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In today’s post, we look at seven perspectives on personal leadership, personal mastery and leadership effectiveness, drawing from ancient spiritual wisdom from around the world. When there are gaps between your words, deeds and your state of being, they impact your credibility, commitment and courage.
When you feel good about your own capacity and the position you have taken in particular situations, you exude a great sense of wellbeing and others feel your positive state of mind. You feel your organisation is doing something great, and you are in a position to make a significant contribution. Your life is happier if you handle difficult situations thoughtfully and identify win-win solutions wherever possible. It is important consciously to hold back inappropriate thoughts and words – in public and in private. It’s also important to restrain your tongue as much as your actions – if not more – because in the name of ‘telling the truth’ you can lose your self-restraint and that results in damage and hurt to you and the other person.
In these days of complexity and uncertainty, managing energy is as important as managing time. When people change their mindsets and behaviours and the changes are noticed and appreciated they continue to move in the same direction – and that requires alertness on your part as a leader. As a leader, you have to know when to trust your intuition and when to trust external data and information.
Every time you do something you have promised to somebody, your credibility and reputation grow. When you procrastinate, your image suffers in others’ eyes, however good your explanation or justification. These seven principles of personal leadership development (start with the letters I CREATE) help you increase your personal mastery and lead wisely in turbulent times. Abridged from an article by Swami Chidananda, the director of Raj Ghat Education Center, Krishnamurti Foundation India and Dr.
Kate creates working environments that allow you, your people and your organisation to produce great results through communication, real teamwork and streamlined working practices.
About Leaders LabLeaders Lab was created out of a shared commitment to see people and organisations shine. Personal leadership development plan is useful at every stage of life and if you do not have one, it is never too late to chart one. Each of us understands ourselves in general, but we are often vague while defining our strengths and goals. Understanding oneself thoroughly is essential; however, you should be able to put it clearly on the paper.

Your personal leadership development plan should clearly be divided in short, medium and long term stages of your career and life. The crucial aspect that differentiates personal leadership development plan from mere wishful thinking is putting achievement dates to each level.
It is indeed very important to believe in your goals, capabilities, and be convinced that you are on the right path towards your goals. When you walk the talk, demonstrate your commitment to what you have taken on through your actions and listen to your inner voice, you demonstrate integrity and build character and confidence. You have self-confidence, your ability to resist temptations goes up and your self-restraint leads to a further increase in your self-confidence.
They harm you even if you indulge in them secretly because your attitude is picked up by others no matter what you do or don’t do.
Up to 300 minutes a week of physical exercise, experts say, is needed typically for us to stay fit and energetic. When you are aware and alert about opportunities to contribute your energy and time to what is important, you become an effective leader. You shake off old conclusions and look at things with a fresh, open mind, ignite new ideas, see new patterns and learn something fresh. Actively seek out experts whom you trust – people who can give timely and valuable advice. Prasad Kaipa, a CEO Coach and Adviser with the Kaipa Group and a senior fellow at the Indian School of Business .
It takes into consideration specific qualities and personal traits of an individual for whom it is being charted.
Short term plan may be for two years hence, medium term for five years and long term plan may be for about twenty years. The plan should facilitate tracking your progress at each level and amendments in further course of action. Build your team of people who can guide you at the time of need and will help you pick up from the down point.
What things do you do that you would you be willing to wake up early for and give your time for free?
Giving yourself the opportunity to live up to your own potential is one of the best forms of leadership! Expressing displeasure is one thing but giving vent to your anger in destructive ways is quite another.

Intellectual and spiritual energy also help translate your creativity into innovative offerings, so engage regularly in reflective or meditative practice.
For example, Google is a valuable source of information, but many of us make the mistake of trusting whatever we find online more than we should. Our strength lies in our ability to blend individual and group coaching with extensive business experience. Personal leadership development plan is the guide map that you should refer to time and again. It is an essential tool that will lead a person towards a better professional and personal life.
In such cases we live our lives like ships not knowing where to go and drafting aimlessly in the current.
At the same time you must understand your weaknesses, limitations, negative aspects, if any. Personal commitment and perseverance are sure to make you stick to the plan and follow it to successful end. Be ready to receive setbacks on your course but accept them gracefully, learn from them, amend your personal leadership development plan if required and move ahead with renewed vigor. The quality of your personal leadership depends on how you deal with the cards you draw and how you succeed using what you’ve got. You say what you mean and mean what you say – and your actions are not at variance with your words. Another aspect of prime importance in defining personal leadership development plan is having clear idea about what you want in life, and where you want to take yourself in due course. Personal leadership development plan is the tool that takes us towards achieving leadership in our own lives and taking it to the desired level. It is always effective in sharing your personal leadership development plan with your superiors who can provide you with opportunities that will take you closer to your goals. However, it should allow for flexibility to carry out minor changes as per the demands of your profession and personal life. It should guide about personal development, inter-personal relations improvement, skills enrichment, organizational growth, and professional enhancement.

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