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If you’re like me you also think that “productivity” is doing the ‘right thing’, the ‘right way’, at ‘all times’.
Then there are the people in high-pressure jobs with a million-and-one things to do in a day who avidly search for the golden nugget of productivity wisdom to make all their team efforts fall into place.
Next, you have the middle managers sweating under their collars – how are they going to show the next set of pretty upwardly-trending graphs at the monthly round-up? Then there’s everyone else, who just want to do their job, be happy and have time for their family and friends. These negative feelings impact hugely on an economy as big as the United States, with billions of potential being lost due to a lack of productivity.
Companies traditionally incentivize “happiness” by handing out titles (“manager”), more money (the “raise”) and perks (gym membership, anyone?). People need to get deep, personal value out of the job – whether it be great workplace friendships or becoming top of their class in their niche.
Working “smarter, not harder” is one of those easy-to-hate phrases that get used a lot in meetings and at conferences. This entry was posted in Team and tagged employee happiness, increase productivity, productivity, productivity improvement on January 12, 2015 by David Arnoux. If you have a lively team or group in a meeting, it can sometimes be more efficient to use a loud buzzer to warn people that they are going off topic rather than try to talk them down.
Something like the 2-min GTD rule of replying to an email, not every decision needs to be made in a meeting. Equally, do not skip meetings where your presence is needed in order to answer questions or provide data. Meetings are better when the questions asked are questions that can only be answered by that particular mix of attendees, rather than things that can easily be found elsewhere or by two individuals conversing. If group get-togethers are solely for hard-paced get-it-done meetings, then a poor morale will build up in the company. Are there some people in the company who would take it personally not to be invited to a meeting, despite not having anything much to contribute it? Depending on the tasks that need to be done, you need to find suitable ways of measuring if things are getting done. Sometimes, magic happens and meetings suddenly turn in an unprecedented but awesome fashion! This entry was posted in Product and tagged conducting effective meetings, effective meetings, productive meetings, productivity improvement on June 2, 2014 by David Arnoux.
Using language that is easy to understand, Cross-Functional Productivity Improvement describes how improvement efforts can be undermined by errors and incompleteness. If you find anything wrong with this product listing, perhaps the description is wrong, the author is incorrect, or it is listed in the wrong category, then please contact us. Submit 5 page Summaryearn $1 for each copy sold.We are looking for a freelance writer who can draft a well written 5 page summary of this (e)book.
Our 30 years’ experience in helping companies around the world become more productive and efficient ensures that Marco’s proven hardware and software solutions optimise your manufacturing and packaging processes.
First, there are the people fascinated with making every aspect of their lives more productive, from reusing toilet paper rolls to planning the grocery route down to a T.
But pick up any book on psychology and wellbeing, and you’ll find that money is rarely what makes people truly happy. The principle behind it is that “working smarter” means you have figured out an economical way to complete a time-consuming part of your job (with equal or more effectiveness). Meetings remain one of the biggest time-wasters in companies today, compounding to huge annual losses of productivity year after year.
It is all too easy for the point of the meeting to be lost, and for discussions or arguments to carry over onto unrelated issues. The expertise of your staff is not increased by only allowing them to make decisions under supervision.
Don’t go if you have nothing to contribute, and just check the minutes of the meeting later to catch up on what happened. Managers need to go to the social events in order to maintain relationships with the team, boost morale, and allow more casual access.

