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The singer-songwriter wears her heart on her sleeve in her revealing single: see the lyrics penned by Mary herself! Mary Lambert rose to fame after writing the chorus to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' mega-hit gay-rights anthem "Same Love" a€” which later grew into her own hit single "She Keeps Me Warm" a€” a song that nabbed the trio a GRAMMY nomination for Song of the Year. As a special treat, Mary hand-wrote out the lyrics to "Secrets" just for us, putting an even more personal touch on an already personal song. Secrets (OneRepublic song), and check out Secrets (OneRepublic song) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet.
The song was prominently used and featured in the soundtrack of the 2010 film The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and was also used to launch the "Big Pony" fragrance line for Ralph Lauren. The song was featured at the end of episode 6 ("Reality Kills") of season 9 of the CBS series CSI: Miami.
In 2014, Katherine Jenkins released the album Home Sweet Home, which included the song in Italian as "Segreti". A second version of the video, was released as a promo for the premiere of the sixth season of the US TV series Lost. A third version, the music video that is used worldwide, has scenes from the original video with clips of a woman (Nora Tschirner) waiting for someone at an outdoor restaurant.

Now, Mary has returned with another anthem of empowerment, "Secrets," the lead single from her forthcoming debut major-label album, Heart on My Sleeve. It was released as the first single in Germany and Austria owing to its presence on the soundtrack of Til Schweiger's film ZweiohrkA?ken. An instrumental version of "Secrets" also featured prominently in the FaceTime portion of Apple's iPhone 4 video introduction in 2010.
This version has takes from the original video, with the band playing on a studio, mixed with scenes from the series. In it, Lambert lets down her guard and opens up about her mental health issues, dysfunctional family, and identify struggles. Here's hoping that Mary inspires you to share the secrets in your life that are holding you back.
The movie is the sequel to the film Keinohrhasen, for which "Apologize" was the film soundtrack.
In the same year, it was used in many promotional trailers for ABC Family's new series Pretty Little Liars. But despite having what could be considered heavy subject matter, the song's bubbly pop melody turns Mary's confession into a celebration.

You can almost feel the weight being lifted off of her shoulders as she lets us in on her secrets. The song was released in the United States iTunes Store on November 3, 2009.[1] The song was due for a UK release on April 5, 2010 but was later canceled. The song has been heavily utilized in network promotional advertising for various series and several other film trailers in the United States. The song was written by Gretchen Rae Lowe, a cellist, who thought it would be funny to write a song about a domestic brawl between KFC's Col. Lowe was never compensated nor credited, but continues to lobby for recognition and payment for her hit-making works by this band.

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