jesus' mother said to him, "They have no more wine." "Dear woman, why do you involve me?" Jesus replied.
He did not realise where it had come from, thought the servants who had drawn the water knew.
It was the time they'd all been waiting for, when the rule of Satan would be replaced by the rule of God.
That morning around 6:30 am, Thangaponnu and her daughter were roaming about lost in the Anna University in Chennai.
Now if you recall visiting the temple, you'd know that one needs to cross a rather massive park which naturally becomes quite spooky when dark, thanks to the lack of any street lights. I came out of the pool with a strong headache, and my brother who had come down the slide right after me, asked me what happened.
After doing some investigating Christoff discovered the company had used his pics for about six years (from 1997 to 2003) in at least seven different countries, and had been using his image in Canada since the original photo shoot in 1986. Weathers, however, believed his vision might improve when the sun came out, so Hall had him promise to wait on the Balcony (27,000 ft, on the 29,000 foot Everest) until Hall came back down to descend with him.
By the time there was a break in the storm, Weathers had been so weakened that he and three other men and women were left there so the others could summon help. With that assumption, they only tried to make him comfortable until he died, but he survived another freezing night alone in a tent, unable to drink, eat, or keep himself covered with the sleeping bags he was provided with.

Magicians revel in the bafflement of their audience, whereas Jesus doesn't tell anyone what he has done. John's Gospel makes a special point of mentioning that the water jars were overflowing with a superabundance of new wine.
They were there for Swathi's counseling session in B.Sc Agriculture, but were unaware that the venue of the same had actually changed from Chennai to Coimbatore.
Losing about four pints of blood a day, he had drips in both arms and a pad over his heart. Everyone, including the doctors, told me I was very lucky that nothing more serious happened. I began to play again in January of 2001, and after about 10 or 15 days, I was called to play for the Sao Paulo professional team. Although he had been compensated for the initial photo shoot, since he was never notified any images were being used, he’d assumed nothing came of it.
Anatoli Boukreev, a guide on another expedition led by Scott Fischer, came and rescued several climbers, but during that time, Weathers had stood up and disappeared into the night. The miracle had produced huge amounts, in fact it has been calculated at something close to 120 gallons. And it was clear from the Jewish scriptures and the Dead Sea scrolls that only one person would usher in this new age of plenty. Trying to make sense of it all, the two women were just found dumbstruck by a few local morning walkers.
Thankfully, the registrar had made an arrangement to ensure that Swathi got a fair counseling. To put things into perspective, this was right after the Nirbhaya incident, so obviously, tensions were high. The hemorrhaging continued for three days and by May 24, his family, and the team of doctors had lost all hope of his survival.
They told me that I could have become paralyzed and lost my ability to walk and to play football. The next day, another client on Hall's team, Stuart Hutchison, and two Sherpas arrived to check on the status of Weathers and fellow client Yasuko Namba. We were scared at first, not knowing who he was, but noticed he would stop when we stopped. Believing Weathers and Namba were both near death and would not make it off the mountain alive, Hutchison and the others left them and returned to Camp IV.

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