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CoachingSpaces positively supports the work with my clients and also adds real value to my remote coaching. CoachingSpaces is probably the most creative way to work together online, on any topic of your life.
Sebastian is a systemic coach and uses CoachingSpaces to support Laura, an engineering student, through the process of finding out what to do professionally in the future. She imagines her future as an engineer, what her future office may look like, what projects she might be working on, and uses images to support her fantasies.
Sarah is a business coach in Munich, and her job is to help clients see where their work systems have conflicts and find solutions for these. With the use of the hierarchy levels, snapshots and gaze line features, he visualizes how one of his surgeons is being overlooked by everyone else, and how his second chief physician brings a bad atmosphere to the work environment, due to problems the team faced 5 years ago.
Peter is a business coach; John, his client, is the assistant HR director of a mid-sized company and also responsible for the advanced training department, where he has been looking for second janitor to work alongside an existing janitor hired 15 years ago. Because John needs to fill the second shift, he has no choice but to hire a second janitor. Soon children will be able to learn computer programming, science and maths aided by comic books and superheroes. Each course on the platform will be equipped with a combination of comic books, videos and assessment quizzes.

Singh says that Cinemics as an idea is at an initial stage, and they are working towards giving it a shape. One must experience it in order to appreciate the widespread potential of this virtual reality. Laura has a small idea of what she wants to do one day, but feels unsure and insecure about it. Laura also puts down all the skills and knowledge she already has in order to reach her goal, and the ones that are still missing. Markus, one of her clients, is a chief physician at a Hospital, and with the help of Adele and CoachingSpaces, he maps out the current position of all the members of his team and finds where he could improve the systema€™s dynamics, so that all employees feel integrated and satisfied with their jobs.
In order to get a better understanding of the situation, Peter uses a space in CoachingSpaces where John maps out everyone involved, what their roles are, and how high they rank within the company. Cinemics is an upcoming education-as-a-service platform that aims to teach coding, and various science and maths concepts to children using fun, entertaining videos, digital comics and superheroes. The comic books will have pre-set breaks, during which kids will be required to watch an informational video and pass an assessment quiz post which they can access the next chapter of the comic book. Sebastian uses the Disney strategy with CoachingSpaces to help Laura find out her strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the session, Laura feels she has a better understanding of what she wants to do, where her strengths lie, and what must be overcome in order to reach her goals.

John thinks that the problem is the old janitor not wanting to give up control and not working to full capacity.
By going into the perspective of each member, John understands why hiring a new janitor could be difficult for the existing janitor. They use three spaces to visualize Lauraa€™s goals from the perspective of a dreamer, a realist, and a critic. Peter asks John to map out different situations and see how these will affect the old and new janitor. Kids will be able to use these points to build their own superheroes and unlock new powers.
Forex, Futures, Options and deliver educational and training resources in various investing sectors in the financial area. This leads John to find a solution for both janitors to work together, avoiding negative dynamics within the team. John decides to give the old janitor other tasks beyond his regular ones, avoiding the competition between the two of them, and probably solving his hiring issue.

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