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Participants will learn the power of presentation and how it lends to personal and professional credibility. Whether presenting one’s self to a prospective employer or addressing the department in a team meeting, our presentation of our self will have a great impact on how we are received.
Participants will get the opportunity to present themselves and receive feedback and coaching in order to be more effective in their presentation of themselves. Presentasi oleh bagian ini bertujuan selain dalam rangka menyampaikan kinerja perusahaan dan financial aspek terhadap keputusan, juga dalam rangka menyampaikan ide-ide baru yang bisa menunjang perusahaan dari segi financial.
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In this workshop you will learn how to balance these four elements so that you will present with energy and confidence. Presentation skills and public speaking skills are very useful in many aspects of work and life.
This course is aimed towards people who deal with their internal and external clients during day to day job. People from Finance , Marketing , Operations , management and generic departments are welcome to participate and enhance their presentation style.
Originally born and brought up in South Africa Lynette Hatley has over 25 years’ experience in training, leadership development and management consulting.

Applying experiential training techniques and providing highly interactive innovative and in- aspirational workshops Lynette is a highly rated facilitator for training assignments, including business coaching, personality discovery and empowerment, performance improvement and motivation, assertive communication, confidence building and public speaking, train the train- er, transformational leadership, creative thinking, finance for non-finance managers and other wide range of programmes in management. Lynette has delivered trainings to Panasonic, Baker Huges, Adidas, Canon, Barclay’s Bank, DEWA, TNT Express, TECOM, GAC, Aramex, Hoerbinger, Gekko, Almarai (Saudi Arabia), Majid Al Futtaim, LUKOIL, First Gulf Bank, First Select, Niffan, Women’s College (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia), Ramada Hotel, CBI Bank and others. If you are afraid of giving speeches or speaking in public, The Presentation Team can help. Speaking styles, body language, and other areas for improvement are on clear display for review and analysis. The will also receive the ‘how to’ in delivering not just a good, but an outstanding presentation. Karena materi yang disampaikan merupakan aspek financial yang unik maka diperlukan kemampuan presentasi yang spesifik untuk dapat menyakinkan dan menyampaikan informasi dengan baik. Effective presentations and public speaking skills are important in business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing and generally entertaining an audience. Her undergraduate qualification is in Accounting and Business Economics, and her Hon- ours in Marketing. Our expert presentation skills coaches and public speaking experts have worked with people all around the world to improve their confidence and sharpen their delivery style in public speaking. Complete the form above or call us today at 202-681-0725 for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you present like a pro!

Pada pelatihan dua hari ini dirancang khusus bagi fungsi finance dan accounting untuk meningkatkan kemampuan presentasi terutama dalam mempresentasikan aspek financial dan accounting. Understand how to find the right balance between presenting information, engaging  the audience and managing the time.  3. Developing the confidence and capability to give good presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and speak well, are also extremely helpful competencies for self-development too.
Using tested techniques, proven strategies, and good old-fashioned coaching, our trainers help you identify key areas that need improvement, and then work to overcome them, so you can present with greater success. Discuss ways to use handouts, Power Points, flip charts and other visual aids to enhance  presentations.  4. You must be confident in presenting the material, you have to know how to manage your environment successfully, and you need to make sure that your message has maximum impact.
How do people typically react when they’re fearful, nervous, unprepared?  (bad presentation  Powerful  styles) (5 min)  Presentations  2.

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