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Im letzten Jahr wurden Songs von Yvonne Catterfeld, Andreas Bourani, Christian Stumer, Hartmut Engler, Daniel Wirtz, Xavier Naidoo und der Prinzen neu interpretiert. Durch den musikalischen Abend fuhren wird Xavier Naidoo, der selber auch am Mikrofon stehen und bekannte Hits in seiner eigenen Fassung interpretieren wird.
Kommentare zu dieser News Bitte aktiviere Javascript, um die Kommentare lesen zu können. Jurgen Klopp enjoying a healthy slug after his last cup final win - could he bring a beer shower to Liverpool? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
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La mayoria de la gente cree que el coaching grupal tiene que ver con el empresarial, en el sentido de que un coach dirige a un departamento o a un grupo para conseguir un objetivo comun (normalmente el aumento del rendimiento, ventas o cualquier proposito comercial). Ya veo como radica la cuestion en que por medio de el coaching grupal se puede mantener al equipo finalmente motivado y trabajando como se debe. Jamie Carragher talks to Bayern Munich legend Philipp Lahm: Pep Guardiola's tactics are different class. The defender turned midfielder discussed his experiences in the game and playing under Pep GuardiolaA  CARRAGHER: You have been one of the best full backs we have seen over the last 10 years but you are going to retire in two years. Lahm celebrates with David Alaba and the rest of the Bayern squad following their Bundesliga triumphCARRAGHER: Pep described you as being the most intelligent player he has worked with in terms of understanding tactics.
Lahm is presented with a WeiAYbier of beer as Bayern's traditional victory celebrations got underway last weekLAHM: Frank Rijkaard was still the coach then but if I had signed, Pep would have been my manager.
CARRAGHER: When you won the Treble under Jupp Heynckes in 2013, how big was that for Bayern? Lahm believes Guardiola has helped him develop both as a player and a person during the Spaniard's tenure When you dona€™t win the title for two years here, people start asking questions.
Lahm moved from full back into a midfield role in recent years and said the experience has been 'super' No! Lahm was in good spirits when he sat down with Carragher to talk about his career and the future A Ia€™ll never be a coach.
Lahm plans on watching this summer's European Championship at home with friends and familyCARRAGHER: You have had lots of top managers: do you see yourself following them or do you have something else in mind?
The ex-Germany captain has tipped his country to win the title but also believes France stand a good chanceLAHM: I can assure you I aiming to win it again!
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When Christine and Justin Clark, the Rotherham parents of quadruplets, decided to downsize from their seven-seater SUV, the question was obvious. Wie gewohnt, werden auch 2016 wieder Kunstler aus den verschiedensten Genres von Rock uber Rap bis Soul untereinander Songs covern. Ein kostenpflichtiges Abo oder eine Zahlungsverpflichtung entsteht nach der Anmeldung bei Magine nicht.In der Folge vom 17.
Fur die anderen Kunstler eine besondere Herausforderung, immerhin ist Hip-Hop nicht ganz das Fachgebiet von Nena, The Boss Hoss und Co. So will die Show zeigen, wie Chart-Hits der vergangenen Jahre aus der Hand anderer Interpreten klingen und wie sich Samy Deluxe und Co.
We respect it, but we think it's a shame that they want to take this celebration away from the fans.'The two finalist clubs' beer partners believe that Bitburger, who have sponsored the DFB Pokal and Germany's national team since 1992, has grown tired of seeing rival brands advertise their beer through the traditional shower. Last night I did a skype coaching call with an enrolled student from the US and have another planned with a photography from Germany.

