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There are certain factors that everyone knows affect workplace productivity, but there is one important factor often overlooked by most employers across the globe: lighting. Consider this: A study conducted by the American Society of Interior Design indicated that 68 percent of employees complain about the lighting situation in their offices.
But just how much of an impact does improved lighting really have on the productivity of workers? According to some studies, the impact is substantial, and, although the initial cost of a lighting renovation could seem daunting, the gains due to energy savings and- more importantly- productivity gains more than make up for the cost of the investment. With light being a key component of vision, and vision being responsible for 80 to 85 percent of our perception of the world around us, it’s not difficult to see why ignoring proper lighting strategies in your office could have a significant negative impact on productivity. Contact Andrew Jensen, a business growth, efficiency & marketing consultant, to learn how he can help strengthen your business or nonprofit organization.
Andrew advises regarding business growth, productivity, efficiency, business startups, customer service, and marketing (both offline & online, including search experience optimization & Google AdWords). Note: Due to a very full project portfolio, Andrew is not able presently to take on additional projects. In order for things in the company to run smoothly, your employees must know how to work with each other. Office GamesGames allow your employees to do things that are different from their usual work-related tasks. Office games not only benefit the individuals who play them, but they also benefit the entire company. 6 high-impact resources on team building , sales skills, leadership development, employee engagement, communication skills, and more.
An organized reference catalog to the “best of the best” of team focused activities, and how it all profitably fits together.
It's hard enough to focus at home with all of the typical day-to-day distractions, but did you know the way that you decorate your home office can actually help (or hinder) your productivity? According to ancient Feng Shui principles, orange is a "yang" color and it will stimulate focus, concentration and promote organization. Because this hue is energizing, it wouldn't be the best choice for a bedroom office, where you'd prefer to be restful. The fact that such a substantial number of employees disliked the lighting in their offices enough to complain about it implies that many employers could be making the same mistakes. First, dim lighting can cause eye strain and headaches, because, when lighting is inadequate, the eyes are forced to work much harder in order to see. In a study conducted in Britain and published in “The Responsible Workplace,” it was shown that windows were the number one determinant of the occupants’ level of satisfaction with a building. Harsh lighting and dim lighting are equally detrimental to the productivity of your workers, and, by opting instead for more natural lighting or other lighting systems that have been proven effective, you stand to not only save energy but also increase productivity among your business’s employees.

In some cases, especially in large offices with huge floors natural light is simply not an option.
Not many people are aware of the multiple benefits of natural lighting in an office environment, both on productivity as you’ve pointed out above and also in terms of energy efficiency. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you are interested in retaining Andrew for future consulting services, you can add your name to the waiting list by submitting the online contact form. Most of the offices designs now look comparatively the same, for example, the modern office design furniture trend is to utilize cubicles on behalf of separate offices yet it has carried down the worker productivity and caused them greater problem.
Games can make it easier for your employees to work together because they encourage teamwork. The goal of every company should be to complete the most work in the shortest amount of time possible. Office games make employees happy, and people who like where they work are less likely to miss days at work. As CEO and founder of Learn2, Doug believes that every leader and every team can achieve inspired results.
And while all of the fancy office gadgets in the world can only help you organize so much, the colors you choose for this space will have a big impact on your efficiency. The two most common scenarios for poor office lighting are lights that are too dim and lights that are too harsh.
Dim lighting can also result in drowsiness and lack of focus, which would obviously have a negative impact on employee motivation. Cheaper lights and cheaper ballasts can result in flicker; imperceptible to most people but can lead to headaches. Offices are now moving towards sensored lighting, as this is a cost that now makes up 40% of a building’s overall energy usage, so the more businesses can make use of natural light, the better for their bottom line. However, basic outline sense and a little creativity can make all offices to look gorgeous and professional. Games teach your employees how to work with each other, so less time will be spent correcting errors. This can help lower company costs and increase sales, which in turn will increase company profit. The second culprit, harsh lighting, is much more common than dim lighting and is just as harmful. Natural lighting renovations have been shown to result in happier workers, less absenteeism, and fewer illnesses, and, because better lighting encourages satisfaction among workers, it also results in increased productivity. The upgrade resulted in energy savings of about $50,000 per year, but the real improvements came in the form of employee productivity.

Conflicts do arise in the work place, so it is important for everyone to know how to peacefully resolve them. Furthermore, when people see that their co-workers are working harder, they will most likely want to work harder also. The creativity skills that your employees develop while playing games can be used in the workplace. Florescent lighting, especially, has a number of negative effects on employees, as it has been known to cause eye strain, and it is also cited as a trigger for migraine headaches. Mail sorters in the facility became the most productive sorters in the western half of the country, machine operators boasted the lowest error rates, and the financial impact of the productivity increase was expected to boost revenue by approximately $500,000 per year. A strong bright color will stimulate, and a color with low saturation will soothe,” Angela Wright, a color psychologist said. This harsh lighting also makes it more difficult for the eye to focus, so alternatives should be sought whenever possible. There are people online (especially on YouTube) who test various bulbs for flicker so you can do research before purchasing. Modern office design has turned into a part of office furnishing and white modern contemporary office designThese days, most of the office owners choose to revamp their place of work with light and attractive modern office design instead of dull looking, aged modeled and heavy wood furniture. Countless other companies across the country have also noted productivity increases as the result of lighting renovations. Even if modern office furniture has begun replacing traditional wood furniture everywhere yet there are some craftsmen who are providing a magical touch to the conformist wooden furniture. And the modern office design furniture are serving as antique pieces and providing a striking feel to the space where they are placed.beautiful office design in modern interior styleSometimes, the delicately handcrafted modern office design furniture designs allure to workers and provide them with a soothing feel. It is true that the workers always love to work in an office wich is pleasantly designed and supplied with comfortable furniture. Such type of physical comfort will inspire them to work for more time and bring greater productivity for the business with an increase in business. It is however not needed to change an office with expensive wooden modern office design furniture because there are many cost-effective furniture designs are offered in the market these days.modern and elegant work space office interior designIf we go for compact and economical fiber, glass, metal, or polyethylene modern home office design furniture, the office can still be made to look stylish and professional as long as the balance is just right. It has turned into necessary for all employers to build up quite a long term bonding with its workers and support them to expend more working hours in the office.
So, they ask for idea from their workers at what time they are planning to renovate their office.

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