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PMI, PMBOK, PMP, CAPM, PMI-ACP and the PMI Registered Education Provider logo are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. Pmti project management training institute pmp, Trying to find the best pmp exam prep boot camp for project management professional certification?
Project management professional certification exam boot - This pmp training course is not just a test prep course.
Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Jamie's Kitchen: Fifteen Lessons On Teamwork - Interactive Style Course - FREE online preview! Results Rule: Build a Culture That Makes Your Team a Hero - Interactive Style Course - FREE online preview! Spirit of the Dolphin - Lessons for the Workplace - DVD Style Course - FREE online preview!
This helpful video will be beneficial for anyone working with teams, either new or existing. With increased competition forcing its way into all market sectors, we are all being asked to achieve more. This video shows you how to pull your team together to achieve more without having to spend more.
More than just an excellent stand-alone training tape, Achieving More with Less is a complete training program designed to guide your team through a two to four hour training session. This is an 8 minute program including review, with Facilitator's Guide, workbook and overhead masters (.pdf files).
You may rent Achieving More With Less on DVD for $200.00 (Please, call with your training dates - 1-253-759-6639).
To ensure managers inform and involve their teams in order to improve motivation and productivity. Research shows that the two most common complaints in organizations worldwide are 'nobody ever tells us' and 'nobody ever asks us'. The final lesson is that people need results to achieve, not tasks to perform if they are to be productive, successful and willing to contribute to the business. Bridging the Distance: Virtual Teams On the Road to ResultsAn increasingly pervasive workplace reality is the amount of teamwork that must be accomplished virtually.
You'll also learn to address the dynamics of virtual team relationships, understand the communication challenges these teams face and to develop the creative solutions remote teams must employ to achieve superior performance. CLIMBINGUsing the concept of climbing as a metaphor that can be applied to the workplace, viewers will learn that you may be able to climb pretty high on your own, but— especially if you run into a problem— it takes team to get to the top. Motivating people to make their full contribution to the organisation is the fastest way that a manager or supervisor can multiply his or her personal effectiveness. All good managers and supervisors have developed the ability to interpret what motivates individuals and to develop a core set of motivation tools that they can use to get peak performance. This is a complete turnkey workshop with facilitator's guide, participant guide, overhead slides, and video included.
Three managers are expanding a regional sales office into a full operating depot for their company. There are four steps to success: clarify responsibilities, choose the people, communicate what has to be done, and monitor results, deadlines, and standards.
Every boss has unique expectations and every company has its own procedures and work environment.
When some people hear the word teamwork they immediately think of games--team sports: yet, teamwork is much more than this. In businesses today the teamwork concept, rather than the old pyramid-shaped organization-chart-process, is what makes them successful.
After watching this video, and completing the exercises both on the video and in the book, your entire work force will know how to maintain a cooperative, creative and highly productive team environment. The how-to training program “Effective Teamwork”, comes complete with a video and audiocassette. How to Ask Positive Questions: The Hidden Communication Skill That Will Make Your Next Team Meeting More Productive With John O'Hurley.
We understand that speaking clearly, using proper listening skills, and knowing the importance of non-verbal cues all play vital roles in clear communication between people in organizations.
2) Recognize that asking questions is a communications skill, just like speaking clearly or listening effectively.
How To Ask Positive Questions is designed to be used during team training sessions devoted to productivity and communication skills, or before a meeting starts. By increasing the questioning ability of employees, the video's benefits extend beyond team impact.
Entertaining, motivational, and informative, How To Ask Positive Questions is a skill-building, consciousness-raising video that will energize your teams to perform at higher levels.

You may rent How to Ask Positive Questions on DVD for $295.00 (Please, call with your training dates - 1-253-759-6639).
Women often use disclaimers, hedges, and tag questions in their linquistic behavior which can backfire when talking to men. Jamie Oliver's passion and vision transformed a bunch of unemployed kids into an efficient, organised team, capable of running a first-class London restaurant, Fifteen. Fifteen lessons on teamwork identifies the key stages of team development - forming, storming, norming and performing.
This corresponds to the team development stage known as forming, when the team members are put together for the first time. This learning point corresponds to the performing stage, when the group is functioning as a true team.
Program footage from Jamie's Kitchen (c) 2004 FremantleMedia Limited, Fresh One Productions and Channel 4.
Making Teams Work is a complete training package which has been designed to work in any business, organization or institution that believes teams are the way to go. These points are portrayed mainly in a meeting room environment, and the video is designed to appeal to a great cross section of the working place. The 18 minute program comes with a Facilitator's Guide, overhead masters and participant handout (.pdf format for reproducible copies). This video production has a free downloadable online preview, which runs approximately 3 minutes. You may rent Making Teams Work on DVD for $200.00 (Please, call with your training dates - 1-253-759-6639). To give those tasked with managing projects the skills to maximize their team's performance. In this video, a manager is organizing an office move, but she's made some common mistakes. Has there ever been a more diverse workteam than a farm girl from Kansas, a scarecrow, a tin man, and a cowardly lion? The universally loved film classic serves as the basis for a fun and informative training film illustrating the power of teamwork. Ken Blanchard, the internationally known management expert, takes viewers along with Dorothy and her companions as they pursue a shared objective.
This film is a powerful and unusual tool for teaching the principles of productive teamwork and leadership skills that make it happen.
Today, there are few organisations that are not changing, in an effort to cope with the increased demands of competition. A common feature to emerge from much of this change is that employees are being encouraged to work as teams. Team Building and Workteam Training DVD Videos and Workshops, Team Building, team building videos, team building DVDs, team building training, team building training videos, self directed workteams, team building games, team training, team videos, workteam training, team training, team training videos, high performance teams work groups cross function teams training dvds. Interested in mastering the #1 skill set required by business clients today? Access a Powerful Training Course Designed to Equip You with the Skills and Systems to Effectively Plan and Implement Project Management Services for Virtually Any Type of Client!  Claim Your Seat in the Self-Study Project Management Superstar Clinic Today! Team building is essential to stay in business and organizations that have workteams and self-directed workteams that pull together and achieve synergy can out perform organizations that no idea about the value of a committed team. Margaret Wheatley, Twelve Angry Men: Teams that Don't Quit uses selected clips from the classic movie starring Henry Fonda and a stellar supporting cast. Margaret Wheatley, former professor of management at Brigham Young University and author of several best-selling books on leadership and organizational behavior. More than just an excellent stand-alone training tape, "Achieving More with Less" is a complete training program designed to guide your team through a two to four hour training session. In this age of globalization and transnational business, teams made up from geographically dispersed workforce are faced with the critical challenge of achieving results in an effective and timely manner. Team building and workteams can be used to great advantage amd self directed workteams whether real or virtual can work miracles. Watch and work with Richard Ackland as he explains the secrets of creating motivated teams. The program demonstrates how teams of experienced managers from the United States, South America, and Japan, all working for the same multi-national company, attempt to solve a product failure dilemma.
Together they learn the benefits of good delegation and how to achieve it, and create an action plan for implementing delegation effectively. It follows Jamie's young trainee chefs as they move through these stages to come together as an effective unit. Individual strengths and weaknesses start to emerge as team members work out how to support each other. The team has to work out how to resolve conflict and solve problems, as well as dealing with practicalities such as how tasks are shared out.
The question for the team now is: Are we learning all the time, not just from the good things but also from our mistakes?

