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Author Michael GA¶ring will read from and discuss his new novel Vor der Wand [Facing the Wall] with Martin Rauchbauer, Director of Deutsches Haus. Deutsches Haus at NYU opens its doors to celebrate 36 years as New Yorka€™s leading German language school. A salon-style concert presenting the darkly humorous spirit of Berlin's Weimar era through song and tales by Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill, Mischa Spoliansky, Friedrich Hollaender and more. NSA and Prism, cyber security and data protection, the balance between national security and personal freedoma€”all these questions are of great interest during the German election campaign this year. Harald Leibrecht, Coordinator of Transatlantic Cooperation in the Federal Foreign Office and a member of the German Bundestag since 2002, will discuss the transatlantic partnership in the light of the upcoming Bundestag Elections.
Deutsches Haus at NYU presents the acclaimed documentary film Nach der Musik (A Fathera€™s Music), followed by a conversation with its director, Igor Heitzmann. Shortly after the Wall came down, the Austrian conductor Otmar Suitner ended his long-standing career at the State Opera in East Berlin. Author Thea Dorn will read from and discuss her book Die Deutsche Seele [The German Soul] with Christoph Bartmann, literary critic and current director of the Goethe-Institut New York.
Thea Dorn and Richard Wagnera€™s Die Deutsche Seele is a sensuous, richly illustrated cultural history of the German soul: Two authors who could hardly be more different affectionately and critically, knowledgeably and without fear of contact examine what the German soul really is. Uwe Wirth and Oswald Egger will speak on Strategic Dilettantism and the Question of Knowledge in the Arts.
A hundred years ago, the Viennese satirist Karl Kraus was among the most penetrating and farsighted writers in Europe. Albrecht DA?rer depicted the death of the singer Orpheus at the hands of womena€”maenads or Bacchantesa€”outraged by his turn to same-sex love.
The American Council on Germany and Deutsches Haus at NYU cordially invite you to attend a Discussion and Breakfast with Dr.
Especially in large cities the careful observer can discover a fascinating phenomenon: that daily life, as lived in its manifold variations, resembles an aesthetic process and that it is driven and enriched by the unregulated coexistence of different cultures. Monique Truong and Antje RA?vic Strubel will read excerpts from their latest works and engage in a conversation about how the experience of living through social, political and personal upheavals is reflected on and refracted in their writing and particularly about the importance of dining well; no matter where you are. Come celebrate the future mobility startup community at the official BMW NY Future Mobility Meetup a€” bringing entrepreneurs, investors, developers and mobility enthusiast together!
The BMW Group has founded BMW i Ventures a€“ a Venture Capital Company based in New York City a€“ to provide early and mid-stage investments with high potential in the area of Mobility Services. BMW i Ventures is part of the brand BMW i, which is about the design and development of visionary vehicles and mobility services and a new perception of premium guided by sustainability.
In this conversation, Luisa Weiss, Deb Perelman, and Amanda Hesser will speak about Luisa Weiss' recently-published book My Berlin Kitchen. Deutsches Haus at NYU presents the award ceremony of the inaugural annual Volkmar and Margret Sander Prize. Deutsches Haus is proud to bring together three distinguished Bachmann scholars, Robert Pichl, Sara Lennox, and Karl Solibakke, for an evening of discussion about Ingeborg Bachmanna€™s legacy.
The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Deutsches Haus at New York University present the DAAD group art show, the art of freedom: 7 uneasy positions, held at Deutsches Haus at NYU from November 5, 2013 until January 10, 2014.
R2P enthusiasts have called the responsibility to protect (R2P) an a€?emerging norma€? of international law a€“ a a€?norma€?, however, which has so far failed to prompt the international community to adopt a consistent practice of atrocity prevention. Although he has a girlfriend who is expecting his child, Philipp, a young teacher in Berlin, meets Matthias and falls in love.

