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Marvel Comics has announced Secret Wars: Battle WorldA as their latest tie-in series for to the massive crossover event. Battleworld, which will clearly fall under Marvela€™s a€?Battleworlda€? series branding, will focus on the several skirmishes that the main Secret Wars series can't contain.
Resume : Dans la forteresse de Fatalis, Captain America et ses troupes tombent dans une embuscade.
Les textes et les images du site ne peuvent etre copies sans demande prealable aupres de The series will be written by Avengers writer Jonathan hickman, and feature art by Thor: God of Thunder artist Esad Ribic.

SECRET WARS #1 Written by JONATHAN HICKMAN Art by ESAD RIBIC Cover by ALEX ROSS Coming May 2015!
They're just trying to weaken those particular characters until they can get them back into the MCU. Posted on March 16, 2010 at 6:58 pm by Tony_Bacala under Marvel Toy News Marvel Universe Secret Wars Comic Pack Product Images for March 2010. Marvel Universe Secret Wars #4 (Hulk, Cyclops)Marvel Universe Secret Wars #5 (Nightcrawler, Storm)Marvel Universe Secret Wars #6 (Mr. Each installment in the four-issue mini series will divide its attention onto two separate fights, much like Marvela€™s Avengers Vs.

Strange-Possessed Punisher and the Fantastic Four team of Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Hulk, and Ghost Rider, as well as a massive skirmish between every MODOK on Battleworld. The event spins out of the events occurring in New Avengers and the a€?Time Runs Outa€? storyline, as the numerous incursions between realities have finally destroyed the barrier between realities.
Josh Williamson and Ed Brisson will handle writing duties, while Mike Henderson and Scott Hepburn will illustrate.

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