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NLP Life Coaching differs from Life Coaching because the latter is a continuing relationship process that assists you in pursing and achieving goals. For professionals whether it’s career, business, executive or sports we  offer a balanced perspective that gives you support in decision making, asking better questions, sharing insight, building confidence, creating strategies and solutions to improve performance, advancing the organisation.  This is done by assessing the situation with you, facilitating change and helping to increase productivity whilst offering a fresh perspective. This NLP Life Coaching course is a 9 disc set which consists of 7 DVDs and CDs of live training course along with all the course material. Please note that the packaging design has now changed on the NLP Life Coaching set but the content is exactly the same.
He has a core principle – to train, develop and support the next generation of NLP Life Coaching professionals through dedicated interactive programmes, setting high standards and having a Code of Professional Practice.
This growth in Coaching creates a fantastic opportunity for individuals with ambition and a desire to learn new skills or utilise existing ones and become a Coach.
As a Cressinghams NLP Life & Excellence Coach you will positively change the lives of others as you assist them face and triumph over, (to them), impossible barriers, finding their solutions and fulfilling dreams, desires and ambitions. It would be very useful to have studied the Classic Life Coaching set before purchasing this one. From past interactions, we are focused on delivering these three short courses in NLP, each workshop lasts 3 hours for practical examples and display of NLP application of each technique.
How well do you know of your internal resources and a master of them?  Do you often let the meeting and goals and other “external” resources rule the outcome of the meeting?
Are you a victim of your thoughts, running into a vicious cycle when you are stucked with a pattern or situation? Learn techniques to catch your sabotaging beliefs and reframe your experience and re-program your subconscious mind to motivate the change in you.
Learn how you subconsciously sabotage your goals through how you live your life in a  timeline.  Through this session you become more aware and know how you can plan things taking into consideration what is comfortable for you to live and incorporate goals into your life. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful body of information about how the human mind works, and has been built up since the 1970s.  At its core is a wide range of methods and models that aim to create an understanding of thought process, behaviour and change.

NLP can provide the skills to define and achieve your outcomes or goals and a heightened awareness of your five senses, how you you can better communicate within yourself through your senses, allowing you to remain flexible, on track and maintain rapport with those around you.
NLP is about bringing the unconscious to awareness; having clients notice how they feel as a result of what and how they speak to themselves and how that colours their experience, how they limit themselves and their idea of what is possible. NLP Life Coaching – PERSONAL BREAKTHROUGH EXPERIENCE that will launch your life and help you obtain your dreams. First of all we work directly with your Subconscious Mind through your Conscious Mind using our language purposefully because that is where the real changes needs to take place to create instant and lasting changes. In my opinion if you look at it from a ‘Quantum Physics’ point of view; Everything is Light Energy vibrating at a certain frequency. The moment you release all these Unprocessed Negative Emotions your own body’s vibratory frequency will pick up. This is the course outline for our NLP Practitioner training in Manchester as at March 2006. NLP Life Coaching is the welcome addition that allows the whole coaching process to transform in fewer sessions and with a higher impact. The massive development in Coaching has been fuelled by the phenomenal results being achieved elsewhere in the world. Richard Bandler, who is in my regards, one of the most transformational person I’ve met and being trained under.  One can truly immersed in the belief of infinite potential under his influence, and it is my aspiration to spread this belief – fully unleash the abundance of our potential, and live life the way we want it, no excuse! We do that with NLP language patterns, making use of Negative Emotional Therapy, Parts Integration Techniques, Bang Pattern Techniques and many other Techniques.
We start our first session where you will write down your desired outcome for the end of the sessions, in a goal format. You will have a much higher vibration, thus attracting much more good and positive things into your life. You will find after releasing all the Unprocessed Negative Emotions that a lot of your other problems you had, just disappears.

But now and then there is that 1% that likes to hold on to another Feeling (not an Emotion) we called Anxiety. There is a lot more going on in the back ground where we use smaller subtle NLP techniques that also transforms the client’s thinking to be more on the Cause Side of Life and not the effect side of life. There are few things more rewarding than watching the person you are coaching develop and flourish.
It has been estimated that up to 40% of executives in the top 500 US companies have personal Life Coaches, and the number is increasing. That can be from your career, social life, marriage, health, money, anger problems, depression, stress, anxiety, ect… Then we dig into it to find the root cause of the problem so we can concentrate all our effort on the cause of the problem to illuminate it. You will have much more control of all your emotions and thoughts and you will be able to choose exactly how to feel every moment in any situation.
They vibrate so low that they bring down the whole persons vibratory energy which has a very negative effect on the person as a whole and on his health. Did you know that you can not experience Anxiety for any situation that had already happened in the past? Try it for yourself and you will find that you cannot… The Time Line Anxiety Eliminator is a quick and very powerful process and it will take care of any anxiety. And you wondered why so much negative things constantly happen to miserable, angry, sad and depressed people?
We will also teach you this process, to do it on yourself if anxiety ever comes back to you.

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