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Time Management is a result of good Organizational Skills, this page explains the skills I use to manage my work anywhere job. Borg organizational skills, the ability to gather random facts, data, ideas and concepts, then proceed assimilate them into the major body of information. Successful people know how to save time, they copy success, their egos does not need to reinvent the wheel, they want to be effective.
Why do I hang paper notes on the door handle, or on the door of my room as a way of staying organized? Step by step process on how to interview and hire a virtual personal assistant from countries like India or the Philippines. Mastermind Alliance is a way to bring together friends, family and workers for organizational skills, it is to form collaborations.
It is said, that only 2 percent of people can multitask, the rest of us are doomed to live under the illusion we can multi-task. A video of Andy Lee Graham explaining how traveling made Tim Ferriss the author of the 4-hour workweek learn to be efficient. Organizations skills help you manage inquiries, prioritize use of time, and effective respond to daily business and personal needs. Organizational Skills SystemsA system is a step by step set of rules that need applied to situations, a set of protocols to help stop mistakes or errors.

A B C Rating of Priorities- Prioritize A B or C, and only do the A, but no more than 5 per day, and always succeed, build only on complete success, failure to complete is not acceptable to the mind. Box Theory of Filing and Organization- If you know everything is in a box, the low priority filing can be quick.
Computer Macros - Macro Express is a program I use to type signature or long messages I repeat all the time. Email Reading- Best to Read Emails one-time, either reply, delete or file the first viewing. Internet Connection Planning- A person needs to plan for problems, and solve the problems prior to leaving a solid connection. Memory Clues - I put note to help me remember in Address books, appointments, etc, the first thing I think. Voice Recording- Waste of energy, unless you have an assitant that types into your computer software todo systems. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Developing good Organizational Skill is an investment that will provide benefits for years. Through Organizational Skills your participants will encounter improved productivity, better management, and an overall increase in professional growth.

You need to make your own, and the easiest way is to write a book of systems, same as this page, but your own.1. If you have many appointments, you need an assistant to answer you phone and solve problems, not just take message.
You should write a How-To manual of your organizational system, this will remove the inconsistant or ingruent problems. These skills will filter through all aspects of your participants professional and personal lives. So stop looking for those important items, and start knowing where they are by getting organized. Throughout this workshop your participants will be given the tools necessary in developing better Organizational Skills.

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