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Establish service excellence as a natural extension of your business culture by equipping your team with the essential service, customer care and relationship building skills necessary, to solidify positive client interactions & relationships. This Strategic Business Presentation Skills Course will elevate the delegate's personal and business success by refining their current approach to presentation preparation. Maximise your team’s interpersonal communication impact and ensure individual and business success! Our 30 year track record as a recognised leader in delivering immediate results through top quality, highly practical Business Presentation, Communication, Customer Service and Sales Skills Training courses and programmes speaks for itself – see what our satisfied clients have to say! Our skilled Strategic Planning Facilitator will guide your team in creating a fresh, relevant and competitive Business Strategy and Business Improvement Action Plan!
As a popular conference & motivational speaker, Beth-Ann Galvin delivers practical insights into the critical issues that influence business success.
Our proven business skills training is led by our highly professional hand-picked team of highly skilled trainers. More important still, sales training courses has failed to reflect any of the dramatic changes that have taken place in respect of how buyers buy.
More traditional selling is not the answer, simply because it is not enough to get buyers to buy. But if traditional sales skills are not the number one issue for sales teams at this time, what is? The real challenge for salespeople is to help the buyer to meet the requirements of his, or her internal buying process, to build a compelling business case and to get the support required to ensure that the purchase gets sanctioned. Let your competitors focus on more of the same – cold calling scripts, presentation skills and closing techniques. Helping the buyer to build a compelling business case (value justification) around your solution (i.e. Ensuring that the purchase order gets signed by helping the buyer to navigate the steps of the buying process. Getting buy-in for your solution higher and wider in the buying organization, by covering all those involved in making and shaping the decision, from the senior executives that must sign it off to the end users that must be consulted along the way. We wanted a better understanding the Buyer's process from a business unit perspective (ie not just Procurement).
Download our whitepaper “How employee engagement drives profit” to better understand the "Service-Profit Chain" concept as well as the relationship between engaged employees, customer satisfaction and superior profits. Over the past few years, mobile learning has rapidly developed and revolutionised the way we learn.

To understand this better, Prosell sponsored two Aston University post graduates to conduct an independent study of mobile learning.
Provide your customer services managers and supervisors with the skills to coach and develop their staff.
Learn how to develop conversational selling skills and turn a conversation into a sales opportunity. Equip your sales managers with the skills to coach and develop their frontline staff on an ongoing basis.
Designed for frontline retail staff, this course will equip your teams with the skills to adopt a successful conversational selling approach. Appropriate for client facing staff, this course will equip technical experts with the required skills to cross-sell other departments and harness the potential of word-of-mouth referrals. Suitable for sales and business development teams in industries where high value, low frequency transactions are the norm. Gain the necessary skills to become an effective sales manager and develop your sales teams. This course offers a solid grounding in the basics of sales for those who are new to sales, recent graduates or people who have spent less than one year in the sales function. Her motivational talk topics include; How to Deliver High-Impact Business Presentations, Personal Image and Branding, Selling Skills Success and Customer Service Excellence!
We offer tailored skills workshops at venues convenient to your team throughout South Africa and Africa. They are what your competitors are using and what prospects have learned to expect (even in some cases dread). That is because the role of traditional selling skills in sales success has been sidelined.
More of the same in terms of cold calling, sales pitches and proposals is not the solution. Sales training courses are providing sellers with the skills and techniques that don’t matter, while overlooking those that do. The first step however is awareness – a new awareness of how buying decisions are made (the steps, the people involved, the information required, and so on). However, for many organisations the key questions still remain – is mobile learning here to stay?
This intensive five day course ensures that your in-house trainers can confidently plan, develop and deliver customer service training programmes throughout your business.

Appropriate for new call centre recruits and more experienced operators, wishing to fine-tune their skills. Ensure they understand how they can actively contribute to lead generation and nurturing potential customers.
A good workplace coach can lead to increased employee engagement, lower turnover and improved performance. This intensive five day course will ensure that your in-house trainers will be confident to plan, develop and deliver sales training programmes. Whilst many frontline staff might not feel comfortable with what they regard as “selling” they are very happy to talk to customers, understand their needs and suggest solutions.
Suitable for those moving into key account management or wishing to improve their key account management skills.
Ideal for those new to sales management or for a refresher course for more experienced managers.
Indeed, to say that buying has changed is an understatement – this is the era of changed priorities, slashed budgets and stalled projects.
That is those that are focused on facilitating the purchase order and that effectively help the buyer to buy. It is suitable for recent graduates through to those new to a frontline role, or who have spent less than one year in customer service. Yet, the sales techniques, or sales training has changed little to reflect these new realities.
That is to adapt how they sell – from cold calling to closing – to how their customers now buy.
Inevitably this has resulted in a widening gap between how buyers buy and how sellers sell. It is to put the business case, before the sales proposal, the buying process, before the sales process and to sell higher, wider and deeper.

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