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In a move to save costs and keep up with an increasingly digital workforce, many companies are hiring virtual assistants to take on roles that once were located firmly in the office.
Working as a virtual assistant can be a way to continue working with a woman on maternity leave, or even make the office more global.
Virtual assistants can help executives or businessmen complete a variety of tasks, not just administrative – it could include everything from web design to personal concierge services. Founded in May 2009, GovCon Executive is a news blog published by Executive Mosaic Media that covers the dedicated individuals who serve our government through private industry and the officials who affect the government contracting industry at the federal and state levels. Transcription and legal terminology are two main areas of secretarial training in the field of law. Fast keyboarding and good computer knowledge are expected in most legal secretary positions.
If a legal secretary works for a trial lawyer, he or she may accompany the attorney to court to take notes for the case's files. A legal secretary working in a law firm in a sleepy small town isn't going to have the same kind of work load that one working at a big firm in New York City will. It's actually really tough to have a legal secretary career and you almost always have to have a qualification these days to even get your foot in the door. Administrative assistant management is a job position where the person supervises the secretaries and administrative staff of a business or company. Employees in the role of administrative assistant management typically work at a supervisory level, and act as mentors for the administrative assistants on staff for the business or company. In addition to scheduling, training is another important factor that administrative assistant management entails. Administrative assistant management also requires a manager to act as the liaison between the assistants and the individuals they work for, in case issues arise.
However, this is a good sample of the interview questions that are most commonly asked in secretarial recruitment.
Because they are paid by the task and don’t require office space, they reduce overhead for businesses. While typing legal documents and correspondence is often the main duty of a legal secretary, he or she may also answer phones, greet clients and schedule appointments.
After completing more legal courses, or obtaining a certificate or degree, he or she may be eligible to become a paralegal.
It is definitely the kind of thing you can learn on the job if someone is willing to take you on. There are a lot of different kinds of law firms and even within those firms there are a lot of different kinds of lawyers.
On the other hand, legal secretary duties are also going to vary and the person working in the small town may have a bigger variety of things to do, since it's likely they don't specialize as much.
So I imagine there's a few places out there who would hire a person without a qualification to be a legal secretary as well (although it would be a steep learning curve).
I know people who have basically gone through law school and then become legal secretaries (usually because they realize they don't really want to be a lawyer). Which means if you're looking for a job as a legal secretary, you'll be competing against people with a lot of experience. Administrative assistant classes, courses and workshops allow managers to cover important topics, issues and trends with the assistants that can help them to perform their jobs better. When additional secretaries or administrative staff needs to be hired, the manager in this area posts job ads, fields resumes and schedules interviews.

Personality problems, disputes and disagreements between assistants and their bosses can and do occur.
The interview answer guidelines will help you prepare your best answers to land the secretary job you want.Secretarial jobs require a broad base of skills and competencies. Secretary DutiesWhat software packages are you proficient in?List the packages you are familiar with.
Refer to the methods you used to send and distribute correspondence.What kind of inquiries did you have to respond to?Secretaries and administrative professionals are expected to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Did you manage to get the capital, set the area and built up the idea but you don’t feel too sure you hit them all? Whether talking about someone who makes you coffee in the morning, your right hand in everything or just a person who knows all the things you are going through the day, your personal assistant is always there for you to give you a smile. She (mainly because women are those in power to keep everything best organised) will always keep track of your important appointments, events and of course, birthdays.
We provide you with the latest personal finance news straight from the industry and individuals. Legal secretaries are employed in law firms as well as the legal departments of insurance companies, corporations and real estate firms. In larger law firms, a receptionist may perform those duties while legal secretaries are responsible for filing, preparing and typing up legal paperwork. Using file management systems and transcribing a lawyer's dictation into letters or other correspondence are completed by many legal secretaries. Paralegals differ from legal secretaries in that they are responsible for more law-related rather than administration-based work. Don't just watch Erin Brockovich and expect to be able to walk in the door without any experience or skills.
Employees in this position provide support to various managers and executives in companies.
For example, if one of the administrative assistants that supports two of the executives in the business is going on vacation for a week, then those in administrative assistant management are responsible for making sure the two executives have administrative support. This involves researching learning and training opportunities, as well as scheduling the training and making any additional arrangements. The manager may also be involved in interviewing candidates as a pre-screen for the individuals the administrative assistant will work for directly.
When this happens, the management side of the administrative assistant business requires the manager to mediate and help to resolve issues. Others are more involved in the business, some pre-selling or pre-screening or performing similar job tasks that their bosses do.
Discuss how much experience you have with each package, describe the functions you regularly used and the type of work you have generated. Well, believe it or not, you did miss one thing – one important thing – that you should have had into your mind from the first moment – a hand. Your employees will be more than amazed of your gentle idea and will treat you with the respect that you deserve. This is why your personal assistant comes into the story, since she will always be on time to answer or postpone all your calls and requirements.
Using technology such as voice mail, legal computer software and photocopiers is a typical part of most legal secretaries' workdays.

For example, a lawyer may supervise a paralegal in writing legal drafts, whereas a secretary would just prepare and type the documents. Activities can range from answering phone calls and taking messages to typing up correspondence and scheduling appointments for the professionals being supported. Managing the role as an administrative assistant rather than managing a pool of administrative assistants requires that an employee match their characteristics, experience and personality traits with the job responsibilities and the person for which they will be working.
You can support your interview answer by taking along some work samples.What sort of documents have you produced on Excel? Someone who could help you not necessarily with money or anything else, but with the business itself. In addition, she will remind you about everything that stays on the post notes stuck to your laptop or desk, but in such a great organisation that you will never ever wish to let your secretary leave.
To be quite honest, life is so much better with a personal assitant to assist you through everything you are dealing with, since a business is never an easy task to take up. In smaller companies, accounting tasks may be a part of a legal administrative secretary's job description.
Attention to detail and an ability to follow through on legal cases are other important characteristics of successful legal administrative assistants or secretaries. In some areas, the term legal assistant can be confusing, as it may refer to either a paralegal or legal secretary.
Explain which record keeping you were entrusted with and how you made sure these records were updated and accurate. In case you are looking forward to knowing more about the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines! Use examples of the functions you are familiar with such as creating, modifying and formatting spreadsheets to support your proficiency level.What sort of word documents have you been responsible for typing?Be detailed and demonstrate your familiarity with the functions.
Highlight your attention to detail and accuracy.What sort of confidential information did you have to deal with?Confidentiality and discretion are key skills for a secretary. Expect secretarial interview questions that explore your ability to handle confidential information.
How was the information stored and destroyed?What cash handling experience do you have?Explain what types of transactions you handled - check, cash, bankcard - and what procedures you used to process and document these. How did you follow up?How have you gone about prioritizing your work?One of the key secretarial interview questions. Focus on key aspects like finding out the urgency of the task, determining deadlines, working out how long the task will take and setting realistic targets for yourself.When do you develop your list of activities to be completed - at the start of the day or before you go home ready for the next day? How do you reshuffle your priorities as situations arise that demand a change in your priorities?What sort of correspondence were you responsible for generating?Detail the types of correspondence you were responsible for with the focus on your written communication skills, accuracy, spelling and grammar ability. Find sample answers to the question How would you describe your previous manager?Be ready for the secretary interview questions that explore your competency and motivation for the job. Prepare your own winning answers using the sample answer guidelines.Asking the right questions in your interview is important.

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