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We additionally asked study individuals to name three traits of an excellent online teacher and discuss why those traits are crucial .
While there is general acceptance of Naturalistic, there is debate regarding the validity of Existential, so more study needs to be dedicated to it.
Previously accepted ideas of human intellectual capacity contend that an individual’s intelligence is fixed throughout one’s lifetime and that intelligence can be measured and expressed as a single entity via an assigned IQ score.
According to Gardner’s theory, intelligence encompasses the ability to create and solve problems, create products or provide services that are valued within a culture or society. In order to determine your type of intelligence, or combination of, take a self-assessment created by
Educators have long noted that one of the best ways to learn something is to teach it to someone else. Tactile learners, sometimes referred to as kinesthetic learners, learn best through their hands. You will follow the APA formatting style throughout your degree pathway; therefore, it is critical you know the many rules and guidelines required. While learning styles theory emphasizes the intake of information through the senses, MI concentrates on the cognitive processes that take place once that information arrives to the brain.

Just as an individual will possess a unique combination of learning styles, everyone also possesses a unique combination of intelligences. If you find yourself doing a search for videos and podcasts then you should focus on tuning your skills in the auditory direction. We performed a literature research to find if anyone had done some study from the students’ view of what constitutes an excellent online teacher.
If you haven’t purchased an APA Manual (6th Edition), it would prove helpful to do so since you will be referring to the guidelines many times throughout your degree program.
Once you’ve determined which category you lean toward, it’s a good idea to develop a learning process that best works for you. Regardless of what they are called, they are the ways in which learners receive and processes information through their senses.
Gardner concluded that all human beings possess all nine intelligences in varying degrees, each individual has a different intelligence profile, each intelligence occupies a different area of the brain, and the nine intelligences may operate in concert or independently from one another.
You may think that you’re limited to only sound and sight as an online student, but you can easily modify your home learning environment to fit your needs.
By teaching to the rest of the class, your teacher hoped you would gain even more from the assignment.

There are maybe 10 writings by professors curious about what they thought defined excellent online training, yet nobody have asked learners. However, BEWARE when purchasing a used APA Manual; the first printing of the Sixth Edition had many errors forcing a reprint. The advantage to you as a student or teacher is that learning can be improved by assessment of students’ intelligence profiles and designing activities accordingly. You can apply the same principle today by sharing your newly learned skills and knowledge with others.
Some ideas include writing a blog post, creating a podcast or participating in a group discussion. So with this in mind, a learning process should help you absorb and utilize the information in the way that works best for you.

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