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Below, you will find information about our unique online Seminary Program with links to join. The Universal Life Church is unique because we encourage people to first become ordained, then later get training, although being ordained first is not requirement before taking our classes. Signing up for the program means that you get the regular communication and knowledge, but does not carry any degrees or credits on is own.
The second part of the Seminary consists of various paid courses which offer both degrees when you finish and send in your essay, as well as course credits towards eventual graduation from the program.
We have also been approved, through the state of California, to grant degrees for each of the courses we offer.
The Universal Life Church Seminary is in the process of creating its online seminary program.
SEMINARY PROGRAM APPLICATION - Below is the list of seminary courses we offer and at the bottom is the application to be enrolled in the seminary program. What you may find in this Greek translation, is that there are more similarities between religions than there are differences and if you look closely enough, you will see deeper spiritual truths in these books than you (if not Christian) would expect to find.
This exciting 8 month course will help you to understand yourself as spirit and will give you some of the tools you need to move forward in your life and move past the stumbling blocks that keep you from your spiritual goals. If you wish to get a feeling for what others have learned from the course, please visit our forum, where the final essays are posted. This interesting email course is based on A Course In Miracles and teaches you how to create miracles in your everyday life.
Upon completion of this informative and interesting course, you will be asked to complete an essay. Topics include: Finding your sacred space, awakening to spirit, the universe as energy, our need for energy, message of the mystics, engaging in the flow of evolution and much more. This is a weekly email course with approximately 20 email lessons, written by Charles Grooms. This 24 week email course is perfect for those interested in learning the path of Wicca, a Pagan belief system. This course discusses what Wicca is, the spiritual aspects of it, the practical application and much more. This fascinating 20 week email course teaches you how to counsel to science-minded 'prove it' sort of people. Upon completion of this course, you will have a much more rounded spiritual education, which will tremendously enhance your ministerial skills. This interesting course is also based on A Course In Miracles and teaches you how to understand and use the miracle of prayer. Upon completion of this informative and interesting email course, you will be asked to complete an essay. These and many other questions are addressed in well-researched, well-documented studies that challenge the seeker to go beyond their preconceived limitations and explore the reaches of the unknown.
This email course is a bible-based, Christian Studies course for those interested in learning more about the Bible and Christianity. It has a distinctly Catholic feel to it, so it's more geared towards Christians of that belief system. Unlike the Comparative Religion course , this email course is not an exercise in comparing and contrasting different religions.
Therefore, examples of material covered are provided in the religions of the world — not for the purpose of comparing one to another, or in how they differently address particular issues, but as illustrative examples of the topic being covered.
There is information about early Christian Ethics and how it pertains to Jewish Law, the differences in perspective between the old and new testaments and a lot more. This is an email course about Spiritual Leadership and how to become a Spiritual Leader in your community.
The hardest path, journey or pilgrimage for a spiritual leader is not those steps taken outwards, but rather inwards. Begin to explore the roots of your spirit and how you are growing and have grown as a leader.A  Through a series of experiential exercises (dubbed Soul Work) you begin a journey of self actualization. This is an email course about Astral Projection and how to understand and control your astral projection experiences. In this 6 month course, the student will be exposed to two sides of Astral Projection, the theoretical and the practical.
In each emailed lesson you will be presented with two parts; a theoretical lecture of how the Astral Plane works and what you will experience while you are there, as well as a practical discussion on how to achieve these results for yourself.