The Austrian Cultural Forum is pleased to host this evening of Austrian literature in conjunction with the first ever Austrian-American Podium-Dialog, titled a€?Passages - Crossings.a€? Following their participation in the conference in Pennsylvania, eminent Austrian authors Marianne Gruber, Judith Nika Pfeifer, Vladimir Vertlib and Philipp Weiss will come to New York City for this special event. Das Kaffeehaus ist ein Ort fA?r Leute, die allein sein wollen, dazu aber Gesellschaft brauchen. Using films of different genres and from different times that play in or against backdrops of MA?nster, a female memory activist puts together an ambivalent cinematic memory of the city.
Book launch of Friedrich Nietzsche's The Dionysian Vision of the World by Friedrich Nietzsche: A conversation with NYU professor and Nietzsche and scholar Professor Friedrich Ulfers along with Nietzsche translator, Ira J. This lecture analyses the personal encounter as well as the subsequent friendship and transatlantic communication between two fascinating personalities: the Prussian explorer, scientist and geographer Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) and the American statesman, architect, and naturalist Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826). Setting out from Hegela€™s a€?Herr-Knecht-Dialektika€? in the Phenomenology of Spirit, the conference will raise questions about creative autonomy, and self-subjection. Swiss Talks: Beat Richner and Georges Gachot is the second event in our series of Swiss Talks, introducing Swiss artists, scientists, academics, and experts to the New York audience and addressing exciting cultural, political, and scientific topics and developments. Charlotte sun herald - university florida, Page 1 charlotte sun charlotte sun feeling fit port charlotte punta gorda north port englewood arcadia saturday, september 2014 weekly sun publication parkinsons.
Online primary sources - libguides suny geneseo, The historical maps online project publishes electronically images maps charting 400 years historical development illinois northwest.
Ex-student apparently killed 2 geneseo students , Authorities geneseo resident suny geneseo student apparently killed young woman young man knife life. What impact will these discussions have on the partnership between Germany and the United States? Aided by Goethe and Schiller, the embrace of these requirements was accompanied by a rejection of those art practitioners who, in an emphatic sense, arena€™t "true artists," but nonetheless participate in artistry: the art enthusiasts, the amateurs, the so-called dilettanti. Spanning a period of 150 years, it documents their emergence from segregation into the academic limelight, recalls their emigration, flight, or death after 1933, and illuminates their lasting legacies.
In his self-published magazine, Die Fackel, Kraus brilliantly attacked the popular mediaa€™s manipulation of reality, the dehumanizing machinery of technology and consumer capitalism, and the jingoistic rhetoric of a fading empire. Wherever people from all over the world meet in a restricted space, the patterns of a€?the owna€™ and a€?the foreigna€™ change.
The distinguished historian Professor Fritz Stern will be the first winner of the Volkmar and Margret Sander Prize.
Peter Wittig, the Permanent Representative of Germany at the United Nations, will deliver the laudatory speech in honor of Professor Stern. Hanns Eisler, an Austrian composer who studied with Arnold Schoenberg, is played by Paul Clements. The mass atrocities committed by the Syrian regime against its own people and especially the UN Security Councila€™s failure to live up to its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security have only served to underline the contested status of the concept of R2P. After years of repressing his homosexuality, he must finally accept himself for who he truly is.
The conference will feature four panel discussions among filmmakers, academics, and other film experts. As well as the concept of a€?work,a€? the idea of a€?non-work,a€? of being a€?out of work,a€? will be discussed.
Join us at our annual holiday party, featuring a Christmas concert by Annika Luedke (vocals) and Elisa Ronzheimer (piano), performing beautiful, classic German songs such as "Alle Jahre wieder," "Leise rieselt der Schnee," and "Stille Nacht." You can also look forward to GlA?hwein, Christmas cookies, and further merriment. Created by individuals or small teams, these games dona€™t have the financial support of video game publishers, but this independence gives game designers the opportunity to experiment and to take creative risks that are otherwise impossible in the mainstream industry.

The result is a profound and many-faceted cultural history of the German people in 60 chapters. Goethe and Schiller exclude the dilettanti from the "holy realm" of art: Contrary to the true artistic genius, the dilettante views art only as a pastime.
But even though he had a fervent following, which included Franz Kafka and Walter Benjamin, he remained something of a lonely prophet, and few people today are familiar with his work. Diverse biographies hit upon an ever more global, technologically developed modernity and often set a€“ totally unpredictable and frequently unnoticed a€“ creativity in motion. BMW i Ventures aims for strategic, long-term partnerships especially in the areas of e-mobility, navigation, parking, car sharing and intermodal mobility solutions. Fritz Stern, Professor Emeritus and former Provost at Columbia University, is widely considered to be one of the master historians of modern European, German, and Jewish history. Former German chancellor Helmut Schmidt will send a video message in honor of the award winner. Eisler was an enormously intelligent and entertaining conservationist: sharp, witty, incisive, humorous and lively, and with such a breadth of knowledge and profound understanding of historical processes that it is extraordinarily stimulating to read and hear his words today. The panels will explore a variety of topics relating to the filmmakers of the Berliner Schule and their work, including their concept of realism, their writings on film, their vision of cinema, genre, and cinematography, the representation of the former GDR, and the influence and future of the school. Is his ineptness just a form of indifference, or is he atoning for his fathera€™s wartime actions in the Tuscan village of Santa€™Anna di Stazzema?
This freedom often results in beautiful, thought-provoking pieces of art, but many of these games havena€™t yet received the attention they deserve. As an a€?engaged observera€? of contemporary Germany, Professor Stern has also become a highly respected political and moral authority in German public life.
Asking the questions is Hans Bunge whose words are spoken by his daughter, Sabine Berendse. Both enjoy their work immensely, win their pupils' trust, and talk about pressing problems. This exhibition will share their stories and inspirations and provide a platform to exhibit this amazing work. And how about the strict separation between true artist and dilettante in view of a situation in whicha€”as Willi Baumeister, one of the major figures of abstract painting after 1945, notes in his essay Das Unbekannte in der Kunst (The Unknown in Art)a€”"the original artist has to overcome his artistic knowledge and skills" to create new art.
This program discusses the ethics and economics of debt: two economists (UK, Berlin) and two theologiansa€”one Christian, one Jewisha€”hammer it out.
Bunge, a writer and journalist, was one of Bertolt Brechta€™s assistants at the Berliner Ensemble and, after the playwrighta€™s death in 1956 Brechta€™s widow, Helene Weigel, gave him the responsibility of creating the Brecht Archive. For decades Suitner had two private lives, one with his wife in East Berlin, the other one with his mistress and their son, Igor, in the west of the divided city. Philipp is attracted to her as well, but when a friend from his youth reminds him of an earlier erotic bond, he realizes that he is gay.

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