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IAM Institute of Hotel Management College provides some of the most modern facilities and resources for its students. IAM Institute of Hotel Management College has well stocked libraries with international titles from all over the world.
IAM Institute of Hotel Management College has its own computer centers for the exclusive use of its students. IAM Institute of Hotel Management College has separate hostels for boys and girls located close to the Institute. Restaurant Manager Training Manual Template A restaurant performs no better than it's managed.
It’s getting harder and harder to find effective managers, especially as more jobs open up in other industries. The BTK is used for providing training to the students in basic Continental and Indian cuisines. QFK is used for students in order to prepare them to face the challenge of cooking for large groups and catering the wide variety of people representing different culinary zones of India.
The Bakery & Confectionary department trains the students in the art of making yeast products, flour confectionary products, chocolates, cold and hot pudding in order to prepare them face the challenges of the industry. The Institute is equipped with the most modern automatic machines to train the students to provide clean and hygienic atmosphere. Institute has got functional laundry with modern laundry equipments to train the students and equip them to face challenges in real life situation.
The front office is known as the nerve centre of the hotel, the front office laboratory of the Institute is designed with special care to provide training to the students.
SIHM has created two training restaurants to train the students in various aspects of F&B Service. Library place a very important role for the overall academic development of students.A  In order to provide the best facility to our students SIHM has put up a well sophisticated and spacious library furnished with best books, journals, and periodicals.
The institute has got well designed classrooms developed as learning halls that help to create an atmosphere of professional management training. The institute have an activity room for the overall extra curriculum activities of the students.
Institute has students dining hall attached with the QFK to provide the training lunch to the students in clean and hygienic atmosphere. Since Institute is situated away from the hubbubs of the main city; it provides a calm quite and eco-friendly atmosphere for the students. The training kitchens and bakery, the training restaurants, training front office and guest rooms are all modern and fully equipped to import practical training of a high standard.
The library has large volumes of books, journals and other printed or audio visual materials and manuscript items.
The centers are open from 9 AM to 10 PM The centre provides an all round computing service for the students and is equipped with modern softwares, CD-ROM and Multi-Media. The students are given real life exposure on the operation and management of commercial hotels while undergoing the course. Competent, well-trained managers are essential to restaurant success.Yet many restaurants, independents in particular, struggle with the management training process due to the lack of an organized and thorough management training program. Now more than ever, it’s important to implement a career progression restaurant training model, grooming your lower-level staff for management positions.
When you hire managers from outside your operation, it takes time to train them in your policies and procedures. It’s especially valuable to designate a mentor for employees who show the aptitude and desire to move up the ladder.
Trumpet the accomplishments of any employee who works his or her way into a management position.

The Guest rooms with most modern facility also help the students to obtain practical training.
The restaurants enable the students to make themselves aware of the basics and fundamentals.
The classroomsare equipped with modern audio visual aids that facilitate an effective presentation of lectures. The centers are connected to Internet and the students can explore cyberspace to gain valuable data and information. This helps the student to know much more about the practical aspect of the hotel operation and this prepares them as General Managers in the years to come. For new hires, there’s often a lengthy period of adjustment in a business that can ill afford down-time. To suit the varying needs of individual students, different categories of accommodation is available.
When you develop your own managers, however, they’re already comfortable with their co-workers and in tune, if not experienced, with the various positions in your operation. You can formalize the program by following a restaurant-specific career progression curriculum, complete with learning objectives, reachable milestones and certificates of completion. In this article though I’ll use the restaurant and hospitality industry as an example, as it is one in which the lessons are particularly pertinent.Your value to your brand as a leader in the restaurant and hospitality industry is derived from your ability to manage various metrics that contribute to excellence in service and profitability of the venue.