The program covers topics of where one minister and what makes it a chapel, the importance of listening, grief counseling and a lot more. This course is an introductory course to Paganism and offers, upon its completion, a Masters in Paganism degree. The course differs from the Wicca study course in that all Wiccans are Pagans, but not all Pagans are necessarily Wiccans. There will also be 5 lessons in the end of the program about prayer, repentence, worship and faith for those who are devout Christians interested in learning more about the practice of your faith. This course is interesting from a historical perspective as well, so even if you are not of the Christian faith, it will further educate you in the religion of so many others. This course reviews the various if, when, and who facts and theories regarding Exodus and Moses focused on Pentateuch era Biblical Egyptology. Graduation Requirements: Current graduation requirements are 40 credits for an undergraduate 'Master of Ministry' degree and 60 credits for an advanced 'Dr. Using our unique browser-based tattoo creator, you can design your own original tattoo artwork by editing and combining tattoo designs from our library or any other source.
Over 10,000 unique tattoo designs are available to users of the Online Tattoo Maker, one of the largest collections of tattoo designs online.
Just click the "Get it Now!" button and you can be creating your own tattoo designs within minutes. Since the nature of the organization in general is unusual, it seems only natural that our seminary program would be unusual too. In a more conventional program, people work through seminary, then when they comple the entire curriculum, they graduate and are ordained as ministers. When you fill out the application, you will be added to the database and will in effect be creating your initial transcript. You can take as many or as few courses and you like with the option of continuing on to finally graduate from the seminary with a Master or a Doctorate in Ministry.
If you have previously ordered one of the classes, a receipt for purchase, pix of your holding it or whatever you can provide will suffice. We are continuing to add online degree classes which will help you in your ministerial training.
After you fill out the form and receive a response, you can send me an email with more information about yourself, if you wish to have your student status posted on the website.
When you sign up for this course, you will receive a text in the mail and e-mails over the course of 4 months that will help you to learn about these four books of the bible.
When you have completed the final course, you will be asked to complete your own final essay.
It's a weekly email course, written by Daven, sent straight to your mailbox for about 7 months.
For more information about what others ahve learned from this valuable course, please visit our discussion board, where final essays from this Master of Wiccan Studies course are posted. Are you a seeker for the truth, a truth that may very well lead beyond the well-worn paths of traditional religion?
With this in mind, we will engage in a historical journey that begins with the founding of the Christian church in the midst of the Roman Empire of the 1st century A.D. Through this course, you can learn to use the energy of both God and the Universe to give wonderful spiritual healings. At the end of each lesson is a set of assignments to help focus you on the goal of achieving Out of Body Experiences. This course discusses the history of chaplaincy, as well as what the duties of a chaplain are. The more you study, the more you begin to recognize the similarities, rather than the differences. The author has spent years devoted to research and study of this early Christian leader and is sharing this with you.
Uniquely, the instructor translates hieroglyphs so the student can read critical artifact inscriptions and make intelligent self determinations! With our huge library of tattoo designs and clip art, you can use this tattoo generator to design and print your own tattoos! You can also search the web to find millions more pieces of art you can use in your own design. It's possible to use our software to create a new design completely from scratch, but even if you don't have an artistic bone in your body you can still use it to create original tattoo designs by mashing up pre-existing designs (or any other images you like).

We know you'll love it so we offer a complete, no-questions-asked, 60-day money back guarantee. To nimpostupayut signals from tactile, pain, temperature, muscle receptors, as well as projections of the vagus interoceptors zones and splanchnic nerves.
Below, we've explained the program and directly above are links to the course listings and our forum. The courses offered through headquarters are completely different than the ones offered through the ULC Seminary.
While this is obviously a course of interest to Christians, it is also of interest to those who wish to look at the words and deeds of Jesus in a more spiritual sense, rather than in a religious sense. It avoids a lot of 'new age' type of talk and makes you feels as if it's something easy to understand and use for yourself in everyday life.
The information is along the same lines, some completely new, some of it is a new look at similar information. The Faith That Time Forgot presents new insights and alternative perspectives to many spiritual and theological issues, inviting you to come on a mystical, magical journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. If you are a practicing Christian, interested in becoming more fluent in the Bible and what its words mean in your life, this is the course for you.
There is, however, a certain degree of similarity to Comparative Religion, for it is nearly impossible to study anything in a vacuum. It is a very well-written course on the origins of various major religions with comparisons and contrasting views of the different world religions.
This course will discuss the role of the Shaman, drumming, different kinds of Shamans, etc.. To use our Web Search feature, you'll need the free Firefox web browser and plugin (provided).
Our position, at the ULC Seminary, is that we believe strongly in training and providing as much information as you need to feel professional and confident. These emails will have course samples, opportunities for receiving seminary credits at no cost and many other interest articles. Now what?" By getting the regular communication, it's almost like having a guidance counselor to help you pick classes and see where your interests lie. You don't need to join the program to take the classes and taking the classes in no way obligates you to take any more. Our courses are at least 20 weeks long and all require final approval of a submitted essay. Whatever you post will become visible, so please don't send me anything that you don't want shared.
It gets straight to the point, highlighting what is important and each chapter has revision exercises and model answers. The HTML coding for this course is also very well done, so if you have the option, try to get it that way as well. This course is well-written and covers this fascinating topic with great respect and neutrality.
Tyler Ragan's book Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Sacred, the course itself is a 20 week self-discovery pilgrimage to aid a leader in defining their mission and calling. I'll say again that you don't need to graduate the whole program to get the degrees for the individual classes.
We also know that not everyone has the money to take all the classes they want, but still has a drive to gain knowledge.
This part of the program is absolutely free and is a gift from the Seminary to create a stronger sense of community and belonging and to help provide some spiritual nourishment to those who thirst for it.
The course uses NLP techniques, among others, to show you how to improve the quality of your life and your intereactions with others. We may offer some elective credit for various courses, but that would be granted on a case by case basis. We also have all of our essays on the RSS feed, as well as at the seminary blog: SEMINARY BLOG.

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