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Etiquette Outreach has been providing business etiquette training in New York City since 2000. Business Etiquette seminars empower employees to communicate more effectively with polish and confidence in any business setting; use business-etiquette tools, and handle with ease any workplace conflicts and difficult moments.
This comprehensive training will teach your employees how to act, excel, and succeed in all sorts of business settings. World-Class Business Etiquette Programs were created to expand business etiquette knowledge, provide action steps and deliver information-packed training in just 2.5 hours. We stretch the boundaries of traditional etiquette and offer new perspectives, modern framework, best practices, and time-effective training for the next generation of business professionals. We provide guidance on how to find your best-suited etiquette trainer, learn new skills, and get results in professional development. We teach other experts how to be a world-class international trainer and present outstanding business-etiquette seminars. We specialize in cross-cultural etiquette and international communications; providing training in French, Russian, English and Spanish.
We interpret, synthesize, and translate the cultural norms and behavioral trends of corporate etiquette around the world.
We don’t recycle old rules and we don’t offer “packages”; we customize our content and training to our clients’ needs and immediate goals. We cater to small businesses, large corporations, nonprofit organizations, universities, and global companies. If you're expecting an important phone call, alert your business colleague about a potential urgent phone call. Through the year, we will be recruiting and inviting students to consider leading in a seminar for the 2016–2017 academic year. The application process will happen for all of the seminars—fall, winter, and spring. When you speak, you are competing with all the other thoughts, questions, and concerns in the minds of your audience.

When you speak, your message is competing with all the other presenters that have spoken before you and those who will speak after you. When you speak, your intended message is competing with all the unintended messages that you might be sending. This program will tie up the loose ends  for you by explaining and illustrating the connections between principles and techniques. After instructing the three-day “Effective Executive Presentations” course at the Canadian Management Centre to hundreds of senior executives over a 12 year period, George Torok has created this intensive one day program which has captured the best and most relevant presentation techniques for you. The bottom line is that you will be a more effective presenter starting with your next presentation. You will receive access to free resources that you can use after the program to help you keep on getting better because “Superior” is a moving target. There was an incredible improvement in their presentation style and in the impact they had on the audience.
If you were to attend the three day “Effective Executive Presentations” program that George Torok taught for over 12 years you would pay over $2,000.00. We want to reach those who really want to become superior presenters but are not able or willing to invest that much money.
For that reason the rate to attend “How to Deliver Superior Presentations” is an affordable $490.
Take control of your results by improving the most important skill you need – the ability to present your message effectively to others. PS: Feel free to call me with any questions or if you prefer to give your credit card detail by phone.
When you speak to a group, you are competing for attention, credibility, understanding, and action.
If you are still trying to decide if this is a good investment for you, consider this guarantee.
At the core of our vision is the idea that knowing our inner self, shaping it consciously and expressing ourselves in the outside world in a never-ending process of expansion, is really what life is all about, and it can be fun!

Living consciously can be easier and even more enjoyable, when we share our journey with people traveling on a similar path and even better, if we can learn from those whose main purpose in life is to help us express the best of who we are.
This is the reason why we decided to create a€?CONSCIOUS LIVING DUBLINa€?, a place where people of all backgrounds, ideologies, beliefs and religions gather together to express themselves and explore new possibilities in total freedom!
In order to do that we organize workshops with some of the well known experts in the personal growth field, to explore and practise the most effective disciplines & techniques available at the moment, in a very interactive way. These gathe r ings also represent an opportunity to expand our social and professional network, or simply to make new friends. The essence of business etiquette is brought to life by our passionate speakers and business etiquette trainers.
Every program is customized to address the specific needs and concerns of your organization in response to a crisis, long-term problem, or new policy. Applicants for Appalachia and Urban Plunge will participate in a group interviews and smaller seminar leaders will be invited into one-to-one interviews with program staff.
The guide is packed with practical tips, ideas and answers to many important questions about presenting. This is what we call a€? Conscious Livinga€?, as opposed to a€?Just Livinga€?, where we choose who we want to be and design our life, rather than just react to the events. This is the perfect way to reinforce your corporate culture, values, ethics, and professional conduct. Most of our leaders are former participants in a seminar but we welcome all who are interested in leadership to apply.

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