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Marapets - secret santa, Secret santa will give you gifts he received from other players - like it is actually christmas!. While most everyone truly enjoys this office ritual, and takes it quite seriously, there were a couple newcomers last year who didn’t really live up to the legendary standards. This may have given everyone a good laugh if the others hadn’t bought their Secret Santa recipients things like their favorite bottle of wine, movie passes, or a gift basket filled with their favorite afternoon snacks. This entry was postedon Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 4:26 pmand is filed under Cheap vs Frugal.
In most people’s minds, John and Sam significantly lowered the bar and took a bit of the spirit out of the tradition.

Or are those complaining, simply being cheap?  How would you handle the situation so it’s fair and fun for everyone?
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Now she has people saying that $20 is too much, and while it’s okay to have a maximum, a minimum is not fair to those on a budget. Many people also feel that the quality of a gift has nothing to do with how much you spend on it (think homemade). I also liek having an excuse to get other people free stuff.sign up plz_________________This signature of mine needed an update.

You merely will have to sign me and Cake up and tell the opposition to send two gifts and to not receive one in return.
Not really sure if I can give y'all stuff on the 23rd specifically, and I also dunno if I should sign up because I only really have Steam keys for stuff nobody probably cares for!

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