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January is National Mentoring Month, an observance intended to remind us all of the inestimable value of establishing the effective mentoring relationships that will keep VA strong and help us ensure that our succession planning for the future leaves VA increasingly better prepared to continue offering America's heroes the highest quality healthcare provided in a nurturing, respectful environment. Mentoring--sometimes called coaching--is a process of pairing experienced persons with people with lesser experience in a given area to help the learner enhance their experience and knowledge by benefiting from the experiences of the mentor.
Whether called mentoring or coaching, this invaluable employee development process in the VA context is dedicated to ensuring that experienced VA professionals are matched with other VA staff who can help them develop their professionalism and expertise.
A few common myths about mentoring often discourage those curious about mentoring from participating, such as the belief that you must be at a certain pay level or from a particular occupational series to be a mentor or be mentored.
Other prevalent misconceptions about mentoring are that a person can only have one mentor or that they must be mentored through formal VA training programs. So, are you interested in being a mentor and passing on the wealth of knowledge that you have obtained, or are you interested in being mentored so that you can increase your understanding even more?
Many HISD students, both present and former, have been affected by one special person who gave of their time to improve the lives of others. If you are looking to become a mentor to a student in HISD, please learn more about our Read Houston Read program. The TeamMates Central Office in Omaha held a Mentor Meet-Up event at the Old Mattress Factor in downtown Omaha.
Thank you to everyone who helped make National Mentoring Month 2016 such a great month for TeamMates, our mentees, and their mentors!
Applicable to virtually every facet of life whether vocational or avocational, mentoring is helping people learn from others, thus rapidly increasing their understanding of diverse aspects of life. Believing that experience is the best teacher, VA constructed its mentoring processes based on the GROW Model, an approach to coaching and mentoring with demonstrated effectiveness.

The reality, however, is that mentoring has nothing to do with pay grade or field but is more about the possession of knowledge and experience that others can benefit from. The reality is that a person may have as many mentors as needed to reach their goals and may enter a mentoring relationship through a VA-sanctioned program such as leadership development or can do so informally by requesting that another VA staffer mentor them. 21, 2016, people of all ages will take time out of their busy schedules to show their appreciation during national “Thank Your Mentor Day.” The day, which occurs during National Mentoring Month, is reserved for giving thanks to all of the good Samaritans who provide guidance, advice, and encouragement to young people. Whether it was a teacher, principal, parent, or volunteer, if you are a current or former student whose life was changed for the better thanks to a mentor, share your story with us. As a Read Houston Read volunteer, you can spend one hour a week, in person or online, reading and being read to by a beginning reader. President Barack Obama greets Little Brother of the Year, Anthony Saldana during an event to honor National Mentoring Month, in the East Room at the White House, on January 20, 2010 in Washington, DC. During January we received 233 applications to become a mentor and saw 19 mayors step up to support mentoring in their communities! Mentors were invited to bring a friend who might be interested in becoming a mentor to enjoy food and fun after work.
TeamMates mentees wrote letters and sent cards to their mentors, thanking them for their support and guidance.
What might take many years for someone to learn is accomplished much more quickly by taking advantage of the existing expertise of seasoned learners.
Under this model, mentors assist their mentees--those being mentored--with understanding what they want their goals to be, what their current realities are, options available to be employed, and what's next in achieving their goals.
Mentors and mentees come from a variety of pay grades and professional capacities, which is one of the strengths of mentoring.

If you are interested in other mentoring opportunities, contact the Volunteer in Public Schools (VIPS) department at 713-556-7020. President Obama praised The White House mentoring program that pairs White House staff members with young men and women to encourage them to maximize their educational opportunities. TeamMates co-founder Tom Osborne and former Nebraska football players like Trev Alberts and Zach Wiegert promoted TeamMates on ESPN 590, who broadcasted live at the event. By using the GROW Model in a nurturing and supportive environment, mentors help their mentees reach their objectives in becoming the best VA professionals that they can be, an outcome that benefits individuals, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and our customers.
For example, a GS-13 administrative officer who needs to learn more about how environmental management services (EMS) works might seek out a peer-level EMS manager or might be mentored by a housekeeper who actually oversees day-to-day EMS operations. All that is needed is a willingness to learn on the part of prospective mentees and a willingness to coach on the part of experienced VA professionals. Correspondingly, a GS-4 secretary with an interest in crossing over to a clinical area might seek out an experienced medical person to learn more about the possibilities associated with that type of career. Without question, VA mentoring works to everyone's advantage, including our most important customers, our Veterans.
With mentoring, the possibilities are endless but benefit all concerned regardless of the focus.

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