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In the context of foreign language teaching, however, non-verbal phenomena have not been given sufficient attention (cf. Framework of Reference for Languages does at least intermittently pick up on non-verbal communication (cf. First, our physical appearance provides nonverbal cues that others use to make judgments about us. One of the main teaching objectives in the foreign language classroom is the development of communicative competence. Effective communication in a foreign language is more than just a matter of language proficiency. Arab men tend to raise their voice to express strength and sincerity; an American would consider that to be aggressive and objectionable. What is considered an appropriate distance between people in a conversation depends on culture, too. A prime example is when then vice president Richard Nixon undertook a good-will tour to Latin America.
Therefore, the teaching of intercultural communicative competence should include non-verbal communication. There is yet another advantage that the integration of non-verbal communication has to offer in fostering intercultural competence. Non-verbal aspects are also important for the understanding and interpretation of literary texts. As Jennifer bent down towards him, Mark squeezed his eyes shut, every muscle on his face tensed, his feet gripping the floor.
Jennifer put her hand under his chin and tilted his face towards the sky, the crowd sounding like supporters at a boxing match.
Beyond everyday functions, body language in fictional texts serves specific aesthetic purposes.
This drama activity is designed to introduce students to different forms of vocal communication.

It is especially productive to discuss the effect a scenic representation has on fellow students watching it. Bouchara, Abdelaziz (2009): Zum Erwerb interkultureller Kompetenz am Beispiel der Proxemik. Brekle, Wolfgang (1995): Didaktische Uberlegungen zum darstellenden Spiel im Deutschunterricht.
Elis, Franziska (2015): Mit dramapadagogischen Methoden sprachliche und kommunikative Kompetenzen fordern.
Matthias, Bettina (2007): ‘Show, don’t tell!’ Improvisational Theater and the Beginning Foreign Language Curriculum. Surkamp, Carola (2012): Literarische Texte im kompetenzorientierten Fremdsprachenunterricht. Facial expressions, posture, tone, inflection and other nuances of body language and speech may comprise more than 90 percent of communication, according to research reported in The Forensic Examiner. This activity challenges a group to say the letters of the alphabet in order without ever having two participants saying the same letter at the same time. Autism can affect speech, language development, and social communication in many ways and because of these challenges, a child with autism will need more help learning how to speak.
Research shows those who improve the most are often those who receive the most speech therapy and the earlier the better. Today I am finally posting the Visual Directions and Communication Boards that I use with my students.
Though grammar or vocabulary errors can make conversation difficult, they seldom inhibit the communication process. In a further step, learners create their own scene in which some of the newly learned gestures occur. One way of achieving this is to follow a drama-based approach in the foreign language classroom.
That means the words we choose make up less than 10 percent of our intended meaning any time we communicate. Some discussion questions will be specific to the activity: How did it feel to be the one in the middle of the circle (Jedi Mind Trick). Autism usually shows up by the age of three and can include a wide range of traits including repetitive activities, extreme resistance to changes in daily routines, and unusual responses to things such as touch.

This makes it possible for people with autism to improve their ability to form relationships and function in day-to-day life.
It is very important to start speech therapy as early as possible, when it can have the greatest impact. They may misread facial cues, posture, gestures, voice tone, or any other subtle aspects of nonverbal communication.
Nonverbal communication activities can help us learn to direct the power of these nonverbal cues--and to say more effectively what we really mean. Other discussion questions are more general: What nonverbal cues did you use to accomplish the task? The benefits of speech therapy for autism are a central part of treatment as autistic children suffer from problems in both speech and nonverbal communication.
With early screening and detection of people at risk, speech pathologists often lead the way in helping with the diagnosis of autism and in making referrals to other specialists. This game is designed to help children pay more attention to the nonverbal aspects of communication. People in the circle want to exchange places without becoming usurped by the person in the middle.
He is not allowed to speak for the remainder of the game, and he cannot move unless directed to do so.
Once autism is diagnosed, the speech pathologist assesses the best ways to improve communication and enhance a person's quality of life. It is intended to help them be aware of both of their own nonverbal language, as well as nonverbal language used by others. To accomplish this, participants need to use eye contact and other nonverbal cues to communicate and negotiate a move. Eyes should open on the director's command, and position should not be changed except to follow one's leader. Bring that person forward 10 feet and turn her so she faces the group, which should be standing on the starting line.

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