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Harry ignores warnings not to return to Hogwarts, only to find the school plagued by a series of mysterious attacks and a strange voice haunting him.
9th class is the one in which most of the students realize what exactly is their goal in life. So, for such ambitious students who want to prepare for their future competitions Pioneer Mathematics is here with the right guidance, coaching and best quality study material. Formative assessment-I, Formative assessment-II in the form of Online tests to make the students online savvy with instant results and result graphs.
9th class IIT Foundation Course in most useful specially for IIT and engineering aspirants and even for Commerce and Medical students.

9th class Olympiad Foundation course will provide exposure to students at international level. Pioneer Mathematics CBSE 9th class coaching along with content quality and quantity will force the student to mould, sharpen his brain and surely help him become a mathematics champion. Sharma solution is not available anywhere and this is the most important book for getting extra mathematics knowledge and strengthening the base.
Objective practice with smart solutions will give them 2-way thinking of solving the question and thus sharpening their perspective.
Those students started preparing for the competition and their goal right from the ninth class, since in ninth class students get a bit mature to understand the gravity of competition.

This 9th class IIT JEE preparation will lay a very strong foundation for Mathematics Competition exam which will be given by everyone eg. 9th class Olympiad Foundation Program will lay the strong base for olympiad preparation for the students who will be trained on Regional Mathematics Olympaid , national and international level.

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