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Accommodation: We have a list of well priced accommodations close to our training facility – please ask! Leading authorities within Security, Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management have designed the Security Risk Management Consultants Course (SRMC™).
The course will equip students with the skills required to consult in a broad range of risk management and business practices. We are extremely proud of the level of experts we are able to call upon to the deliver the SRMC™.
Professor Borodzicz publishes in a wide range of key refereed journals, and has authored a book entitled ‘Risk, Crisis and Security Management’.
Brian is a specialist in designing and developing leadership development programmes for governments, not for profit organisations and the private sector. John Brodie Donald spent 20 years as an investment banker in the Far East and Europe, with Jardine Fleming and ING Barings. Sebastian joined in PGI in 2013 after working for a leading corporate intelligence company.
Julia’s past experience includes 8 years working for the Cabinet Office as a Political Analyst, and prior to that, as a Financial Analyst for Goldman Sachs. Barry Roche spent the first eight years of his career in the Royal Marines before founding his first company, which he took from start-up to market leader.
A former Royal Marine and UK police officer, Nathan transitioned into the commercial security and risk management industry in 2011.
Following his experience in the Maritime industry, Nathan transitioned into the more traditional land based security offering solutions to non-governmental organisations operating in Sudan, Libya, Central African Republic and Yemen. Nathan went on to build organic business capabilities for several international organisations surrounding risk management.
Specialist tips, advice offers, dates and events from the best of the best maritime, medical and security training experts. Do you have a question about PGI, our unique methodology or our courses we haven’t answered on this page? Type your question with your name and email, hit submit and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours and sometimes sooner.
I’m very pleased to have chosen this course, and training provider, I would highly recommend it for anyone thinking of gaining some academic qualifications, and moving into either management or consultancy roles within the security industry.
Tom Bodkin, Secret Compass’s managing director, spent the last two weeks attending a Security Risk Management and Consultancy Course run by PGI training. At Secret Compass, we regularly visit some areas of the world where there is an increased security risk and the course was particularly helpful in guiding our practices and processes. The key takeaway for me today was that while the hard work and detail is essential in building the context around an area you, or a client, are deploying to, the ability to succinctly summarise key findings and present them in a clear, concise manner is essential. We were very lucky on the Security Risk Management and Consultancy (SRMC) course with PGI Training to have a day dedicated to the experience and wisdom of John Taylor from JTIP. In addition to his wealth of entertaining stories, John provided some incredibly valuable insights. On my final day of the Security Risk Managers Course we were introduced to the delights of cyber, the new buzz in Defence and Security. I highly recommend this extensive and detailed course to anyone operating in the Security Industry.
Secret Compass provides security, location and medical support for expeditions and TV and film projects in the world’s wildest places and has worked with the BBC, Discovery, Animal Planet and Nat Geo TV among others.
Press release: packraft elephant-rich Gabon In June 2016, a team of amphibious travellers will aim to become the first to packraft across the Equator in Gabon. Secret CompassSecret Compass redefines what is possible by creating pioneering projects in the world's wildest places. Enterprise Risk Management offers a wide variety of highly specialized training services to a wide array of local, national (Fortune 500), and international client organizations. Whether training in enterprise risk management or customized security training, training is designed to motivate all employees to participate in and protect their organization. Training is most effective when it is tailored for a specific category of users, since different groups of audiences and departments have diverse requirements and needs. Several regulations today require organizations to have ongoing training programs that keep employees and senior management fully updated and knowledgeable in information security, corporate governance, policies, and procedures. The people in an organization form the first line of defense to protect sensitive corporate information and trade secrets. Whether training in enterprise risk management or information technology, security training – for businesses of all sizes – is indispensable.

