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International Perfect Karate Organization ~ Run by Abolfazl Askarian Abhari (KANCHO), this organization opens the door to our Iranian Martial Arts brothers!
Monster Martial Arts ~ Intense website, puts a whole new spin on science in the martial arts.
Free Martial Arts Online ~ All the martial arts you could ever want, and right at your fingertips! Okay so your kid saw the latest Batman movie and wants to learn how to fight like the caped crusader. The teacher should be able to command authority and admiration and at the same time be accessible to the students and friendly. I would say that martial arts like Judo, Karate and Tae Kwon Do are amongst the best for this. Later when I moved to a traditional Shotokan school (that’s a Japanese Karate Style) we learned the Japanese names for the moves.

You should see these as advanced study and encourage your kid to move on when they’re ready and if they want to.
What I’m talking about is the teaching method, the material, the types of techniques, the discipline, etc. You want a class that’s going to work them out, teach them discipline, keep them interested, teach them kicks and punches and blocks and throws and self defense and especially, how to deal with confrontations. The ones that deal more with intricate mechanics, chi, self defense applications, real world application, etc. Whatever school or activity you choose has to compete with Playstation, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, on and on and on.
I’m talking about something your child can understand and absorb, something that’ll keep their attention.
Arts like Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do, the internal arts such as Tai Chi and Xing Yi and Ba Gua.

Are there extra fees for tests or to join a larger organization that the school belongs to?
This is not just a menial task but designed to instill respect and pride in what they’re doing. Sit down with the instructor, ask questions, talk about the focus of the classes and why you child wants to learn.

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