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This Webquest is designed to guide teachers through choosing what they believe are the qualities of a good leader and looking for these qualities in people.
The previous superintendent of your district did a terrible job, causing unrest and unhappy teachers. Your team has been selected to screen the hiring process for a new superintendent for your district. You will need to use Internet sites to figure out what qualities you are looking for in your future leader and research the four brave applicants. Now that you have chosen a leader for your district, you should be feeling very good about yourselves.

He was well known for making poor decisions like raising the maximum class size to 45 students and using taxpayers money to buy expensive Cuban cigars.
As a team, explore the web sites under the heading Leadership Qualities in the Resources section. Together make a list of the 6 qualities that your team feels are the most important qualities for a good leader to demonstrate. Using your list of the 6 important qualities of a good leader, write a short speech to present to your team explaining why your applicant should or should not be hired to be your new superintendent.
OPTIONAL: Each team put together one speech to read to the class to recommend their chosen applicant.

Keep working on your Master's degree and who knows, maybe you will be the next superintendent? Each team member must choose a different applicant and use the links to read about him or her.
Feel free to also use any leadership books that you have with you and your notes from class.

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