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In the demo above, I used an image of the software I was training (in this case Articulate Storyline).
Video screencast: which lets me chunk up the video part of the training into smaller and more targeted videos. You’ll also notice that once complete, the circles indicate a visited state to show that the tutorial has been viewed. In this example I start the tutorial with a simple page that explains the series of tutorials.
You’ll also notice that in this demo I chose not to use the player controls so the profile of the course is a bit different.
For this example I tried a different looking layout and some animations to make the menu screen less static.
What I like about some of the other examples is that there’s more visual indication of what the tutorial covers. In this last example, the software training has links to four tutorials with descriptive titles. So there you have it, simple examples of different ways to build your screencast tutorials.
Hopefully these examples inspire your own ideas for your next screencast or online software training. And your timing is perfect- I am working on a course right now where I need to demo an Excel template without using screencasting.

I normally stay away from videos with audio and I normally dislike tutorials because I find I learn very little. The Rapid E-Learning Blog shares practical tips & tricks to help you become a rapid elearning pro. It is hosted byTom Kuhlmann who has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the training industry and currently runs the community at Articulate. Some of the benefits of this approach are smaller file size, easier updating, and less production time. So if you don’t have a different application, you can still create some simple interactivity that mirrors the software training. I was playing around with some drag & drop ideas where the end user selects a video and drops it in a box which loads the video. And here’s a follow up post on how to make the interactive tutorials more practical in their usability since the drag & drop interaction is novel, but maybe not always practical. But sometimes the contrast of doing something different (like a drag & drop) helps engage the person during the training.
You don’t get that with just the video, unless you add some details to the screen like a starter image or title graphic. Learn an assortment of production tips, interactive video, and how to build interactive elearning. Connect with your peers in the Toronto area and learn all sorts of tips & tricks in this fun community-based workshop.
Connect with your peers in the northeast and learn all sorts of tips & tricks in this fun community-based workshop. Connect with your peers in the Pacific Northwest and learn all sorts of tips & tricks in this fun community-based workshop.

Connect with your peers in Texas and learn all sorts of tips & tricks in this fun community-based workshop.
Connect with your peers in the British Columbia and learn all sorts of tips & tricks in this fun community-based workshop.
So low-tech, simple yet elegant (in the mathematical sense) solution for when screencasting is overkill or difficult to set up. You’ve changed that belief and I have on shared this post via email to several friends as a result. You can disable them if you don’t want the buttons and just want the person to click on the markers instead. Instead just a few ideas to help them change up the way they’re currently doing their screencasts for their online software training. For the second tutorial, I added a start image with the idea that you can quickly brand or describe the video prior to clicking.
I’ve been working through the ones in this post which I received in an email this morning.
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