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After I graduated from university I had a number of jobs, but none of them had anything to do with writing. Soon after this I attended a publishing workshop in Banff, Alberta, which led me to a job as an editor at OWL magazine. One of the things I especially like about writing for kids is that I get to investigate so many interesting topics. I’ve written many biographies about people including Helen Keller, Albert Einstein and Samuel de Champlain. No matter what the subject, I enjoy discovering incredible information and fantastic facts. Kids are drawn into the wonderful stories about these well-known personalities with the many photos and artifacts that I use to illustrate my talks. Because I have written a series of biographies for 6 to 8 year olds, as well as a series for 8 to 12 year olds, I can speak to a wide range of readers, and bring some of the world’s most incredible people to life for kids of many different ages.
As part of my presentation, I can also talk about the publishing process, from initial idea to final book. The Phone Book: Instant Communication from Smoke Signals to Satellites and Beyond… Illustrated by Bill Slavin.

I’ve written articles or books on subjects such as weird breeds of dogs, Marie Curie, hoaxes, the northern lights and many, many more. Then I really like telling readers to interest them in the amazing people and world around them.
What problems did Lucy Maud Montgomery have to overcome to become one of Canada’s best-loved writers? I also involve audiences by asking them questions, requesting opinions, involving them in activities, etc. I discuss the team of people involved in producing a book, and again show artifacts to illustrate the various steps and to involve the audience. One of my most popular talks is about how to get your children’s book published, including writing the best query letters, avoiding first-timers’ mistakes, etc. At university I studied sciences, such as math, physics and biology — I didn’t take any writing or English courses. However, one day I gathered up my courage, phoned a newspaper and sold an article I’d written.
Some of my favourite things are discovering why famous people did what they did, or how inventors and writers come up with their ideas, then sharing this fascinating information with children.

Since I have worked as an in-house editor, I can provide the view point of both an insider and a freelancer. Or that Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, got tired of having his work interrupted by his invention?
One of my series of biographies is for readers ages 6 to 8, while the other is for those who are 8 to 12 year olds. Children can discover what has inspired some of the most amazing people in the world in my presentation based on the biographies I’ve written.
I’ve also given presentations to many teachers and librarians about why biographies are important (for instance, they’re fun, they make history come alive, they can boost self-esteem and more) and how to interest children in biographies.

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