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Kovair Software comes with a web-based Project Management Solution to meet enterprise goals with wide array of built-in features like – cost estimation, automated process aligned to the business, managing resources, allocation of tasks to resources, timesheet to capture time details of task execution, reporting and management visibility through Dashboard.
A great advantage is that you can manage your projects offline, so you can share your plan with your team once it’s finished. This application is the flagship for any other similar software, because most of the project management software can integrate files with it, either by importing or exporting them into your preferred application. Microsoft Project enables an easy management of both adding and managing your resources, essential for any effective project management.
Microsoft Project doesn’t provide many features, but it holds the necessary tools to effectively manage any project. The scheduling feature includes calendars for a day-by-day breakdown of tasks, timelines for an overall view of the project, and events for specific milestones within the calendar. Up-to-date reports are available in Microsoft Project, so you can keep track of statistics, financial status and employees work loads. Microsoft Project focuses on four points in project management: Task, resource, Track and Report. The interactive Gantt chart is really handy to easily update the progress of your tasks, changing their dates or their completing order. Microsoft Project provides the necessary tools needed to assign tasks, manage resources and complete the project on schedule within the budget limits.
KickStart has a user-friendly interface with tabs for every aspect of a project,A  except the resources tab. After running through all the tabs, you can keep track and edit your project in the resulting Gantt chart. Very easy to install, easy to navigate and visually pleasing, KickStart is a very good tool. Project KickStart is a great tool for smaller projects that probably have a single project manager, and does not require much collaboration with other managers or with a CEO. MindView has a spreadsheet-like layout, so you can easily add, edit or delete tasks without clicking each cell.
MindView includes the standard project management elements: Tasks, Calendars and Budgeting, but it lacks recurring tasks and auto notifications to check the project progress. The strength of this application lies in its different views of the project: tasks list, Gantt chart, mind map, timeline and outline. Easy to learn, MindView offers a view through its different visual options that allows any user to comprehend rapidly his projecta€™s work-flow. Genius project is a high-functioning project management software that can be use by both experienced computer users and beginners alike. The complex and detailed dashboards, charts and sets of views allow you to have a good idea of resource assignments. This application provides extensive offerings in dashboards and reporting, risk and change management, document management, demand management, invoicing, cost and budget managing, project tracking, time and expense tracking, planning and project portfolio management. Although it has a lot of functions explained in hundreds of pages, ita€™s easy to comprehend.
Genius project offers a complete set of features needed for a thorough, in-depth management planning. I think Apollo is different to the ones you reviewed in this series as it's fully online, and yet it looks like a native application. Apart from the Microsoft product I hadn't heard of these project managers before and I always like to learn of new ones.
The term Management Dashboard defines a wide range of data reporting and visualization tools or dashboards that allow using various performance & efficiency measures to report on an enterprise?s ability to organize and coordinate its activities in accordance with certain policies and in achievement of pre-determined objectives.
In this Money Management Action Plan you can read a range of tips and suggestions that will help you manage your money in an effective manner.