Perhaps this meeting is the only time you see a particular colleague – use that opportunity. Yes, timing is important – BUT if great ideas suddenly start rolling out, and really creative solutions start bouncing around savour the moment to harvest these ideas.
It illustrates the various types of errors that can hurt productivity and outlines proven solutions to prevent or correct them. Subsequent chapters explain how different departments can affect productivity and describe what must be done to improve productivity. Productivity definition:What is productivity and what are the benefits of an increased productivity?
Whether you are a small independent company or large multi-national, installing one of our tried and tested systems will bring rapid improvements to your productivity. But how do you convince the rest of your team or company to be in that frame of mind at all times?
You can’t buy self-esteem, true loyalty, pride in your work – these are the golden nuggets for productivity improvement.
The thing is, you have to “work hard” to become like this (unless you are a natural genius). The designated person for organizing the meeting should appoint a time up to when new ideas should be submitted, and then distribute the agenda in good time for everyone to come prepared.
If something needs to be brainstormed, a brainstorming session can be set up afterwards with the right people. This is not for every style of company, but for a passionate team it may be the faster way of reminding people that they are off-topic without having to waste time getting back to the original question at hand. Allow them to make decisions with the understanding that they are responsible for the outcome. Do not use slides for anything except data that is essential to the point you must present.
5 minutes may sound small, but if you have 6 meetings across the span of the day, this will compound into 30 minutes of wasted time.
Make an all-round company objective to start holding meetings for the people who have an active input to give, and that everyone else will be kept informed by way of email or a collaboration tool. If you have an answer or piece of information that your colleagues could find useful in a meeting, give it to them. Sometimes it’s just a serendipitous series of events, or just the right combination of factors. Managers need to take the lead on the new meetings format, and maintain the message that it is not an exercise in excluding people but of practicality. Explaining how departments not directly related to manufacturing can hinder productivity, it provides time-tested advice on how to reduce waste and enhance efficiency. Supplying time-tested procedures for implementing cross-functional productivity actions that are applicable across a wide range of industries, the text describes the problems caused by incorrect Lean manufacturing, material flow, efficiency, ergonomics, quality policies, issues of malpractice, and counterproductive procedures. Productivity (in an economic perspective) is a measure of output (produced from each hour of work) per unit of input, from a certain production process. You need to learn many things in order to merge them into creative solutions to apply to your situation. There are many questions that need to be asked in this moment than can be answered over long email threads.
A ‘casual corner’ in an office is all well and good, but a full team invite to chill is also important to make sure the more introverted or super-busy are included in the bonding.
Checking email or Twitter while someone is sharing their ideas or results means you are not engaging, and also being disrespectful.
This approach to reducing meetings to ‘essential people only’ needs to be consistent and explained as a practicality and not a hierarchy issue. Employees should be encouraged to question their presence at meetings where they feel they have little real value to add or take away that couldn’t be conveyed in an email or report.
Includes many figures, illustrations, and tables that provide the technical information needed to implement sustainable productivity improvements Addresses the problems often caused by incorrect Lean manufacturing and issues of malpractice Includes an extensive glossary and a list of suggested readings to help readers further explore productivity improvement Readers will gain a clear understanding of exactly what to do and what not to do in all aspects of company operations to maximize productivity through a cross-functional approach. A 15 – 30min meeting should not spell disaster for 99% of your interactions that day (bar instant customer support or crisis negotiations).

Furthermore, the book will enable companies to take better advantage of all that the ISO 9001 and similar systems have to offer by making best use of the interactions between the various elements of company operations.To view this DRM protected ebook on your desktop or laptop you will need to have Adobe Digital Editions installed.
In advance, each person needs to know what is going on format-wise for most productivity to occur.
If you cannot resist changing between tabs whilst taking notes, switch to pen and paper and type up the tasks after the meeting. This one came to mind from an experience I had when a guest at a medium-sized company party once. All your decisions and input at the meeting must also be based on verifiable data, rather than speculation or “I just know it”. We were all having breakfast at a hotel (about 300 people as far as I recall) and I wanted to go back to bed for a while. Most of the time the amount of time is certainly not unlimited so you will have to find solutions that help you to boost productivity that your other tasks “B”, “C” and “D” can be accomplished as well.
The marketing or event team (I don’t know which) actually stopped me from going because they insisted I had to be in the room when the CEO walked by! Productivity is certainly a key factor for success, because there are situations where it is absolutely necessary to get a lot of work done within a short period of time. This will also remove the need to take up much of more senior staff’s work time as they will not have to vet all the smaller ideas and questions from the team.
If you really know you have a good solution, you will be able to succinctly explain why it is so.
And yes – they made me march back to my chair and suffer my headache for an extra hour.
This includes all the tasks that have to be accomplished on a daily basis as well as the tasks that need to be done today. First of all you could start with creating a general to do list that lists all your tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis; arranged accordingly to their priority.
While creating these lists you should categorize your tasks from “Very Important – Needs to be done immediately”, “Very Important – Not Urgent” to “Unimportant – Urgent” and “Unimportant – Not Urgent”. The key to boost productivity is now to focus on your important tasks and only after these tasks are completed on unimportant tasks.
This can be a regular smoking break, coffee break or even regular checking for emails or any kind of news on the internet. All these things will distract you from your main tasks, interrupt your work flow and will take precious time away that could have been invested to get more tasks done.
Try to identify the phases of your daily-life where you peak concentration and productivity and phases where you are tired and unconcentrated.
Try to complete your most important and most urgent tasks within your high-concentration phase and allocate unimportant tasks to the other phase.Your concentration levels throughout the dayPower sessions: So called power sessions help you to improve productivity drastically and help you to avoid interruptions!
Power sessions will literally boost productivity as they enable you to focus ALL your attention on your tasks without getting interrupted. You will see that a power session will help you to get more work done in a shorter time = higher productivity!Definition of a power session: A power session is a period of time that you take to focus ONLY on your tasks. It is important that you do not get interrupted during your power sessions (neither by telephone and email nor by colleagues, etc.!). A power session can last from 30 minutes up to maximum of one and a half hour.A productive environment: Your work environment will have a high influence on your productiveness, positively in form of a productivity improvement or negatively by decreasing your productivity!
Reply aspecialist on Tuesday, October 6 7:06 am improving productivity in business will really help you to be successful. Being productive means making your time; each and every second of it important which really counts from all the task needed on your business.

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