Your training package will include a comprehensive Leader's Guide, a set of overhead transparencies and master, and up to ten sets of participants handouts. Bad management skills can be a costly drain on time and money, causing frustration and stress for everyone concerned. She has failed to define the objectives of the project properly, her team's responsibilities are not agreed and the project is in danger of failing. She has a special program on her PC which provides invaluable advice to her, to the program's viewers, and helps her learn the key stages of project management. Team Spirit is a light-hearted, but high-impact way of showing them the importance of teamwork. He shows how Dorothy draws on her inner resources, builds a team, delegates tasks, and empowers others to take risks imaginatively and creatively.
Our team building training videos and games could be the difference between just plain survival and success. The president and manager of operations decide that a team needs to be put in place to help facilitate the expected changes. Being part of a team includes buying into responsibilities: making suggestions, planning, setting goals, caring about results, recognition . Whether a formal team or a loosely organized project team, a virtual team will only achieve its goals if its members have the key skills necessary to successfully function as a virtual team member. The video allows you to experience a virtual team that learns and uses the seven skills critical for virtual team success. This program explores the crucial skills every new employee should develop in order to become a valued part of the team. Maginn, which is part of the Business Skills Express Series Published by The McGraw-Hill Companies. Pat Heim in this customer-requested sequel to THE POWER DEAD-EVEN RULE, men and women grow up in different cultures, learning different lessons about what it means to be a leader and what it means to be a team player. The Leader's Guide will direct you through a thorough three hour training session, giving suggestions on the actions to take and the order in which to take them. This program provides a complete solution to the issues, exploring the techniques for project team leaders to better manage their project team, and meet the project's objectives.
With the right project technique and by following appropriate people-management skills, the move is achieved on time and on budget.
It looks at three examples of people whose failure to appreciate this need has disastrous effects on their colleagues and customers.
In scene after scene, we witness the intense interactions among members of a jury in a murder case. Wheatley shows us the parallels between the dramatic confrontations we see on the screen and certain behaviors familiar to work groups. Sid, plant manager at Hafner, reluctantly goes along with the plan, learning the basics of team building as he goes. However, because of the great disparity in their decisions, two of the teams come together to reach a final recommendation.
Topics include logistical issues like punctuality and planning the best route to work as well as proper dress, orientation and training, asking questions, active listening, and how to deal with difficult coworkers or supervisors. The hitch is that the rules of these cultures are typically invisible and these invisible rules are the cause of many misunderstandings as men and women work together on teams. Charged by the judge to "do your duty," these jurors must work together as a team in order to determine whether the accused is guilty or not guilty. The team-building process at Hafner brings together a wide variety of employees, eventually leading to an excellent plan for communicating their change situation.
The non-scripted deliberations bring out striking ethical and cultural differences in decision-making, teamwork, and management styles.
Real-world advice comes from James Masini, a young Australian business owner whose company specializes in helping entry-level workers. She now works for a community school, where she must attend meetings and work as a team member.
Bill begins to take a good look at himself and to choose positive boomerangs and learns how to get the most out of people. By viewing how the management teams discussed the same problem, and came to sharply different conclusions, you will observe cultural differences that are rarely recognized and seldom understood.One of the beauties of this exceptional program is that it is designed to be used with or without an on-site trainer, with or without your participants coming together as a group, and with or without individualized (at-home) learning modules. A co-worker confides, "You don't have an option." Indeed, if her team doesn't get their act together and come up with some ideas to save the school, she will be looking for another job somewhere else.
This means you may mix or match any of the program's components to meet your needs.The package includes one resource guide, business case study, videotape, DVD, and CD-ROM.

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