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The absolute best place to find Polaroid cameras like the Sun 600 for cheap (besides your parents’ attic) is through eBay. Here it is, the iconic Polaroid OneStep camera with the classic Polaroid Land Camera build. This camera features the familiar exposure compensation dial that is an nearly every Polaroid camera ever made. Metering is crappy, probably because the camera is always awake (or always sleeping.) Expect quite a few shots to be ruined by overexposure or unnecessarily long shutter speeds.
Despite what glorious illustrations by nostalgic artists (who probably have never used this camera) would have you believe, this is a cheap and sorta ugly camera. All of the Polaroid Land Camera bodies I’ve encountered all use the same optional flash bar that attaches to the top.
I imagine that this camera has quite a bit of appeal with collectors because its iconic status, but I don’t recommend going out of your way to get one unless you find it cheap on eBay or at a garage sale. Also, if you’re going to use Impossible Project film, be sure to tape a dark slide just above where the photos are ejected to protect them from light for the first few seconds of development.

Partnering up with Amazon and eBay allows me to keep this site going without annoying banner ads. I'm a writer, photographer, business owner, avid reader, hard of hearing person, theater enthusiast, filmmaker and midwesterner. Please use the following link when purchasing, it helps me keep writing and costs you nothing. This is about as cheap as Polaroid cameras come, with no built-in flash, autofocus, or manual focus controls. I picked up mine for two dollars (with a pack of film still in it!), so don’t get suckered into paying much more. Ships within ONE BUSINESS DAY of payment!The Polaroid Red Stripe One Step Flash was first released in the early 1990s. Turn it towards the white side to make your photo lighter, and towards the dark side to make it darker. Update: the Impossible Project now produces a reusable flashbar, which is far more practical and less wasteful than disposable flashes.

It was similar in body style to Polaroida€™s Sun 600 series but has a more advanced flash system with automatic charging, and a built-in sliding close-up lens.The Red Stripe One Step Flash has a single-element 116mm plastic lens, fixed focus with a standard minimum focal length of 4 feet (2 feet when close-up lens is in place), electronic shutter, programmed auto-exposure system and a built-in flash. However, it’s cheap and plentiful, and you should be able to find one for less than the price of a pack of film. Just point the camera at whatever you want to take a photo of and mash down that button, and it goes.
The lack of flash is nice, the the autofocus, while spotty, is a huge improvement over manual focus versions of the Polaroid Land Camera.
But how does it actually perform in the wild, especially when compared to other, newer Polaroid cameras? Generally, I’ve found that any subject closer than ten feet is slightly out of focus.

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