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It's available on Walmart's website, and customers can order it online and pick it up in stores, but it won't be for sale at retail locations. On the reason for the decision, Walmart spokespersonA Danit Marquardt told Business Insider, "There are a variety of factors that we look at when determining what items to offer our customers. The news has caused a stir among MMA fans, with many people pointing out that Walmart sold "American Sniper" in stores and sells guns in permitted states.
Marquardt told BI that they've been preparing for the release of Rousey's book since September 2014 and it will be available online when released. On whether the book is too violent to sell in stores, Marquardt said the company can only sell a finite number of items in stores and a "variety of factors" are used to decide what gets sold online and what gets sold in stores. We often do posts about interesting sports fan tattoos and are always open-minded about them.

So, in the general sense, a fan getting Olympic medalist and MMA queen Ronda Rousey tattooed on his body is totally cool. All of the problems with this particular Ronda Rousey tattoo, written with the full knowledge that whoever has this ink could definitely beat me up.
And back to the tattoo. Seriously, my arms look better than those arms and my only workout comes from typing on my MacBook.
ESPN has been giving Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue some healthy competition with their Body Issue for a few years now. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed!
While I doubt any of us at For The Win headquarters are going to get a tattoo immortalizing Nate Robinson, we’ll never begrudge those who do.

If you’re a high caliber athlete, and aesthetically pleasing (that means HOT!), chances are, you might get the call. MMA athletes started being featured back in 2009, when Gina Carano was featured one year after the Body Issue’s inception. To date, Gina Carano, Jon Jones, Cris Cyborg (and ex-hubby), Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate have graced the pages of the Body Issue.

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