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This is the first of two articles that hammer on the issues around supervision and how they affect engagement and performance.
1982 – and a rereading of them shows the articles highly underlined (this seems to be before the invention of the highlighter!) and all the key learning points are really solid.
Like many of you, I have a few hundred books, going back to include Tom Gilbert’s Human Competence (1978 and since republished) and so many other great books by so many authors like Drucker and Peters. It goes on to talk about some of my thinking about training and coaching and generating commitment.
Wouldn’t you agree that you could structure a workplace environment that would involve and engage ONE person to improve their performance? Can’t you get ONE supervisor to accomplish that change and get ONE of their people to improve their performance? We’ve been selling this game for organizational improvement initiatives for 20 years. When it comes to people and involvement, why are we not simply asking people to be more involved, to share their ideas for what needs to be improved? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Poems on the workplace : Poems and Quips on Workplace PerformanceSquare Wheels and Rock and Roll! In this 1 hour webinar, Snap Surveys training consultant, Marc Ellison, will focus the training on creating and sending email invitations and reminders.
As I was getting ready, I had the TV on and, during a commercial break, a politician was touting the success he has had during his tenure in office. Let's suppose for a second that the national unemployment rate over the last 4 years is the worse it's been since 1982, when it reached a high of 9.6.
Have you attempted to compare your team's success year over year when the all the previous years were failing years?
Have you attempted to stack rank your sales people and defend your top sales person as your best - but actually that person is the best of an underperforming sales team?

As a sales person, have you put on your resume that you are top performer but your team was actually a failing team?
Establish a standard of success that is not based on how others perform or previous performances - unless that previous performance was winning. Act now to receive your copy of Tony Cole's ground-breaking new audiobook, "Qualifying Prospects with Confidence." You'll get immediate access to 14 audio tracks and a detailed worksheet. Hiring bankers who can sell requires an effective recruiting and on-boarding system that you must implement on a consistent basis.
A free advice post about business, process, continuous improvement, leadership, culture change, product development, management, Lean, Six Sigma, quality, and generally making things better. It seems that in order to get an advice book published, one must be an accomplished CEO or exceptionally successful entrepreneur. Increase efficiency, boost employee morale, and maximize profitability in an unstable global market by using these 5 proven leadership practices. One of the most effective ways to guarantee the transfer of training requires no management reinforcement at all. When managers use 5 specific approaches, they add value to their people so their people can multiply the value of the organization. A single decision transforms the act of coaching from a time drain to a hugely positive bottom line gain. About CompanyInfinity Consulting and Training Solutions (ICTS) is a trusted global management consulting firm that partners with clients to provide solutions designed to improve their productivity, operating revenue, cost management, and profitability. Spending billions for decades, why can’t we actually make improvements in organizations? Next to me in the den is the January 1982 issue of Management Review with articles about how FEAR is common in management approaches to people and performance (Machovec and Smith), one on team management and motivation (Littlejohn) and another on closing the gaps in human performance (Bolt and Rummler).
Thousands of old articles, and now, thousands of new blog posts, websites, eBooks and all that.
Apparently, companies are seeing a benefit in investing in the development of their people and that there may be payoffs for that in terms of employee retention and improved performance.

I mean, some combination of improving the feedback they get from their behaviors (see my article on feedback and an analysis of high performance feedback systems) and do the mentoring and coaching needed to fully involve and engage them in making improvements in results?
Instead of running around outside solving problems with strings, balls, sticks and buckets, or shooting at each other with paintball bullets or walking on ropes or hot coals or getting soaked on a full-day trip onto some whitewater river, couldn’t you spend half a day in a training room with an exercise that clearly demonstrates the benefits of resource management, strategic planning, project management, alignment, involving leadership and coaching, and collaboration between teams? We do not need a lot of surveys — a simple brainstorming session will produce a lot of the real perceived issues and opportunities for management to act on.
This is always an area of great interest to attendees who partake in our full-day training courses.
Read Tony Colea€™s article, a€?5 Steps for Hiring Bankers Who Can Sella€? on the BAI- Banking Strategies website! One supervisor being coached and mentored to teach and support one front-line worker at a time. But like executives trying to implement strategy, 90% of those initiatives are viewed as failures by the people within the organization and they generally fail to generate any real results. And I will guarantee that you will get results and that the program will match your desired outcomes. I guess for now i'll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. Sure there is all that technical stuff to teach, but so many basic statistics point to the reality that employee turnover is high due in large part because they do not feel as if they are effectively managed. It’s not cheap, but it IS one of the best values in the world of training and development. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. But, using that data alone to define success will be very misleading to you, your team, and ultimately, to those that invest in you to build a successful sales team.

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