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Boosting your beverage sales requires a unique sales and marketing game plan that involves selling to retailers, distributors and ultimately the end consumer.
Hundreds of new beverages are introduced into the market every year but only a handful are successful at gaining distribution and getting consumers to actually purchase their product. Paul Gage the owner of Boost Sales and Marketing,LLC has successfully sold beverages for Pepsi Bottling Group, Coors Brewing Company and Miller Brewing Company. Paul has learned professional sales and marketing strategies from attending Pepsi University, Coors University, Miller University and UBS University. He developed and used unique sales and marketing strategies that allowed him to be a top producing salesperson at Pepsi, Coors and Miller Brewing Company. Paul has sold over a million units of a unique seasonal product in the very first year of launching this product. You can have the best tasting beverage in the world and if people don't know about it and can't purchase it, then your new beverage is going to fail.
Building distribution can be extremely tough for any new beverage manufacturer especially if you don't understand how to navigate the competitive beverage industry.
You need to know how to get your product to market, how to choose the right distributors, retail channels and also how to persuade retailers to carry your product. Selling your new beverage to any type of distributor or placing your beverage in the wrong retail channels could be the biggest mistake you make. You need a distributor that frequently visits their retail accounts and can make sure your product is on the shelf with the correct pricing and sales promotions. DSD Beverage Distributors are considered the best distributors at distributing a new beverage product because they are frequently in the store merchandising your product and building relationships with the retail staff.
When you are Launching a new beverage such as an energy drink, energy shot, functional beverage or a new craft beer, the convenience channel is considered to be the best channel to build brand awareness and get consumers to try your beverage.
There are multiple benefits of launching a new beverage in the c-store channel such as there are over 152,000 independent and chain cstores. Consumers frequently visit c-stores to purchase cold single serve beverages more than any other retail channel. So, if you want to build a great sales story, prove your concept and move into larger mass retailers, you need to start in the c-store channel depending on who your targeted consumer is. Developing a Sales and Marketing Plan that builds brand awareness and motivates consumers to purchase your new beverage is critically important to the success of your new beverage.

Retail buyers want to know how you are going to drive new traffic to their accounts and get consumers to purchase your product. Selling your new beverage to a distributor and major retailers means absolutely nothing if Consumers don't purchase and repurchase your product. The best way to create reorders is to build an aspiring "lifestyle" around your beverage that resonates with your consumers. In order to generate exciting sales numbers, there are multiple Sales and Marketing strategies that you can execute in any retail account (on or off premise) that will create brand loyalty and repeat purchases. In-Store Marketing is going to be critical to your retail success because how you position, price and promote your product in the store will influence sales. Promoting your new beverage to consumers must be done in a creative way that will draw attention to your beverage. If you can create a trend and develop loyal consumers for your new beverage, then you will not have to worry about your competition. You must build a meaningful relationship with your consumers that will build brand loyalty. Promotional Models can quickly and effectively boost your beverage sales and distribution by getting consumers to sample and purchase your beverage. Contact Boost Sales and Marketing, LLC if you want to Boost your New Beverage Sales and Distribution.
After being in the decorative concrete business for a little more than a decade, Paul Huneck, owner of Hudson Concrete in New York City, is in a spot that many other decorative concrete professionals would envy. Coming from a family of artists who work in various media, Huneck, 48, didn’t grow up aspiring to express himself in concrete. In 1994 Huneck was a filmmaker attending the MFA program at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.
Drawing on his undergraduate degree in horticulture, Huneck started supplying indoor plants to corporate clients.
After three years of that, he joined a friend’s construction firm, then started his own company renovating building facades. When Huneck got tired of living on the road, he decided to confine his work to New York and venture beyond microtoppings. Huneck’s preferred system is a sprayed microtopping with broadcast aggregate he created himself, called Petratone.

As his business has matured, Huneck has shifted away from residential work and even small commercial projects to larger projects.
Huneck considered putting GPS tracking devices on his toolboxes, but the cost discouraged him. To take advantage of more opportunities, Huneck is considering a profit-sharing model for Hudson Concrete. Responsible for the worldwide sales, marketing, administration, engineering, manufacturing, product development, product management and operations functions of the company.
More than 16 years of senior management experience, and 10 years of experience as a leading orthopedic industry executive. More than 25 years experience in accounting and finance within the Medical Device industry. Responsible for the development and management of all new and existing products as well as surgeon educating and sales rep training. More than 19 years experience in research, development, marketing and operations within the Medical Device industry. Responsible for sales and marketing outside of the United States and development of SBI International distributor relationships with more than 15 years of experience in orthopedics. He often collaborates on projects with Gary Jones, owner of British Columbia-based manufacturer Smart Surface Technology Inc. He makes his entire living in a territory 13 miles long and 2 miles wide — the island of Manhattan.
Hudson Concrete’s business now consists of about half polishing and half new floor installation. Last year, clothing designer Marc Jacobs commissioned Hudson Concrete to create a 5,000-square-foot moonscape for a fashion show at the Lexington Avenue Armory. More recently, Hudson used Petratone to create the illusion that a large sculpture by Robert Longo is emerging from the floor of Petzel Gallery in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

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