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Your speech should be logical– as a speaker, you must present a well-organized presentation.
Use facts, statistics and quotations appropriately– don’t just use them for the sake of using them, instead they must be relevant to your arguments. Begin or round up with a story– most great speakers always begin or end their speech with an appropriate story that will speak to the minds and hearts of the audience.
Make your first and last word to be strong- yes, they should be strong so that even if your audience did not remember anything, they will remember your first and last speech. Know when to use humour- know the right time to apply humour in your speech, and use it effectively. Dot your words with gestures- in the middle of the speech; try to punctuate your words with useful gestures. Analyze your audience- you need to know the type of audience you will be talking to, and tell them the message they want to hear. Interact with your audience- at intervals, try and ask questions, and expect their answers.
Customize your presentation to fit the time- one of the marks of a great public speaker is the ability to obey time constraints.

A voice of change; Ms Shurooq Amin A new brand; to make you up in Kuwait Welcome to SoMu in the Souq Mubarakiya We call her maid A new shopping experience in Kuwait Hip Hop, Hip Hop… Yo! It might seem simple, but the best way to get better at public speaking is to practice as much as possible. One of the best ways to appear prepared and confident in what you are presenting is to make eye contact with your audience.
This has motivated me to compile a list of 20 speaking and presentation skills every speaker must have. One of the qualities of great public speakers is the ability to research their subjects very well.
So, fine-tune your speech with anecdotes, quotes, humour, stories, and other side-attractions. For example, if your audience are business students, then what you are talking to them should be related to business. If you are looking for quality public speaking training, be sure to have a look around to see what is near you. Whether you’re presenting your project or giving a speech, it can cause anxiety and major stress.

Practice to yourself in the mirror and go over your speech points until they are practically memorized. Remember to look at all sides of the room to make each member of the audience feel like they are connected to you. This article is for would-be speakers, and those who are already engrossed in the world of public speaking. As scary as it may be, being a good public speaker is a great trait to have, not only for your high school and college days, but for your future career. Use a video camera or voice recorder and record your presentation; play it back to find out where you could do better.
The question and answer session proves that you are indeed productive and that you are gifted in engaging the audience productively.

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