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Spiritual DivorceOne way people can respond to this epidemic is to say that the moral fiber of our society is crumbling and crashing. From our vantage point we see the high rate of divorce as a symptom of a society that has become increasingly fragmented, isolated, fearful and expendable and sees relationships only as a means to a personal end.
However, we also see divorce as an opportunity to specifically heal the emotional wounds that marital relationships represent to both parties. The problem was never about the divorce or how your spouse never lived up to his or her side of the bargain to honor and obey, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. The real problem, which is always an opportunity for spiritual growth and healing, is that you bring to your relationships (marital and otherwise), your wounds from your past.
The spiritual side of divorce, is like any life challenge, a potential blessing in disguise. The spiritual side of divorce can open the door for you to finally grow-up and truly become the mature adult who can readily participate in healthy mature relationships. It is only when we begin to heal from within that the physical reality of our life and relationships permanently improve and change. Whether you are going through a divorce now, contemplating one, have experienced one, and are attempting to get your life back on track, know that now is the time to heal your wounded relationship. The spiritual side of divorce is a divine invitation from your soul to heal your emotional wounds from all of your current and past relationships. If you are contemplating divorce, going through divorce or rebuilding your life after divorce, we can assist you! Here are three key ways that the healing power of your relationships can assist you to create a new life for yourself. Instead of wanting other people to change for you, focus on YOU and how you can make an uplifting contribution to all of your relationships. While going through this new process, you may also uncover some aspects of yourself that you may not like very much. To improve all of your relationships begins at home, with each of us contributing our share for positive change. To improve our life and our world requires us to consciously aim to put our heart and soul in to each and every relationship, because your relationships always reflect the heart and soul of who you think you are and who you potentially can become. To experience this idea of uniqueness and interconnectedness simply requires a shift in how you look at things. The Game of Life cannot be played out to its full beauty and grandeur without your consent.
For this reason, and because I have gone through this process myself,  I know that most of the emotionally draining and fear-based episodes we experience as human beings are really opportunities for each of us to stop where we are, both physically and emotionally, and simply regroup.  This is typically where our life and relationship coaching clients are in their lives when they contact me and Chris. Paul Brunson left his full time job (and a lucrative one at that) to dedicate his life to becoming a matchmaker. The Patriot-News pulls together opinions from various coaches and school officials to dissect a growing problem in high school athletics. CHRIS KNIGHT, The Patriot-NewsDave Meyer was removed as head girls' basketball coach at Elco after the 2009-10 season.
Kathy operates a highly successful coach consultant company Teamswork and her individual clients are predominately ORSC coaches.
Some of Kathy's greatest strengths are her ability to build relationships within the ORSC International Community after all our life's journey is about becoming more of who we are.
Some of Kathya€™s clients have included: Northern Health a€“ Health Link North Project Team (HLN), Kruger Products, SNC Lavalin, ProFac, Parks Canada, St. Or that commitment to long-term relationships and the stability they are intended to provide for each of us is rapidly becoming an out-dated institution? A deficiency of unworthiness that causes us to fear intimacy, openness, giving and receiving, sharing and love.

