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Spotted is Globe Drive writer Peter Cheney’s weekly feature that takes you behind the scenes of his life as a vehicle and engineering journalist.
When my benefactors of healing offered their space for recovery they invited me to think about what might be important to me to bring along or bring into this new healing space. And if we stand up or take a stand, are we able to withstand the onslaught of names we will likely be called? In preparing for this new life of healing and of re-defining self, I found that all those things that I thought were important are not. I found I had to clearly say what I wanted in case of an accident in surgery or in case of complications leaving me unable to make my own decisions. In examining life and its quality there is an inherent “what is there to lose?” Home? You are truly an amazing being and I thank you for your guidance and wisdom and especially for sharing your incredible gift with each and every one of us, your gift as a wordsmith. I too was a young idealist and I believed in the goodness of mankind and always in the hope of a better tomorrow.
Thank you so much dear Barbara for all what you give to us from your love, wisdom, thinking and research about Michael! Last year I had a cancer operation, I thought about all what you’re speaking, the gift is to appreciate life much better et deeply. His spray can and stencil wizardry has been mimicked by hundreds of artists across the world. They say he's devised a series of intricate stencils to avoid getting caught while finishing a piece in a public place.
In 2004, Banksy had the temerity to walk into the Louvre to hang a picture he had painted resembling the Mona Lisa but with a yellow smiley face. Critics see Banksy as a 'preachy street vandal' and 'attention grabber' who 'defaces' walls, objects and icons to create 'unauthorized' art for theatrical effect. As an answer to his critics, Banks wrote in his website: I am unable to comment on who may or may not be Banksy, but anyone described as being 'good at drawing' doesn't sound like Banksy to me.
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There would be room for a bed, some clothes, a television, a couple of chairs, a dresser and a paintings or photograph or two.
My grandchildren are the reason it is important to embark upon the journey in the first place to change the world. Well, what could be worse that being called a ”crazy Michael Jackson fan?” Am I kidding? The truth is that if dead, and dead for a certain length of time, nobody will remember you or your name.
Your insight and wisdom, and your easy way of sharing these gifts, always leaves me with a growing peaceful light deep in my chest.

Alzheimers is a terrible disease; I worked with those patients in Geriatrics and I know what a tragedy it is especially for the famiies of those afflicted.
If I do a journey I get better information than listening to those who stand to gain something from the destruction of another human being. When large sums of money are involved (millions if not billions here) anything is possible and treachery is probable. You’re a wonderful human being as Michael was, I do feel a resonance with all that you write. His satirical street art has mysteriously popped up, off and on, in cities across the globe. The best-selling hybrid is undergoing a redesign that includes a new battery, an even more-efficient powertrain, and improved aerodynamics.
I was invited to bring a few things that would inspire the space, lend it to healing, make it support my recovery. That is what you all bring with your well wishes and your prayer ties and medicine bundles of cedar and that other invisible healing ingredient– love. In examining the concept of death, the best death and most digified, the quality of life comes under scrutiny.
My eyes are being opened to the love he had for us all, and to discover his close connection to God. This forum that you have provided gives me hope to carry on, provides space for my idealism and is my catalyst for change. You and your family provided a loving environment in the midst of the despairing of that disease. Then Shmuley Boteach (who later betrayed Michael) interviewed Michael about childhood, innocence and children and if you read it and listen carefully to his words, you will realize that MJ would never, ever harm a child.
I edited the comments because accusing without justification or proof is not useful to us and can do great harm.
While paranoia can result from some combinations of drugs, It is reaonable to guess that the paranoia he stands accused of and ridiculed for may have some basis. Their invisible influence hangs in the field like a warm blanket of love, like hope wrapped tightly around me. That we live in a world of finite resources that belong to everyone not to those who grab because they are the strongest, most adept aggressor or most militant. I think there is a not only a dream and a new world waiting to come into being but there is a new name for the fans and a new initiative. In writing the Power of Attorney for Healthcare and designating my children as decision makers in case I was incapacitated, I found it was necessary to define other things not so visible on first glance. The trappings of the ego– what limited you, defined you, named you no longer matters. The most hurtful name I encountered was when I was doing statewide training in human sexuality that included AIDS and pregnancy prevention and women’s rights. He has inspired me so much in my life, and in my walk with God, and his gift has encouraged me to use the gift God has given me.
I could bring a couple wall hangings and a few gadgets to make life easier or keep me connected to the world– the computer, phone and headset. For most of us who will fade into obscurity, what matters is what we name ourselves and what that inspires us to set in motion in our lives.

As for the Schmuley book- I have read it and agree it is a good book and reveals the real Michael.
It behooves all of us to think about the children of the future and what kind of world we would like them to inherit. The reality is that a hundred years from now all that will be left (if it is) is a headstone with a name. Meanwhile, what you have sent, allowed, prayed and wished into this space is here with me, is cherished and given free reign t do its work.
Hope is the thing that humans will cling to with superhuman tenacity and it is the last thing they will relinquish. And then it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to take us there into that new world. Because before something can become reality, it must first be dreamed or envisioned. Shall we dream together? The one thing I have learned is that sometimes you have to be willing to be visible and be called names, sometimes you have to be willing to be invisible and work in secret leaving your ego and even your identity behind for the sake of the work.
My legacy is what I set into motion right here and right now by my thoughts becoming words, actions, deeds and the natural future outcome of that. It is comforting to know that whenever we miss him, we can listen to his music and he will be there. When hope is gone (and it is with the diagnosis of Alzheimers) all that is left then is dignity.
I would not purchase the book because I do not believe in financially supporting a Rabbil who would betray a confidence and breech confidentiality between a client and his spiritual advisor. As it turns out, UBC has a lot of student-owned exotic cars, many with green “N” stickers indicating that their driver is newly licensed. There's even a Tumblr page dedicated to UBC’s supercars Peter LongfieldHow to lose your luggage, in one easy lesson Reader Peter Longfield spotted this Subaru wagon in Peggy’s Cove a while back. While Schmuley’s book advances the legacy Shmuley insulsts all clergy with his reckless managing of client information.
One of the reasons Michael Jackson was so beloved was that he advocated for, stood for, and sometimes did an in-your-face demand for (equal) DIGNITY for all beings- human, animal and planetary. I admire how he stood steadfast in his dignity all the while others were trying to strip him of it. It isn’t easy riding a motorcycle through the winter – you have to chip ice off the windshield AND the seat. As strong as MJ was, under the influence of strong pain and sleep medications he lost control. This means that drivers buy a new Mercedes, drive it for a year or two, then sell it for at least as much as they paid.

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