Click below to reach out to an ERM security expert and learn more about our specialized information security training services. With the proliferation of hacking attacks and data breaches, the importance of IT security training for all employees is self-evident. Organizations must think creatively and adopt the mindsets of both employees and hackers to make a behavioral change in their users. While games and competitions help positively disrupt the security training status quo, there may still be some departments and job titles that these tactics do not reach. Mitigating IT risk company-wide is only possible by approaching it from a human-interest angle.
Orlando Scott-Cowley is a cyber-security specialist at enterprise cloud services company Mimecast. Paragon Corporate Training provides dynamic security risk management training using the world's premier risk management standards. Security risk management training is ideal for OHS practitioners, safety and welfare officers, compliance auditors, business managers, police and emergency services and security consultants seeking a higher level qualification or to establish their own security and risk management business as a consultant.
The security risk management course can be completed over time at your own pace and in your own environment, with our exceptional resources to assist you with your learning. Click here to contact us for more information about security risk management training in Perth. His interests include human behaviour, disaster response, socio-technical systems failure, corporate risk, business continuity, resilience, terrorism and simulation games for training.
Brian was a Professor at Kingston University where he created the BA and MA programmes in Human Rights. He ran his own Scotch Whisky company for a number of years and now works as a serial entrepreneur and author.
He joined the foreign office in 1966 and served in Geneva, Moscow, Stockholm and New Delhi as well as in London, where he spent more than ten years working in training and personnel. Before that he spent seven years as a partner at a boutique strategy consulting firm specialising in cyber security and defence and served as a senior civil servant in the Cabinet Office and other government departments where he worked to develop national security, resilience and intelligence capability. As CSO, Julia’s role is to protect AON’s people, its property, data and business operations.
In 2009, a significant increase in the profile and gravity of piracy sparked the inception of Protection Vessels International (PVI). We were expertly guided through key elements of ISO 31000: the international standard, by Nathan Monshin of Spherical International. Journey management is essential in the majority of taskings and is particularly relevant to what we do at Secret Compass. John is extremely experienced in this area and provided an informative and entertaining day. Often the most simple things are the key takeaways, and for me understanding open questions during interviewing in more depth gave me a simple tool kit to take into situations in business. We were expertly steered through this minefield by an internationally recognised Political Risk consultant and former Diplomat. While we all conduct background checks on any partner we want to do business with, the importance of this and the extent to which it can be done provided me with some useful tools for business going forward. As we have seen in headlines around the world, cyber crime is a serious threat to individuals, organizations and governments. The standard of instruction was particularly high and the range and expertise of guest speakers very impressive.
Known as the Eden of Africa, Rough Guides calls Gabon a ‘top 20 place for wildlife encounters’, with Lonely Planet describing tourism in Gabon as extremely DIY with infrequent transport and little infrastructure. Secret Compass is built around a team of trusted experts who combine a passion for exploration with industry-leading professionalism. It helps generate a sense of belonging and ownership of the organization and at the same time creates an organization-wide attitude of responsibility and diligence towards information security.
Training your people will ensure that your organization has an impenetrable first line of defense that will serve you in good stead in the long run.
Current training and prevention methods are often lacking, however, with many organizations still employing a “set it and forget it” strategy that assumes employees will only need to be trained once. The key to getting past common training slumps is to not only find unique ways to train employees to help prevent breaches, but to also help them understand the impact a breach can have on other areas of the business, including their own jobs.
This includes tactics such as customizing training for specific job titles and departments, suggesting a job swap for a day so one department can learn another’s issues, or leveraging creative ways, such as cards, texts or private social media groups, to remind employees not to click on suspicious links. Facebook, for example, decided to put an end to dull employee cybersecurity training with the launch of Hacktober in 2012.

For example, a seasoned C-level executive may think he or she has the wherewithal to avoid attacks, but in reality, the C-suite is a common target because of their access to highly-sensitive information. Companies can make a significant impact on prevention, not by spending a large budget on training, but by helping employees understand the ripple effect just one malicious email or link can have on the entire organization. Candidates must demonstrate competency in 11 core units plus 4 electives, for a total of 15 units. Most significantly, and distinctive to the SRMC ™, these same SME’s also instruct on the course.
He has a wealth of research expertise in the field of risk, crisis and resilience management and has worked extensively over the past 17 years with the emergency services, local and central government agencies and universities throughout the world.
Brian is a frequent contributor to print and broadcast media and a keynote and guest lecturer on a range of topics in the UK and abroad.
His first book – Catataxis: When more of the same is different – was published in October 2011 by Quartet Books. Sebastian advises government, law enforcement and corporate clients on projects to develop cyber capability, enhance service delivery and ensure full protection. Key responsibilities for Julia at this current time is managing the most prevalent risk to any organisation, particularly one that manages data, the threat of cyber hacking. After achieving undisputed market leadership in Maritime Security, Roche expanded the PVI model to create Protection Group International, (PGI). Operating in both East and West African piracy waters, Nathan gained valuable experience in managing commercial relationships.
Nathan Monshin of Spherical International guided us through the process with passion and expertise. These ingredients make raw, remote and wild Gabon the perfect place to stage this June’s pioneering expedition to become the first to trek and packraft across the Equator. Secret Compass reignites your primal need for adventure, providing the catalyst for you to come alive and achieve the extraordinary.
Additionally, training is an essential element of employees’ education on the appropriate use, protection and security of information.
Let Enterprise Risk Management’s experts train your organization’s personnel on how to be an effective first line of defense. Or worse, IT security training is frequently coupled with other safety training, thereby diminishing its value. October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so throughout the month, Facebook’s cybersecurity team creates a series of simulated security incidents that target specific internal departments based upon the types of threats they are most likely to see. He is co-Chair of the Kurdish Genocide UK Advisory Council and on the editorial boards of Total Politics and the IPPR Journal. His second book – Bolt from the Blue: Navigating the new world of corporate crises – was published by Elliott and Thompson in 2013.
In private practice he has worked in Libya, Indonesian, Afghanistan, Oman and many other countries. He began his career in the UK civil service working to coordinate, strengthen and resource national security, intelligence, cyber and civil emergency structures.
Roche’s vision is to build a world-class Global brand as the leading trusted adviser for mitigating risk. In addition, training programs are often designed to work best for IT personnel, rather than tailored to meet all employees’ needs. Employees who spot a Hacktober attack win a prize, making training both educational and exciting. You can then work through each unit at your own pace completing the various assessments for each unit.
He was promoted to the Senior Civil Service in 2001 and was appointed Chief of Staff to the UK’s National Security Advisor in 2002. The key takeaway for me was that with some simple basics we can go a long way to ensuring we are protected: update your software, use long passwords, back up your files and ensure gateways such as USB sticks are controlled. An immersive war game in which an executive is hacked can make clear just how easy it is for an attacker to target the C-suite. Plus, with the company’s own case study as an example, the IT team then has the necessary ammunition to show executives why it is important to dedicate resources to training the entire organization.

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