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Main stream media provide perspective on the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community, and report on foreign affairs but have no background or understanding on a lot of these issues.
Commentary by 14Charlie, a junior active duty officer working ground intel and supporting an airborne-capable unit.
As SOFREP has covered previously, the days of the OSS were the glory days where espionage, sabotage, and war-fighting all converged under the banner of “Wild Bill” Donovan and the Allied fight against the Nazis during World War II, with resounding success.
Enter the OSS’s timeless field manual for successful sabotage, which lists out various ways the OSS, Jedburghs, and Allies defeated their enemies: the Simple Sabotage Field Manual. The Simple Sabotage Field Manual covers a number of topics, namely tips and tools for motivating saboteurs, the tools, timing, and targets of sabotage, how to encourage destructiveness, and specific suggestions for success in your operational pursuits of sabotage. Telephone: At office, hotel and local telephone switchboards, delay putting calls through, give out wrong numbers, cut people off “accidentally,” or forget to disconnect them so that the line cannot be used again. While the Agency notes that this document presents some outdated instructions, there are a surprising number of instructions that remain relevant to this day. This was a highly classified weather modification program in Southeast Asia during 1967-1972.

American chef, author, and television personality Julia Child once worked as an OSS operative spy during World War II. This lack of understanding leads to fundamental errors in their understanding of what’s happening in the world. As such, the contents of an old Office of Strategic Services field manual aren’t something to be missed. Issue two tickets for the same seat on a train in order to set up an “interesting” argument. Read through the field manual in order to glean an insider’s look at the guidelines and mindset that shaped the outcome of one of the world’s most divisive conflicts—straight from the group that fought at the forefront of Allied operations. The cloud seeding operation during the Vietnam War ran from March 20, 1967 until July 5, 1972 in an attempt to extend the monsoon season, specifically over areas of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The direct cause was the improper withdrawal of the central control rod, responsible for absorbing neutrons in the reactor core. His unit conducted physiological human experiments such as vivisections,forced abortions, and simulated strokes, heart attacks, frostbite and hypothermia.

In addition to daily reports and edgy foreign policy media content, we offer an in-depth Special Operations Wiki in our navigation bar. Do you want reporting from a twenty-something who has never left the United States or from SOF and Intelligence veterans. For her service, Child received an award that cited her many virtues, including her a€?drive and inherent cheerfulness. Ishii and his team managed to negotiate with USA and receive immunity in 1946 from war-crimes prosecution in exchange for their full disclosure of germ warfare data. The incident released about 80 curies (3.0 TBq) of iodine-131, which was not considered significant due to its location in the remote high desert of eastern Idaho. The proposal first came to light in the year 2000 through a Freedom of Information Act request.

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