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How can firms in the Retail sector face the intense competition from e-commerce companies and overcome other challenges?
An off-the-shelf e-learning course, developed by an external vendor who does not know the unique inventory management needs of your company, will not be very effective. Many a time, you need to make changes to the learning content of your inventory management course. The L&D managers of Retail firms are under tremendous pressure to reduce the cost of training. Customized e-learning courses help retail organizations deliver tailor-made training to enhance their inventory handling efficiencies. Retail managers have numerous responsibilities, which include the day-to-day management of a retail department or entire retail store within specified company policies and procedures. Formal education in the retail management industry will prepare you for a career in this exciting and rewarding field.
There are numerous positions you can work in after achieving a formal retail management education, which include but are not limited to retail manager, operations manager, sales manager, retail buyer, and merchandise manager. Salaries for retail management positions vary depending on the size of the business and their overall revenue. Programs to obtain formal qualifications are available at local colleges and universities as well as online to best suit your budget, lifestyle, and the amount of time you have available to devote to course study. TPG training develops the skills, knowledge and practical expertise necessary for participants (and their companies) to .. In the constantly changing and fast-paced consumer products industry, our clients are increasingly focused on developing ..
September 19, 2013 by RBDenterprise Leave a Comment It takes hard work sorting through resumes, doing a lot of interviews, possibly using scientific assessments, and a lot of ongoing employee training on sales and customer engagement. We have worked with retail sales teams all over the world and can help train your staff too! Each organization has its own minimum stock, maximum stock and re-ordering level requirements. For instance, the developer of your inventory control software has released its new version.

Every training dollar counts, and it is essential to get the maximum benefit with minimum expenditure. For instance, a large Retail company with stores in 10 counties needs to train its 20,000 people on inventory control best practices. These courses can be updated without any hassles and enable retailers to deliver training in a very economical manner. The manager must ensure that the store reaches targeted sales goals and higher profit margins.
Courses of study will teach you how to develop and recognise skills of your staff by being able to assess the competency of each employee and implementing staff training. For example, a small corner store will not be able to pay their managers as much as a larger retail store located in a large shopping complex or mall.
The most common types of programs offered in retail management include certificate programs, diploma's, advanced diploma's, an associate's degrees, and a bachelor's degree. Our mission is to build sustainable incremental value for leading retail and consumer product companies worldwide.
Various well-known retail chains such as Dots, Alco Stores, Radio Shack, Deb Shops, Wet Seal, and Delia’s have filed for bankruptcy protection in the last 15 months.
Well, experts believe that ‘brick and mortar’ retailers need to focus on a key aspect – inventory management. Companies opting for the online training format can choose to either develop customized courses or purchase readymade learning materials from a vendor. You need to make changes to the online course used to train your people on the software, accordingly. All you can do is request the vendor to make the changes, and there is no guarantee that he will oblige. Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment with a high degree of responsibility offering a challenge and advancement possibilities? Retail managers are responsible for soliciting and retaining customers, maintaining high quality staff, and excellent customer service. You will need to develop management skills, which include recruiting and selecting personnel, how to communicate with your employees, delegating responsibilities, setting team goals and how to achieve them, evaluating employees and giving performance appraisals as well as controlling risks by providing safe work environments.

Average salaries for retail management positions can range from the lower end mid to upper $20K's to higher end salaries that soar to $100K plus (based on Dec 2009 figures). For on campus programs, consult your local community college or university for a list of available courses and curriculum.
For more than two decades, TPG has helped our clients identify and address their greatest challenges and opportunities in order to achieve maximum shareholder value. Training should encompass store rules, sales training specifics and the technology they will be selling.
Engaging them is ongoing, and once you are talking, you have to know what to ask, when to stop talking and start listening and then how to help them with the answers you get.
Your customers want to get the latest and greatest, but how can you sell the customer on them if you don’t know how they work?
Optimizing retail inventories is the need of the hour.This critical need of retail companies has given rise to the following training needs.
There is also a wide diversity in the inventory management software used in the Retail industry. On the other hand, YOU OWN the customized online course and can update the course as you wish. They are also responsible for handling inventory, supplies, health, safety, and security issues as well as any complaints or questions regarding the business. Course material should cover the ins and outs of store operations, which include managing financial resources such as, control systems, budgeting and accounting systems, inventory control, security, theft, and loss. If you need more flexibility and freedom in your studies then there are excellent online resource offering retail management programs in home or by distance learning.
Things like how quickly they should greet customers, how to take care of physically closing and ringing the sale and so forth. It sounds silly to have to train people not to ignore customers when they walk in, or to speak respectfully to them, but unfortunately, it is.

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