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By applying many of the 16 fundamentals of the Law of Success philosophy we have built a great chain of successful stores. Mastery of the Law of Success philosophy is the equivalent of an insurance policy against failure. Allow me to express my appreciation of the compliment you have paid me in sending me the original manuscript of Law of Success.
Whatever success I may have attained I owe, entirely, to the application of your 16 fundamental principles of the Law of Success. Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) was born in a one-room cabin on the Pound River in Wise County, Virginia. Join the South Park boys on Japan's most ridiculous, humiliating, and totally twisted game show! Jump, jump, jump to the top, top, top with Doodle Jump, the #1 smartphone game of all time! South Park 10South Park 10: The Game is based on some of the most memorable moments from the first 10 seasons.
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But, Think and Grow Rich was but a condensation of his true master work, The Law of Success.Twenty years of research and writing after his first interview with Andrew Carnegie.
I presume it would be no exaggeration of fact if I said that the Woolworth Building might properly be called a monument to the soundness of these principles. Hill: I have now had an opportunity to finish reading your Law of Success textbooks, and I wish to express my appreciation of the splendid work you have done in this philosophy. I would not care to set a monetary value on this training because it brings to the student qualities which cannot be measured by money alone.
He began his writing career at age 13 as a "mountain reporter" for small town newspapers and went on to become America's most beloved motivational author.
Swipe your finger across the screen to slash them!NAPOLEON HILL THINK AND GROW RICH AUDIO FREEMillions of people orresults of napoleon isnapoleon hill has inspired. Twenty years spent interviewing the most famous and successful men of his time, studying their habits, analyzing their methods and unlocking their secrets to success.

Your philosophy is sound and you are to be congratulated for sticking to your work over so long a period of years. It would be helpful if every politician in the country would assimilate and apply the 16 principles upon which the Law of Success is based.
His classic work, Think and Grow Rich, continues to inspire millions to believe and achieve and is a cornerstone of the modern self-actualization movement. It contains some very fine material which every leader in every walk of life should understand. Before passing, Hill established the Foundation as a nonprofit educational institution whose mission is to perpetuate his philosophy of leadership, self-motivation, and individual achievement.

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