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Organizations implement ERP software to streamline their operational processes and improve productivity. Generally when there is a drastic change in an organization, its employees resist adopting the change. You may ask why change management is so important; to answer, I need to remind you of what happened in the jungle. Similarly, for employees using legacy software, the implementation of ERP (a complex software application) is a big change.
Many in the jungle accepted Mowgli with open arms; but his bonding with Baloo, the bear, gives us a very good example of benefiting from change. How? Baloo always found it tough to gather enough honey; the monkeys who came to help sprinted away within no time because of the bees. The only one who did not accept the presence of Mowgli in the jungle was Sher Khan, the tiger who thinks “Man is forbidden” in the jungle. As a training manager, you need to decide if you want Baloos or Sher Khan’s in your organization. It is common knowledge that training marketing professionals on products effectively is an important task for the success of an organization. Product training through eLearning is the perfect medium because it is cost effective and a highly effective way to impart product knowledge. Here is an infographic which describes some specific instructional design ideas to present product training content. In today’s competitive scenario, having an effective employee performance management system can help in keeping the organization healthy and ahead of competition in the long run.
Appreciating its key role in improving employee effectiveness, every company today, irrespective of its size, already has a performance management system in place. Performance Management is a continuous process in which managers and employees together set performance goals that are aligned with organizational objectives, monitor and conduct reviews to assess progress and make necessary decisions for further improvements. Performance management is not just systems or processes; it is all about dealing with people and getting the best out of them. The whole emphasis is on learning and development that can contribute to improvise individual performances.

Both the employees and the managers should be given a clear understanding of the role of Performance Management in achieving organizational objectives, aiming at different levels of experience and knowledge. Also in the process, managers need to work with different tools and techniques such as performance recognition tool, to come up with essential data to reward employees for their contribution. Therefore, although training alone cannot improve performance, it can play an integral role in setting up the performance management system.
Also, eLearning programs have a quick development time and can be launched across the organization within a short duration of time. Change is constant and change management helps employees gradually adapt to organizational changes. Now-a-days, most companies are giving ERP training high priority to enhance their operational efficiencies by streamlining processes.
But it is important to train employees on the importance of switching to the new application and its benefits if they are to adopt the new application successfully.
But if the end-users of the software cannot work on it efficiently, the organization can’t enjoy the desired benefits.
In such scenarios, you must remember that software alone can’t provide benefits to the organization, its people can. The recent American fantasy adventure film by Jon Favreau, The Jungle Book portrays the life and struggle of the man-cub, Mowgli in the jungle. Employees only know that the software application they will be dealing with would be very complex, unlike the previous one. When employees understand how the ERP implementation is going to help them in their job, they will accept the change willingly.
He saw Mowgli as just another man trespassing into the jungle, so could not enjoy the benefits of his presence.
If they are not made aware of its importance, they may not see the benefits they would get from the software. Sher Khan’s resistance to the change in jungle made him try very hard to eliminate the change once and for all. Product training is all about selling products while retaining a competitive edge in the market.

E-learning can keep your learners engaged and motivated through many product training strategies.
So a big part of it can be achieved by training the managers and employees on what is expected from them in the whole process. Different aspects of performance, and different tasks and responsibilities should be presented to learners and this is best possible through scenario-based eLearning courses. So a highly intensive and interactive eLearning course that can equip managers with the skills and confidence to work with the tools can contribute to the manager’s competence enhancement. Performance Management Training is an important endeavor that can help you to impart knowledge to the employees. When a new software application is implemented in any organization, one of the important issues to be addressed is change management. ERP implementation starts from the very beginning and continues till the ERP system is implemented completely.
To know about the 5 Reasons To Invest In Change Management For ERP Implementation, check out this Info graphic. Seeing Mowgli collect honey innovatively, he too comes up with innovative ideas to retrieve the honey; together they collect honey sufficient to last the whole winter. This helps them get completely involved in the transit and they are more likely to take the end-user training seriously. This makes them underestimate the importance of end-user training and they may end up being less efficient after going live.
And interactive eLearning courses can create interest and ensure active participation allowing learners to upgrade their knowledge and skills at a time that is convenient to them.
Fortunately, the consequences of not adapting to the ERP implementation may not be so fatal, but they can’t be any less serious.

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