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Este tipo de coaching dirigido a empresas es denominado coaching de equipo y no tiene nada que ver con el coaching grupal.
Was that something that came naturally or is it something Pep helped you with?LAHM: A combination of the two.
Three of the titles came under Pep but how will his stay in Munich be judged without him winning the Champions League?LAHM: In England it might not be the case, but here ita€™s a success for a coach to be at the same club for three years.
You had seen Dortmund dominate under Klopp for two years and also lost the Champions League final in 2012 to Chelsea.
I cana€™t imagine standing outside again every day and having to do more work than as a player. If you stay in football will you be more like Pep or a chief executive like Karl-Heinz Rummenigge?
Ia€™m happy I was lucky enough to have the team-mates and the team to make it possible to win the Champions League. With this in mind, we picked some properties for sale to see if you would be swayed as a buyer by the car on the drive. The self-driving car market is currently growing at 16 per cent a year and could be worth up to A?900billion worldwide by 2025. Nicht nur fur den Schweizer Seven steht eine besondere Herausforderung an, immerhin brillierte Niedecken in seinen BAP-Songs durch seine kolsche Mundart.
When I was first starting out I could have benefited greatly by having a mentor or an online coach.
If you’ve taken my course content i can help supplement your course progress with questions or a review of your portfolio or website. La diferencia radica en que en el coaching de equipo, el coach “adiestra” al grupo en un objetivo comun. He won the Bundesliga three times, he can do the Double twice and wea€™ve been in the Champions League semi-finals every year.
Did you need to make a statement?LAHM: When you dona€™t win the title for two years here, people start asking questions.
I think we will have some barbecues at home, drink a few beers and watch the games on television! We dona€™t have that in England where players move into the boardrooma€¦LAHM: Ia€™ll never be a coach.
The port is part of the government's plan to raise revenues in the space sector from A?12billion to A?40billion by 2030, which would mean capturing about 10 per cent of the sector worldwide. The Boss Hoss geben von vornherein zu, dass die kein Kolsch konnen – jedoch gerne Kolsch trinken.
Como una flecha coloca a todos los miembros del grupo en direccion a la consecucion del objetivo, sin embargo, en el coaching grupal cada individuo tiene un objetivo personal diferente y el hecho de compartir sus conflictos e interaccionar con los demas miembros del grupo, es de vital importancia para conseguir solucionarlos. Secondly, I was always smaller and more slightly built so I had to adapt my approach and I learnt a lot through that.
I always thought about what would happen if I left and Bayern went on to win the Champions League. We lost the Champions League final in Munich and also lost to Dortmund in the Cup final (in 2012) so we were in a critical position. Not bad at all!CARRAGHER: How did your Bayern role differ to the way you played in midfield for Germany during the 2014 World Cup?
I didna€™t want that so I stayed with my club and all my team-mates Ia€™d grown up with to win the Champions League.
Could you do the same as you did for Pep or did Joachim Low want other things?LAHM: With the national team you dona€™t have as much time together to work on tactics. Fur Wolfgang Niedecken gibt es ein Novum, immerhin hat der BAP-Sanger laut eigener Aussage noch nie ein Lied auf Hochdeutsch offentlich gesungen. You and David Alaba come inside and then go back to the wing?LAHM: Ia€™m not going to give you all his secrets! I played at right or left back for 10 years and that teaches you how to handle every situation.

By that I mean, has he elevated the way you play, the way you train to a level you didna€™t expect? That was great fun, without a doubt.CARRAGHER: Is that why you kept signing Dortmunda€™s best players? The Champions League was incredible and if you celebrate with the lads you grew up with, thata€™s fantastic. Do you remember what he said he had planned for you and what his vision for Bayern was?LAHM: It was during the pre-season prior to the 2013-14 season. I dona€™t know what will happen and I havena€™t talked to anybody at the club but being a coach is definitely ruled out. How desperate are you to finish with one last win to send Pep away in style?LAHM: Thata€™s our target.
First Mario Gotze (2013), then Robert Lewandowski (2014) and now Mats Hummels!LAHM: (laughs) Hea€™s a very good player. Dortmund are a great team and this season theya€™ve had the best ever finish as runners-up.
But there is plenty of football to play before then so tell me how you think the full back position has changed down the years.
I have played as a right winger at times but this season Ia€™ve also played more in the middle of midfield and right back. The atmosphere is incredible and Xabi Alonso has told me about the fantastic atmosphere at Liverpool but Ia€™m going nowhere. Has he educated you as a player?LAHM: Youa€™re always measured by the number of trophies but he developed a lot of players with the way he thinks about tactics, the way he analyses games and prepares teams for particular opponents.
If you look at our recent history, then you see we achieved a minimum target of reaching the Champions League semi-final and thata€™s a good basis to attract players. I think we will have some barbecues at home, drink a few beers and watch the games on television.CARRAGHER: That sounds like a good plan!
With the national team you keep meeting up with each other and I was in the squad for 10 years.
I moved into midfield for the first games when (Bastian) Schweinsteiger and (Sami) Khedira were injured.CARRAGHER: Was it a big pressure when you went to Brazil? Who is going to win it then?LAHM: Germany deserve to be favourites but theya€™ll have to start well. Thata€™s why it is so important.Here at Bayern there are lots of former players in management and on the board.
Ita€™s very difficult to decide between the two on an emotional level.CARRAGHER: With Pep coming to England, what is the big thing Manchester Citya€™s players will have to get used to? Ita€™s our main aim to win the last game with the coach wea€™ve had so much success with over the past three years and win another trophy for him.
First it was Fritz Walter (1954), then Franz Beckenbauer (1974) and Lothar Matthaus (1990). It was all new and we learnt a new approach but I think he needed to get to know German football first in terms of how ita€™s played and where the strengths are.CARRAGHER: How much will you miss him?
Would you have any regrets if you only had one winnera€™s medal or would winning it once bring fulfilment? We had a very good, young side but we also had experienced players in the squad whoa€™d always got to the semi-final stages at least before that. But, equally, how much are you looking forward to working with Carlo Ancelotti?LAHM: I dona€™t know about missing him. In terms of the schedule, when you get as far as we do in the Champions League then you have to play a lot of games and we have fixture congestion here, too.In the pre-season it depends on how many international players are away and how many at home. Then a new coach arrives and Ia€™m getting another manager experienced in European football whoa€™s already won the Champions League.

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