Perhaps, project program could be considered as the central module of virtually any project management software package. Being an integrated module of project management software, project program allows managing project deadlines and determining resource needs. Project Management is the art of maximizing the probability that a projectdelivers its goals on Time, to Budget and at the required Quality. Thank you for registering to DocsityYou will shortly receive an email to confirm your registrationIf you don't receive any email, please check your Junk Mail box. Our knowledge and experience in improving performance and success of projects is proof that we understand your challenges and can provide effective technical and professional services solutions that tie the technology to your business processes and will ensure that you achieve your return on investment. SNA’s Project Management Toolkit provides a comprehensive and integrated solution that can model any client setup either through local implementation or through centralized Software-as-a-Service. Robust integration, graphing and reporting features allow you to clearly communicate with all stakeholders and to outline the best course of action to success. Customers who augment or replace their old, disconnected project management systems with SNA’s software report significant savings in direct labor costs associated with managing data, as well as greater efficiencies in project execution and control, providing almost immediate return on investment through the avoidance of cost overruns and late schedule execution.
From software through services let SNA Software be your one-stop shop for project excellence.
Complete business solutions for project planning, execution, analytics, reporting and integrated business intelligence. Project and Business Intelligence, Integration and Analysis regardless of underlying application, location or data source.
Cost, schedule, financial execution and risk analysis tool with a flexible database to accept X12, XML and wInsight files for easy integration of data regardless of source. Affordable solutions that remove the worry of internal software management, version control, configuration and interoperability. Targeted services to establish effective business, program, project management and earned value systems, processes and procedures optimized with our software solutions.
RiskyProject allows project managers to perform project planning, scheduling, quantitative risk analysis, and performance measurement of projects with multiple risks and uncertainties. Kovair also manages various phases that a Project comprises of – Requirements, Change, Test, Defect, Release, and others, and thus becomes a complete suite for the management of development projects. To come to your aid, we made a presentation of the Top 10 most useful software you can use to schedule, assign tasks, keep track (and more) of your project’s work-flow. You can go digging through its various interfaces and dashboardsA  without getting a headache, all thanks to its well-structured creation.
Find the most appropriate, qualified and available individuals to complete different tasks. Publish, check-in and check-out are some excellent features that help team members to collaborate on the plan. Although it has a very complex structure, anyone can handle it, even someone that doesn’t know what project management is.
This feature lessens the learning of different software, since there are many professionals who are already familiar with Microsoft Project.
A practical tool is the expand-and-contract feature, that allows you to easily browse through your project and get a better overall view without scrolling through hundreds of tasks and milestones. AddA  tasks, milestones, dates and resource assignments quickly without having to click into every field.
It is very useful for basic project planning, but does not provide many features like resources management. The wizard just walks you through the project plan: picking goals, assign tasks and dates and show obstacles that could prevent the projecta€™s smooth flow. It simply runs your through the entire management plan and it provides an excellent comprehension and overall view.

A very useful feature that sets it apart from other software is the MindMap option: you can see your project in brainstorming bubbles and see how tasks are related to milestones. This allows a better overall view and the interactive map allows manual data input without opening the task list. Although it does not provide many features, you can easily and effectively complete any management plan. Without having tools for planning working hours in projects and managing time schedules, there would be minimal expectations for efficiency of teams in both small and complex projects. You can use this module in combination with other modules of project management software to develop work calendars and share tasks with members of your project team.
It will allow you to set project format and associate it with your cost spreadsheets and budget drafts.
It also features Notifications panel that allows you to receive both pop-up and e-mail messages showing the latest project status changes. I also confirm that I read and I agree with the Privacy policy concerning, among others, how data are used by the website. In order to have a better experience please switch to Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+ or Safari!
The Project Management toolkit can integrate essential KPIs and performance management information, regardless of underlying source and location, providing an unparalleled capability, including integration of data and dissemination of business intelligence for all Six Business Systems, a capability found nowhere else. As soon as the project manager publishes the project plan, every member of your team can see their assigned tasks.
Optimize efficiency by assigning tasks to the right resource: Microsoft Project allows you to keep info about your employees (such as skill sets and resumes). Just be careful when you add resources, MindView does not allow you to make groups or sort them by skills or departments. The spreadsheet-like task list and interactive Gantt charts allow you to easily update your project info. Project program gives project supervisors and team leaders a way to make group assignments and develop project schedules. Team members can use an easy and free project package module to access project documents and review planned tasks.
All activities listed in your project documents will be linked to required human and monetary resources of your project. Assigning tasks to the right person is no longer a laborious issue with the resource search function. It has a centralized project dashboard that illustrates precisely how each project activity will be accomplished and what time will be required for that. Managers and supervisors of your project can utilize a single project dashboard to track tasks, focus on unmet deadlines, measure team performance, review project changes, and estimate project efficiency in terms of time spent versus time planned. This information will be used along with the plan to report on the cost and schedule variances.
With this tool, you can perform a quick search for potential members and you can diminish their number by sets of skills or availability.
Tag your time entries as capitalized, charge-back, billable, R&D and other similar attributes.

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