A maturity that has less to do with who you are and what you do and more about your willingness to heal where you are emotionally wounded.
Responsibility for your life situations, experiences and relationships as well as the state of your emotions.
An opening where perhaps just a sliver of light is shining on a situation that looks very dark.
Be open to looking within and discover why your life is not the romance novel you hoped it could have been. Become more open to changing by developing a more positive, optimistic attitude and notice how you are attracting more positive, optimistic people in to your life. The quickest, most efficient way to change the world you see is to begin to be more open, willing and vulnerable to healing your life through the relationships you may consider unhealthy or unstable.
If you are in the habit of trying to fix and save people be open and willing to give this up now! If you truly desire more intimacy in your personal relationships begin by focusing on developing an intimate relationship with yourself.
In my relationship coaching sessions I have given a variety of responses to that question.  My answers are only words. After realizing the enormous percentage of children with only one parent in the home, he wanted to change that. Stephan is dedicated to make relationships easier and more fulfilling and is doing just that through his platform, the word of God, and exceptional wisdom.
Kathy is known for her knowledge of ORSC, her natural ability for motivating and empowering her clients over the phone or beside them at the front of a team.
Described by others as community-oriented, dynamic, positive, spiritual, along with assertive, bold and confident, Kathy brings over 12 years of coaching experience in managing human relations and systems thinking to her work as a Leadership Development and Certified Relationship Systems Intelligence Coach. Kathy is proud to be a Trailblazer - the first cohort to travel through ORSCC certification - 2008.
Josepha€™s on Fleming Seniors Centre, WSIB, Royal Bank of Canada, Georgian College, George Brown College, Meridian Credit Union, Business Enterprise Resources Network and CanWest. Over the last 3 years, the demographics of clients in our relationship coaching practice represented a divorce rate of over 80%. As relationship coaches, we have found this to be the case with many of our clients who are facing rocky marriages and divorce. Playing the victim role always attracts a cast of characters who are more than willing to perpetrate emotional pain on to a willing victim. Until you take full and complete responsibility for your life and the role you play in it, you will suffer at the emotional mercy of other people. If you don’t love and respect yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love and respect you? The truth is, if you are challenged being intimate with you, how can you expect to be intimate with someone else? To improve and awaken to the power of our relationships requires each of us to lead by example.
To achieve results requires commitment, fortitude, courage and a willingness to play the Game of Life.
From this point forward, consent to take responsibility for your life by strengthening all of your relationships.
The dating process is not always easy to navigate, especially when you’re serious about it and seeking to find your potential husband or wife.
Having been there and done that, Tony knows the game inside out and realized that the only way to have a successful love life, is to do it the way God intended.
Kathy combines her knowledge of assessments (The Leadership Circle & Team Coaching International) and change strategies with her training at the CRR Global.

Kathy was also the first recipient of the Extraordinary Supervisor for CRR Globala€™s certification program.
So what’s going on in our world where relationships have become as disposable as plastic water bottles?
If you believe that a big, fat alimony check is going to make everything all better, think again! Ultimately, the desire for someone else to change so we can be happy interferes with our Life learning process. Creating change from within is a conscious choice that we each can make if we want to improve the quality of all of our relationships. Strong, healthy relationships are the result of giving our focused attention to our feelings, emotions and energy levels directly linked to the relationships themselves. These three relationship coaches below presents an optimistic approach to finding the right mate for you.
She feels privileged to know and have worked with so many ORSCers around the world as a hired Coach or within her many roles within CRR Global. When our supposed administration consisting of intelligent and educated individuals allow for such situations to get this far out of control, it is a result of politics,” he said. Most recently, the Chambersburg School District removed Shawn Shreffler as head boys’ basketball coach after a group of parents and players objected to some of his coaching methods. Is this a new problem or are we just hearing about it more with so many more media platforms out there? The Patriot-News attempted to answer these questions by speaking with current and former head coaches, high school athletic directors, a former school board member and two parents.
CHRIS KNIGHT, The Patriot-NewsShawn Shreffler was ousted as head boys' basketball coach by the Chambersburg School Board at the end of April in a controversial 5-4 vote. Hoke, who carries a positive, energetic and upbeat demeanor on the sideline, believes he has a tremendous amount of support from the players, parents and administration at McDevitt. But even Hoke knows that the atmosphere around high school athletics is changing more and more each year.
Anything said or done in a game or practice can be scrutinized through the watchful eye of a parent or school official. Hoke was one of several coaches in the midstate that contacted The Patriot-News over the past several weeks who expressed their dismay over the removal of Shreffler at Chambersburg. Cumberland Valley wrestling coach Dave Heckard believes it’s a problem that stems from parent involvement that ends up going too far. One of his sons, Mike, is about to graduate from Red Land High School and play basketball next year at East Carolina University. Meyer said it was customary to have a postseason evaluation with his athletic director, but Meyer recalls having a very unsettling feeling when the high school principal was involved in this particular evaluation. The days of coaches staying with a program and staying in coaching for 10, 20, 30 years or more are becoming few and far between.
CHRIS KNIGHT, The Patriot-NewsBishop McDevitt boys' basketball coach Jeff Hoke was one of many coaches around the midstate who were upset at Shawn Shreffler's removal as head boys' basketball coach at Chambersburg.WHICH HAT SHOULD I WEAR? From coach to teacher to motivator to role model and even parenting figure, a successful head coach has to juggle all of these roles. If a parent had a problem with the way he did things, he would approach it with them right away before it got out of hand.

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