The best floor manager or assistant manager, for example, is often a former server who has “been there, done that.” Your former prep cook turned kitchen manager will be able to relate well to the employees now under his or her supervision. These metrics include but are not limited to costs for food and labour, and table turnover. The enthusiasm created could become infectious, lighting a fire under other future managers. Staff engagement and training, and production efficiency also form part of your commercial brief.  All of these are areas you are expected to manage and monitor, and improve!Note above that I have not said you are responsible for managing the staff, but you are responsible for staff engagement and training. BE STEADFASTLY COURAGOUS – A leader’s courage is based upon their knowledge of their subject matter, confidence in their abilities, and understanding of their functional role within the venue. You will find that the venue personnel will not tolerate being told what to do by a manager who does not possess self-confidence and courage. Employees are intelligent and will cease to follow such a leader, even work against a weak leader, quite rapidly.2. Good self-control sets a shining example for your personnel and you will find that they will start to emulate you. If they do not have a sense that their treatment, indeed the treatment of the staff generally, is measured, fair, and just they will not pay you the respect you need to be able to lead through either difficult or good times. The policy handbook provides you with a reference guide that is known to the employees what they may expect when an infraction occurs.The policy handbook will be helpful in maintaining consistency in respect of the consequences of unacceptable behaviours, and consistency is the key. At the same time, you will forge relationships that could lead to the perception of favouritism. If the need arises to redress an infraction with someone where the perception of favouritism is likely, be on your guard to also not over react in a kind of affirmative action in an attempt to set an example that you are not playing favourites. CLEAR AND DECISIVE DECISION MAKING – The restaurant manager who is unable to take decisions and wavers when a decision is required broadcasts to the staff that he or she is not sure of themself.
You may not always make the correct decision, but you will be respected for your strength of character in taking the decision without hesitation and following through. Staff who smell weakness will quickly lose respect and an indecisive approach will lose you respect very quickly. If your motto is ‘I used to be indecisive but now I’m not so sure’ then be a follower and don’t aspire to leading.5. EFFECTIVE PLANNING – You’ve probably heard the famous quote “The failure to plan is planning to fail.

Although this is attributed to a great many people it is originally from Joe Paterno, a famous American football coach born in 1926. Any leader wishing to succeed in his role of restaurant manager must plan his work, and then work his plan. A restaurant manager who works reactively and predominantly by guesswork (most of the time delusional and calling it instinctively) without practical and definite plans, is comparable to a plane without landing gear.
People don’t care as much about what you say as they care about what you do and how you go about doing it. As a restaurant manager you must you be able to manage staff training on top of being able to step into and perform any of the functions in the restaurant, at least to an adequate level. This is different to some industries where the leader can remain above the operational aspects of the business but in a restaurant or hotel the leader must be able to lead by example and assist when necessary.7.
PLEASANT DEMEANOUR – Being rude and overbearing is not a quality or trait anyone should have at the best of times.
As a restaurant manager this type of behaviour will contribute to your failing quite rapidly. Staff will not respect a leader who does conduct himself in a socially acceptable manner and exhibiting a pleasant personality.8.
BE FIRM BUT BE EMPATHETIC AND UNDERSTANDING – If you wish to be successful as a restaurant manager you must have empathy for your staff. ATTENTION TO DETAIL – The successful leader of a restaurant must pay attention to detail and more to the point have a keen eye for it.
In the restaurant and hotel industry, perhaps more than any other, it is important for you (and your staff for that matter) to see the restaurant through the eyes of the guests. Do not try to move responsibility or you will very rapidly be deposed as leader either actually or effectively as you will lose the respect of the people working for you. This is of course referring to genuine mistakes and not wilful acts with malicious intent.11.
A successful restaurant leader understands the principle of cooperation and applies this consistently. He uses cooperation as part of his standard operating procedure and through his example causes his followers do the same willingly.Do not confuse cooperation with weak command and control. On the contrary, a leader who is a strong commander and in control of his people will have the cooperation of his people without force. A weak leader will only ever gain cooperation begrudgingly.In ConclusionAs a restaurant manager you should continue to invest in yourself and attend leadership training and leadership development courses.
There are many great courses to take including from Dale Carnegie Institute and Franklin Covey as well as a large number of more boutique training programmes offered by exceptional individuals. These course and continued education will prove invaluable to your effectiveness as a leader.
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